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Eyelash Extension Class Online: All About Lash Business Branding

The lash industry is booming now more than ever, and almost all commercial districts see lash bars left and right. The competition may be stiff, but good branding can set your business apart from the rest. If you are new to the industry and thinking about learning the trade through an online class, get all the more inspired by checking out these ten ways to handle lash business branding. They will allow you to reach business income goals and grow clientele despite the fierce competition. 

How to get eyelash extension certification online? Easy; sign up for an online class. But there’s actually more to this lash extension course than just skills development. You're also getting a whole lesson on branding and making it big in the beauty industry. So what are the ways to ensure good branding for your lash bar? Let’s begin!

1. Define your lash brand

Branding begins by determining your brand identity and asking yourself how you want clients to perceive you. Aside from the visuals, you should also define the experience you wish to provide for a customer. The outer appearance will catch customers’ attention, and how you made them feel during the classic lash, volume lash, lash lifting, or lash removal services is what will make them come back again and again. Set a mission and vision that will guide you with visuals and customer service plans. Create a personality on which you'll base marketing strategies and appeal to your target audience. 

2. Get to know your audience

After envisioning a lash business, you need to get to know your audience to create something that appeals to them. Begin through objective market research to understand client demographics: age, gender, location, education, and income; you can dig deeper into their desires, goals, and motivations too. With this knowledge, you can tickle their senses better through a catchy business name and logo, appealing brand colours, and unforgettable taglines. 

3. Take a peek at your competitors’ styles 

You can also ensure branding stands out against others by checking out competitors. See their marketing techniques, which include advertisements, pricing, events, and freebies to attract their customers, and plan how you can be at par or better than them. Notice similarities, and see what’s your edge against them. Invest more in that edge, highlight it, and ensure your customers know of this unique selling point. 

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4. Make the visuals beautiful

The lash service you offer falls under the beauty industry, so make sure the branding you will create is as beautiful as the lashes you offer. Hire a team of creatives to brainstorm the following:

Once you've established a brand book or template for your business, stick to it for consistent brand communication and awareness. Remember that your visuals are a huge part of communicating your brand to the audience. If they cannot pull the attention of casual social media scrollers or internet browsers, there's still some work to be done.

5. Incorporate branding into your interiors

Incorporate branding in interior design by mounting an LED sign for the business logo to make it eye-catching and memorable. The lash bed, pillow, and essentials can also bear your business logo. Do you have an Instagram wall for clients who want to take photos after their lash service? Let them use the company logo and tagline as the background so their social media friends can be in the know. Free advertisement!

6. Bring branding online

Good eyelash extensions training will teach you how to harness the power of social media in your business. These are the perfect spaces to spotlight your brand. Toss in your business logo, tagline, and other brand visuals. Understand brand recall and incorporate it into your marketing strategies. With the right ones, you can grow your clientele while establishing your online presence.

7. Branding in the form of superb customer service

Branding isn’t just about images and text, but it is also about the overall customer experience. With that, make sure to always be available and deliver excellent customer service. Begin by showing expertise and professionalism during the lash assessment. Welcome customers with warmth and smiles when they enter the lash bar, and show your hospitality by providing a relaxing atmosphere and even offering snacks or refreshments. Above all, give them the best lashes: output defines your brand. 

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8. Increase exposure through partnerships

The drive for brand awareness does not end in spaces, objects, and platforms a business owns. You can also increase your brand’s exposure by joining conferences and expanding your network through partnerships. For instance, when there are beauty conventions, make sure to be present to cater to individuals needing assistance on lashes. You can also go for corporate partnerships, offering discounts to professionals working on specific companies to ensure their wellness. In all these marketing techniques, highlight your brand. 

9. The effect of lash aftercare products

Part of extending brand presence to customers' lives is offering lash aftercare products. These are a great way to upsell your brand and service. You can either make your own products or find a trusted manufacturer that can do this for you. But, of course, be sure to incorporate your branding elements for good brand recall.

10. Pricing goes a long way

Your business can also be known through pricing and lash service offers. Ensure that you are paid and can pay fair. Do not go for lower rates just because you want more customers. Instead, come up with a service or product worthy of its price. In addition, discounts, promos, and freebies are also part of the pricing. It's a small price to pay if you want to see more clients in your lash bar. 

Eyelash Extension Class Online by Beauty Boss Academy

If you're looking to start your own lash business and see through it with continued business support, our online modules just might be your step one. We've outlined the ten ways to do lash business branding as step two. So whether you're starting from scratch or refining your current brand strategy, be sure to put these tips into practice! Wondering how to become a certified eyelash extension technician or how much is eyelash extension school? Find your answers at Beauty Boss Academy. We offer a Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Courses to help you hone your lash artist skills and prepare you to do business. We’d love to discuss our offers with you, so contact us now!

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