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8 Work-Life Balance Tips Freelancers Can Learn from a Lash Certification Online

As a freelance lash technician, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. After all, you are your own boss! But with the demands of running your own business, it can be tough to find time for yourself outside of work. 

That’s why we created this list of lessons you can learn from an online lash extension certification to help you manage your time wisely. There is more to lash training than technical learnings, and they also arm you with ways to take care of yourself better, even with the increased demand for lash extensions and the continuous booming of the lash industry today. 

Let’s check out the eight lash technician work-life balance lessons here!

Tip #1: Be a schedule assessment expert.

The biggest difference between working under a company and as a freelance lash artist is the work hours. As a freelance lash technician, accept that you will not work in a regular 8-5 shift, so you must be as flexible as your work hours. 

Always assess your schedule and be a master of time management. Recognize the days when you will be jam-packed, like weekends and the holidays. These are the days you should hustle! But don’t forget to take some time off, relax, and recharge during off-peak days. 

Tip #2: Eye on the goal.

Despite the fluidity of your work schedule, you still need to set your goals, so you will spend each day working on reaching them. Your objectives may vary from your earning, marketing, and learning targets. Break them into smaller and doable ones by setting weekly goals. 

If you notice that weekdays are a little lax, spend some time working on your advertising campaigns, so when the weekend comes, your schedule will be jam-packed—an opportunity to hit your earning goals. You can also spend your weekday downtime honing your skills or taking Complimentary Courses in certified lash extension training.

Tip #3: Respect your breaks and days off.

In achieving a work-life balance as a freelancer, the little things matter, like your lunch and dinner breaks and days off. Make sure you follow a strict time for lunch and dinner breaks in a day. Take your breaks to have sumptuous and healthy meals, breathe some fresh air, and have some self-time. 

These moments will recharge you for another set of lashing. Meanwhile, you may not have Saturday and Sunday off to catch the bulk of clients, but set weekdays off and do something else aside from giving lash services. 

Tip #4: Vacations matter.

Some freelancers think that their work momentum will be ruined when they take vacations. Shy away from this thought and think of vacations as springboards that will bring your career to greater heights in your freelancing. Use your vacation to fill yourself with positive energy by catching up with family and friends, seeing scenic places, and spending time just relaxing. 

You’ll come back with a delightful feeling you can radiate and transfer onto your clients. They say that happiness is contagious, and this is what you’ll do aside from making beautiful lashes—sharing joy with your customers.

certification in lash extensions

Tip #5: Separate everything.

Another feasible way to balance work and personal life is by having separate phones you can use for your lash service clients and another for personal contacts. When it’s your day off, you can set aside your work phone and turn on auto-replies that you are on a rest day and will reply once you are back to work.

If you are doing lash service at home, set a space for your lash bar. Doing so ensures professionalism and client comfort during services and minimal distractions from kids, pets, and your other housemates. 

Tip #6: Time to get techy!

If you are serious about setting boundaries and achieving work-life balance, tickle your techy side. Technology has a lot to offer to ensure your clients are cared for even when you are on rest days. 

For example, set up automated replies on social media messages and emails on days you will not be available to give service. Communicate this schedule verbally to your clients, post it on social media, and send it on text messages and emails. 

If new clients have inquiries, you can have bots answering frequently asked questions right away; you can also dedicate a frequently asked question page to your website. 

Tip #7: Cultivate a hobby you’ll look forward to doing.

Sometimes, the verbal or written suggestion to take your days off is not enough to stop you from working on days dedicated to your rest days. But cultivating different hobbies outside of work will be a welcome encouragement to follow your days off. 

There are plenty of things to do, from enriching your artistic side and practicing painting, pottery, or doing arts and crafts. You can also stretch your tired bones and muscles out by scheduling gym sessions. Growing plants indoors and outdoors are also famous these days: you can also try this out. 

Tip #8: Passion and learning will keep you going.

Passion is often described as fire that keeps people going in their current endeavours, but even fire burns out without additional wood and twigs to light it. On the other hand, when too many branches are piled, they can put out the fire. Such is work-life balance; you need to have just the right time for work and the perfect time for life to have the energy to do lashes one after another.

The opportunity to learn is another way to light up your passion, so aside from the practical knowledge you learn from day-to-day work, enhance your skills through continuous education. 

Lash Certification Online by Beauty Boss Academy

It is more difficult to achieve work-life balance when you are a freelancer, but we hope that these eight work-life balance tips from a certification in lash extensions gave you ideas on how you can practice it. By being more mindful of how you spend your time and respecting the need for downtime, you can set yourself up for success professionally and personally. If you’re looking for more information on achieving work-life balance as a freelancer or would like some additional resources, be sure to check out our Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Courses here at Beauty Boss Academy. This online course is designed for freelance lash artists who want to learn how to run their own business and for lash artists who have their salon alike. If you are interested in signing up, we are just a chat away!

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