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Handle Client Complaint With Grace: Learn the 7 Ways From an Eyelash Extensions Class

Eyelash technicians, we all know the drill. We have, on one hand, clients who love their new extensions and, on the other, clients who are unsure about them. Complaints happen, but you can turn a complaint into an opportunity to build client loyalty with a little grace and knowledge. Let us help you handle the situation flawlessly when you encounter a dissatisfied client. 

In this blog post, we'll go over the seven ways to deal with client complaints in a way that is both helpful and professional. By following these guidelines, you can maintain your clients' trust while resolving any issues that may arise. Be the best lash technician you can be! Let’s start!

7 Ways to Handle Client Complaint with Grace

Complaints are normal in any business, but you can make a big difference simply by handling them the right way. Turn a bad situation into something sweet and inhibit the situation from snowballing by following these tips:

See complaints on a different lens.

Complaints, at first glance, are negative, but when you change your perspective, they can be game-changers and learning opportunities for you. Studies have shown that 96% of dissatisfied clients walk out and leave and do not inform sellers of their bad experiences. When they do not complain, you won’t know what to change, and chances are, you may make the same mistake again. Hence, welcome complaints and take them as feedback to improve your work. When you see complaints as something that can help you, it is easier to handle them with poise and elegance. 

  • Empower lash technicians to resolve complaints.

Perhaps you run a lash extension bar with a couple of lash technicians in your team. Train your team on complaint resolution. Begin with tackling the most common causes of negative client feedback like eye irritation, painful back and neck after service, lashes sticking together, or lashes falling off easily. Unmet expectations or false advertisements are also other causes of grievances. Then, create an action plan on handling the challenges once they face them. When they know what to do, they can respond to the challenge right away, making the client feel listened to and taken care of immediately. 

  • Offering an apology can go a long way.

Apologizing to clients goes a long way. The word “sorry” is a single word you should not say sparingly when met with complaints. This word makes your client feel heard and understood, and at the same time, it is also an act of admittance that you were not able to meet their expectations. But always follow your sincere apology with a sincere willingness to listen and improve.

Since there are plenty of channels where your clients can post their complaints online or personally in your store, handling them should be tailor-fitted. Templates can serve as guides, but make sure to always personalize your responses as each situation is unique. 

eyelash extensions classes
  • Create irresistible solutions and offers.

After the apologies, make sure to offer solutions to the complaints and make them irresistible. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Offer a free service that can resolve or correct the issue. For example, you can offer to redo the lashes for lash-related complaints.
  • Offer a discount on their next lash service and assure them of quality service this time around.
  • Give free lash care products so every time your client uses them, they’ll remember your kind gesture to resolve their complaint. 

Shy away from refunds, the easy way out, as there are many more ways to appease your customers and make them still feel special. You can still turn the dire situation around!

  • Follow through to show you care.

After resolving the complaint:

  • Keep ties with your customer through a follow-through.
  • Get their contact information, so you can check up on how their lashes are and if the resolution you offered worked out just fine.
  • See your client’s experience through until they decide to return to you again. 

Aside from complaint-related messages, send them the usual client care notes like your latest offers, the announcement of discounts, and trinkets of greeting messages on holidays or their birthdays. When clients’ complaints are resolved, and you treat them with importance, they can become patrons and even be your brand ambassadors.

  • Learn from the feedback.

After everything you’ve done to appease a dissatisfied customer, ensure that the complaint will not happen again. Begin by tracking the complaints and categorizing them. You can use this data to create a training plan for your staff to offer better customer service. Ask more detailed questions like how the complaints were resolved, so you can note the best practices and share them among other lash technicians, especially the new hires. 

It also pays to establish a complaint resolution process. While you empower your lash technician staff, an escalation process can help in handling more challenging complaints better. 

  • Proactively avoid complaints through eyelash extension classes.

You now have an idea of how to handle complaints, but the best way to keep a good brand name is always to give superb customer service. While you can handle dire feedback, it is still best not to have them at all, which is possible with the training of eyelash extensions classes online

The classes will arm you with theories and concepts and also allow you to hone your skills through practice. When you know how to do things the right way and have the proper knowledge, there is little to no room for mistakes—only quality work. 

eyelash extensions classic

More Learnings to Expect From an Eyelash Extensions Class

Our eyelash extensions classic course is filled with modules that will discuss various topics you’ll need as a lash technician. Some of the technical concepts you’ll learn are the following:

  • Sanitation, sterilization, and safety
  • Workplace setup
  • Eye anatomy
  • Lash styling
  • Adhesive 
  • Eye conditions
  • Lash aftercare
  • Adhesive
  • Prepping the lashes
  • Application
  • Filling appointments and removals

Aside from these technical skills, you’ll also learn many soft skills in customer care. You’ll also learn the following from your lash classes:

  • Different ways to welcome your customers and create a positive first impression
  • What snacks and drinks to offer to your clients
  • Creating a comfortable and warm environment that will induce relaxation in your clients
  • Setting an Instagram wall your clients can use for their post-lash extension photos
  • Giveaway ideas after the lash extension service
  • Ways to keep your connection with your clients and turn them into patrons.

Premium beauty schools like this one also offer after-training support that you can harness when you decide to establish your own beauty business. You can get support from fellow lash technicians and resources from lash experts and trainers in these channels. Even after your classes, you can continue your education through the materials they share here. 

Lash Extension Training by Beauty Boss Academy

As a lash technician, you may encounter client complaints from time to time. It's important to know how to handle them with grace and poise so that the situation does not escalate and your business remains healthy. When you understand how to look at complaints through a different lens, it can empower you and your team of lash technicians to resolve any issue promptly and effectively. 

Offering an apology is often the best way to start, as it shows that you care about resolving the situation. However, simply apologizing is not always enough; create irresistible solutions and offers to make the customer happy again. And finally, to avoid complaints recurring, continue learning proactively through various online courses. You can check out our Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Course and check which one fits your needs best. We’d love to discuss with you in detail all our offers. Feel free to contact us. Talk to you soon!

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