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‘Tis What Season? An Eyelash Tech Class Overview on All-Season Lash Care

People anticipate the birth of a new season. They bring different flavours to life that encourage people to respond through fashion, food choice, vacation venues, and lifestyle. But aside from their beautiful, Instagrammable colours and special traditions, seasons also bring challenges for lash artists and enthusiasts. For one, the temperature change may trigger lashes to shed and become harder to maintain.

If you've been a lash tech for a while (or a lash enthusiast looking to turn your lash hobby into a successful business), you can help your clients overcome seasonal lash issues. Help them sport healthy and pretty lashes, whether it's on a summer, spring, fall, or winter's day. 

Eyelash care can vary depending on what season it is. This post will discuss how to care for your eyelashes in all four seasons—from hot summer days to cold winter nights. Take a cozy spot at home, get your cup of coffee, and read on this brief eyelash tech class about lash care.

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What Happens to Your Lashes Every Season?

Temperature and environment can cause a huge impact on your lashes. Here are some common changes that typically occur during each season.


Summer's hot, dry air can make lashes brittle and susceptible to breakage. Extreme heat from the sun, summer campfires, or BBQ parties can cause them to lose their curl and worse, they might get burnt if you're not careful enough! If you're wearing eyelash extensions, the sun can make the adhesive bond brittle fast, causing weak retention and, eventually, lash loss.


Have you heard of the spring lash shed? Although lash shedding is generally an all-year cycle, the warmer weather and increased humidity of this season can cause eyelashes to get into the resting phase faster. As a result, lashes would stop growing and fall out. Moreover, the humidity robs your hair follicles of the nourishment they need (due to dry skin).


In fall, the weather becomes a little more temperate and consistent. However, this season also brings changes in your environment that can be hard on lashes. For one, autumn's falling leaves may contain dust, pet dander, or other allergens, causing eyelashes to become irritated and inflamed. The drop in temperature also causes lashes to shed faster than usual.


This season's cold, dry air can be just as bad for lashes as the hot air of summer. In fact, it's not uncommon for people to experience more lash loss and breakage during this season. The lack of moisture in the air makes your hair brittle and prone to damage. Artificial heating is another factor.

The 5 Best Lash Care Tips for All Seasons

Now that you're familiar with the lash care challenges of each season, it's clearer to you now that aftercare is a must. However, if you're unsure where to start or what exactly to do, here are some tips on how to maintain healthy lashes—perfect for every season!

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Tip #1: Keep Your Lashes Clean

Cleaning your lashes regularly is essential for their health. Although it's already recommended that you do this every day, it is especially important in seasons like fall, where they are more prone to dirt. This is also necessary for clients going for lash infills; cleaning is necessary before a lash procedure.

Tip #2: Wear Fashionable Clothes and Accessories With a Lash Health Purpose

You can't separate season and fashion, but you should also consider your lashes. For instance, wearing cute hats and shades can help prevent direct sunlight from making the adhesive bond brittle fast in summer. Additionally, clothes and accessories that are too tight or scratchy on the skin can also trigger lash damage.

Tip #3: Avoid the Oils

Oil-based products might be a part of your seasonal skincare routine, but using them can be counterproductive for your lashes. Oils will make your lashes greasy and weighed down, damaging the adhesive bond in the process. So make sure to look for oil-free labels when shopping for your summer or winter cosmetics. Enrolling in eyelash tech classes online can help you learn more specifically about this matter.

Tip #4: Skip the Steam

Going for hot baths, saunas, heating against the fire, or having facial steam is not recommended if you have lash extensions. We understand that they're some of the best places for relaxation, especially in winter. However, it's best to avoid them because steam softens the lash adhesive bonds. 

Tip #5: Encourage Going for Refills

Seasons trigger lash shedding, so it's necessary not to skip refill sessions if you want to keep those lashes pretty all year round. Instead, get refills every 2‒3 weeks. An eyelash technician will note the shedding timeline, give appropriate advice, and replace any damaged lash extensions you might have. You can also request to try on a new lash set each season for a change!

Learn About Proper Lash Application and Maintenance With Beauty Boss Academy

There's nothing you can do about the natural lash shedding cycle and the seasons that may trigger it. However, that doesn't mean you can't wear and enjoy every season with your lash extensions on. Luckily, proper and simple maintenance is the solution. So start your day with lash confidence by considering the all-season lash care tips we've outlined!

As a lash artist, you learn from eyelash classes what it means to instill awareness in your clients. For example, some of them might not know about the effects of different seasons on their lash extensions. By letting them know (as early as you can) about this matter, you are helping them secure their lashes and increase your client retention. 

Are you ready to become the lash technician every client can rely on from summers to winters? Start your journey with BBA today! First, we have The Classic Course for those who want to start with zero knowledge and experience. Next, we have the Refresher Course if you're already an experienced lash tech who wants to learn or recall techniques.

Finally, we have the newest addition to our eyelash tech classes, the Volume Course! It's for passionate lash artists looking for a service extension or learning about another lash technique (volume lash) apart from classic lashes. We cater to every lash dreamer out there, so don't hesitate to join us and begin your lash journey!

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