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Starting Your Dream Business: Get Certified in a Beauty Course Online This 2022

Beauty used to be fleeting, and we cannot run away from Father Time. Thus, it doesn’t matter to many whether you take care of your beauty or not. Today’s advances in beauty say otherwise. 

Beauty courses online encourage millions of people to enhance and embrace beauty, boosting your self-confidence as well as others’. It could also be your ticket to starting a salon or spa in your local neighborhood. 

Wait a sec, sister. I don’t know any beauty schools? How am I supposed to learn and enter the beauty industry with no prior background? 

That’s the exciting part! You can access these courses at the comfort of your home! There are tons of different beautician courses available, and we're here to give you a headstart. 

We've vetted our top 7 beauty courses online just for you, lovelies. Here they are! 

  •  Lash Extension Application Course 

Beauty trends come and go; remember when we used to keep our eyebrows thick and pointy and obsess in a full-face coverage foundation. Nowadays, it’s all about looking natural—a dewy face and wispy eyelashes that make your eyes pop! 

A beauty enthusiast’s new fave, lash extension application has become one of the most sought-after treatments in the world of beauty. Celebrities, social media influencers, and even your family friends are getting them, and rightfully so.

Full lashes make your eyes look fresh and awake, giving your face some life. You don’t look sleepy or haggard despite your eyebags. With curled and thick eyelashes, you look like the lady boss that you are. If your eyes are already strong enough to make a statement, you can opt for wispy, natural-looking lash extensions that bring out your soft, feminine side.

With this trend only gaining popularity each day, you think this is the best course to take if you want to make a career out of beauty. But can you get lash certified online? Of course! We have tons of courses just for you to kickstart your lash career. Imagine making $70,000 a year by just taking lash courses for less than $200. Plus, you get these exclusive perks:

  1. Starter kit
  2. Unlimited ongoing support
  3. VIP network of industry professionals 
  4. 365-day money-back guarantee

Do you only need a refresher? We have online beauty courses for you on the house.

Businesses for lash technicians are in demand and very well-paid. So if you want to start your beauty business, then become a lash expert with us!

  • Makeup Artistry Course 

Learning how to choose the perfect foundation for your skin tone, how to curl your eyelashes, to contour, to highlight your cheekbones, all of these and more are available at beauty courses online for makeup application. 

Let's say you don't want to be in the world of showbiz. Another career path would be in weddings and events—you could team up with your photographer buddy and offer makeup and photoshoots! You can also make money out of your new skills and certification as a freelance makeup artist.

There is something rewarding about making people feel beautiful about themselves. You can do the same when you learn this course. 

  • Nail Technician Online Course

Did you paint your nails when you were little? Do you want to become better at giving yourself a mani-pedi? You can now just go online and take beauty courses online on how to make your nails look good for special occasions or, you know, a normal day.

On top of keeping your nails pretty, our nails need proper care to avoid hangnails or ingrown. Imagine those fungal foot infections and callous hands. It brings shivers down our spines. 

Note: The salary of a nail technician isn’t as lucrative as a makeup artist. So you can add this course to your list of beauty courses online to study. 

  • Face and Body Waxing Course 

Unwanted hair is one of women’s many insecurities. Some might be blessed with tiny, thin hairs on their lip, arms, armpits, and legs. Others rue the day their puberty starts. 

Good thing we can learn all about removing our hair through waxing courses online. Learn how to properly wax your hair on different parts of the body for various skin types. Some have sensitive skin and can be irritated. 

Some beauty courses also share their recipes on their homemade wax made out of only sugar, water, and citrus fruits. Talk about economical and organic! 

Pro tip: Never shave. It will darken your skin and create tiny bumps called chicken skin. 

  •  Massage Therapy Course 

After a long day of work, your husband wants a well-deserved back massage. But you don’t know the pressure points? Then, learn to be a certified masseuse.

This online beauty course offers different massage techniques like Swedish or Thai massage. You can also study how to give sports massages for the perfect cooldown. 

Massage certainly alleviates stress and pain to many. Moreover, it has been proven to be great supportive care for cancer patients and people with fibromyalgia symptoms. Being a massage therapist certainly gives you a wide market to work on. 

  •  Brow Lamination Course

We are going to more specific courses starting with brow lamination. 

Essentially, brow lamination is a gentle perm on your eyebrows to give them some shape suitable to your face. In addition, you get thicker and healthier brows after this procedure. 

Brow lamination is noninvasive and far less painful than microblading. You don’t need to worry about handling sharp tools like some surgeons. 

To many, eyebrows make or break your overall facial expression. That’s why people at home pluck their brows. With this beauty course, you don’t have to pluck anymore. 

You can learn both lash and brow techniques for a well-rounded career in the eye beauty industry! 

Start Your Beauty Career Today  

Beautiful illustration of full-on lashes

The world of beauty is shaping up pretty well, thanks to inspiring artists who are more than willing to share their knowledge and passion for the beauty industry. 

Do you always dream of being a beauty guru? Are you ready to be part of the fast-growing community? Then, take a course with Beauty Boss Academy today. 

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