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What Extra Offers To Sell Based on Your Eyelash Extension Classes and Tips To Make A Sale

Eyelash extension classes can help you improve your skills as a lash technician. Not only that, certification to do lash extensions can give you the skills and knowledge needed to sell your lash bar products and services. You may be wondering what to offer based on your training, so we have compiled here some beauty and wellness products you can begin with. 

In addition, a certification to do eyelash extensions will arm you with marketing knowledge. To add to that, we will share some tips on how you can sell the products in your lash bar and earn extra bucks on top of your lash extension service earnings. Let's check them out!

Beauty And Wellness Products To Sell

The products you sell should be in line with the services you give. They should be products your clients can use when they walk out of your lash bar. You can extend your offers by also selling other beauty and wellness products as your customer will surely be enthusiastic about them too.

Lash Growth Serum

Long and healthy lashes are the main requirement for a client to have a lash extension service, especially if they want a volume lash. With that, encourage your customers to buy a lash growth serum they can apply to their lashes before they sleep to ensure that they will grow healthy. 

Lash Cleansers

Another product your client will constantly need, which they can conveniently pick up in your lash bar, is lash cleansers. You can offer it to them when discussing post-lash care tips like regularly giving the lashes a bath to keep them clean. 

Lash Friendly Makeups

Your training taught you that mascara should be discouraged as many are oil-based and can ruin the lash extensions. However, you'll meet customers who cannot live without their mascara on. In this case, it is better to offer them a safe water-based mascara alternative than asking them to let go of the makeup they love. 

Lash Care Essentials Organizer

A compact lash essentials organizer with an adorable design will be eye-catching. It will also trigger the need to buy because of the help it will give to your client. Anything beautiful and cute is easy to sell because it is appealing even before you market them. 

Sleeping Masks

You'll meet clients who will ask you how to keep their lashes beautiful when asleep. A great marketing technique would be offering the mask specially designed not to put pressure on the lashes. You can offer them the product while explaining how they should not wear regular sleeping masks that will flatten their lashes. 

Scented Candles and Essential Oils

Aside from lash essentials, you can also offer products that will help your clients' wellness. For instance, scented candles and essential oils perfectly set the mood when they are de-stressing at home after a long day's work.

certification to do lash extensions

Lash Products Selling Tips

Clients walk into your lash bar with only one thing in mind—to get their lash extensions done so they can leave with more beautiful eyes. On the other hand, patrons who have already bought your products before may have this intention aside from a lash extension service. Hence, here are the ways to perfect your marketing and get extra sales and earnings. 

1. Know what the clients need through lash assessment.

Knowing what the clients need starts during the assessment stage before you do their lashes. This stage is when you check your client's lashes' health and try to get to know them a bit to build rapport. When you've done these, you'll know what to offer your client, and it is easy to do so because you are already comfortable with one another. 

2. Break the myths to your clients.

One of the reasons you won't be able to sell your products is the widespread belief in myths by many clients. For instance, some believe that cleaning the lashes should not be done regularly, and if they do so, they can use baby shampoo. Bust these myths and other false notions, and use them as a selling point of your lash serums and cleansers. 

3. Sell the products you use.

You can sell your products with honesty when you use them yourself. You won't need a marketing script, as you can share your experiences in using the product. When clients ask for the benefits, you can show the effects of the products on you. You become living proof of how well your products work, and your clients will feel assured that before they use the products because you've tried them first. 

4. Sell the same products consistently.

Stick to selling the same products from your trusted brands, and make sure they are always in stock. Doing so will establish the impression that the products you sell are great as you are sticking to them and not selling one brand after another. Your patrons will also appreciate this practice as when they need another set of supplies; they know they can always get replenishment from you. 

5. Make everything nice.

Make your product's corner pleasing to the eyes. Put them on a well-lit and easy-to-see shelf so that your clients can check them out easily. This is when you apply your creativity to make everything look nice. You can pick uniquely-shaped shelves and give them some LED lighting for aesthetics. Using beautiful wrappers and boxes is also a great idea.

6. Sell at retail price.

On the financial end, you do all these selling techniques to sell as much as you can for some extra cash. Some add a 50% value of the wholesale price for their retail product price, and you can do this too. Just make sure to sell above the wholesale price. It would be best to study the different ways to know the right retail price to make a sound decision.

Eyelash Extensions Classes By Beauty Boss Academy

So, what different products should you sell and how based on your eyelash extension classes? First, consider your clients' needs and offer products that will help them maintain their new lashes. This might include lash growth serum, lash cleansers, and lash-friendly makeup. You can also sell beauty and wellness products like sleeping masks, scented candles, essential oils, and more. 

When selling these products, be sure to break any myths about them and make suggestions based on what you know works best for your client's individual needs. Finally, remember to always keep everything neat in your salon space so that it's easy for clients to find what they need—and buy what they want!You can learn more about client care and level up your skills as a lash technician through Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Lash Training and Complimentary Courses. If you are asking, “Is eyelash extension training worth it?” It definitely is, and if you are interested in leveling up your game, feel free to contact us! We are just a chat away, and we'd love to hear from you. Talk to you soon!

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