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Let's Talk About DIY Eyelash Extensions and Its Dangers

Word on the eyelash bars is that "homemade" extension applications are on the rise. Those DIY eyelash extension kits are selling fast. The trend of the times for everyone these days seems to be shifting towards a highly personal service-specifically those that can be done either using mobile phones or inside homes.

DIY home eyelash extensions may be highly personal, but it isn't highly professional. And if you're contemplating doing it, reconsider because you'll be exposing yourself to high risk.

The Risks of DIY Lash Extensions

You can hurt your eyes.

Eye injury is a big risk to take when doing your eyelash extensions. If they are applied incorrectly on your eyelids, they may scratch your sclera-the white part of your eyes. Worst, it can lead to corneal damage and permanently affect your eyesight.

Hurting your eyes when doing your lash extensions happens because of using lash kits and having no knowledge of how to apply them. As a result, you may end up nursing eyes that feel badly burned. Rinsing them with water for hours in the bathroom instead of setting the extension you thought would go well.

Your lashes can suffer traction alopecia.

Removing eyelash extensions has a method to it. Professionals do it safely, ensuring the eyelid's follicles are kept safe. If a non-professional try to remove an eyelash extension haphazardly, this can shock the follicles, as the eyelash gets removed from the roots and the applied extensions.

This phenomenon is called traction alopecia. And if someone continues to DIY their eyelashes, the damage becomes permanent. Applying for natural eyelash extensions in the future will be impossible.

Eyelash extension glue can be dangerous.

Gluing your eyes shut is horrifying. Unfortunately, those eyelash adhesives made of cyanoacrylate are strong enough to do that. When the eyelash glue is improperly applied, it spreads to the lash strand. And if you're not careful, it can stick to the eyelash on the opposite side of your eyelids.

Handling adhesives are the most important part of setting natural lash extensions. There are increased risks of stuck eyelashes or eye irritation from fumes. And the risk of DIY lash extensions is greater if you're not trained to use eyelash glue. 

Sharp tweezers can be hazardous for the untrained.

Get this. Tweezer tips are just slightly thicker than a needle. It's designed that way. Otherwise, you won't get a single eyelash strand applied to your lids.

The thought of something as tiny and sharp as a needle looming close to our cornea is enough to make us cringe. Yet, we still choose to DIY our lashes, knowing that one misstep can lead to an accident. We have to take a step back, especially if we're untrained to handle tweezers, so we can protect our eyes.

And if you do end up extending your own lashes…

As listed above, we see just how dangerous attempting to do your own eyelash extensions is. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you do proceed with it successfully in spite of all the risks, here are just a couple of all-too-common realizations people find:

It's time-consuming to do.

The freedom you gain from DIY eyelashes comes with a price, and it's paid for with time.

Those last-minute tutorials before your first attempt can be quite a confidence booster. You'll feel like an expert. But once you start applying for the lash extensions, you'll realize it's harder than it looks. 

So you spend an hour trying to figure out the ropes, and then another hour more because you made a mistake and have to do it over. It's time-consuming. And if you have a party or an important event to attend, an eyelash mishap could spell the need to reschedule.

It may not look as expected.

People who attempt lash extensions may not get their desired look. Yes, the vision is there, the willingness to work for it, and might we say the stubbornness. But if you work on something that requires professional work, you’re bound to get mediocre results.

The difference between poorly done lash extensions and those that flutter like peacocks is expertise. And anyone as passionate about eyelashes can notice the difference.

eyelashes extensions - A woman with eyelash extensions looking sideways

Safety: The Main Concern of DIY Extensions

Staying safe is the bottom line for putting on lash extensions. For us, it's a non-negotiable. That's why it's a concern whenever people DIY their lash extensions at home. You’ll end up compromising your safety if the lash work is done unprofessionally. Our eyes, particularly our sense of sight, are exposed to critical risks.

What can you do instead?

If the goal is to have lush-looking eyelashes, there are better, safer approaches than setting your lash extensions. Try the following:

Gain professional eyelash extension knowledge.

If you're adamant about doing lash extensions as a dream job, get professional-level knowledge. Education and expertise are still good insurance before diving into applying lash extensions. And there are courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home that will bring you up to speed on lash extensions.

On the other hand, most people would want to have extended eyelashes done by pros anyway, especially if they want long-lasting wispy or volumized lashes. So even if you have excellent eyelash application knowledge, you'd still need to practice setting it well. And it will be tedious to do so on your eyes.

Even the professionals you see wearing lash extensions will admit they've had another expert do it. This brings us to the next point.

Have a beauty boss do it.

If lash extensions are really what you want, we recommend having a Beauty Boss eyelash professional do it. These technicians have extensive lash knowledge and skill, which is earned by spending months, even years, perfecting their craft. They know how to do it safely while giving you quality service.

Beauty Boss eyelash artists are everywhere. Ask a friend. They may know and recommend a Beauty Boss lash professional you can easily get comfortable with. Who knows, they might give you a good deal, too.

The Beauty Boss Eyelash Extension Education

Lash extensions experts who are graduates of Beauty Boss Academy know the science and art of lash extensions. All their knowledge and training are certified because they've gone through one or both of these professional courses.

The Classic Course

A comprehensive professional program that teaches about classic lash extensions. In The Classic Course, beauty bosses learn about eye anatomy and care, adhesive management, eyelash extension styles, types, and lengths.

The meat of the course is focused on the practice of safely applying lash extensions to the client's eyes. Beauty bosses have to pass a high level of expertise and get a certification. Apart from that, there are tips and best practices shared by a true professional eyelash extension technician.

The Refresher Course

Beauty bosses who want to sharpen the saw take the free Classic refresher course to stay updated about eyelash extension application practices and theories. The course is semi-comprehensive, and anyone can enroll.

This course is good if you want to get a sneak peek of what you'll learn when taking The Classic Course. If there's one thing this course will teach you, it is the fact that lash extensions are more than just doing it yourself. It can be a profitable gig for those passionate about lash extensions.

Pay Beauty Forward

If you agree that knowledge is key to getting a safe and stunning eyelash, then do yourself a favor and enroll in The Classic Course. You'll learn from a certified instructor and get access to other aspiring and established lash extension artists, which you can tap to do your lash extension, too! Trust us. They'll be happy to do it.

When you finish the course, practice the craft. Pay it forward and make others look stunning by using your newfound skill. Eventually, it will return back to you in the form of profits and a perpetually good-looking eyelash, which you don't have to do on your own. 

Still half-sent on committing to a course? That's cool. By exploring the website and blogs, you'll be surprised to learn plenty more about lash extensions. It's a good way to dip your toes and get an idea of the world of eyelash beautification. So get those tasty bits of wisdom today and help yourself to become an eyelash expert.

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