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Classic vs. Volume Lashes: A 10-Point Checklist to Choose Your Lash Style

Should you get lash extensions? is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you decide to go for it, more questions will follow. What style of lash extensions should you choose? What are their differences? How do they work, and how do you maintain them? For a beginner, this can be overwhelming.

To help you understand, let's start with a basic comparison: classic vs. volume lashes. If you look up what the two look like, you will probably see their visual difference. However, that's not everything you have to know when getting extensions. You still need to examine other factors to know which suits your lashes best.

This article will discuss how classic and volume lashes differ based on ten important lash and buying factors. 

Classic Lashes vs. Volume Lashes: 10 Factors to Determine the Right Lash Extensions for You

Let's look closer at the classic vs. volume lashes comparison. When choosing between the two, it's not a simple matter of which one looks better for you. Instead, the answer depends on ten factors, from health-related to buying considerations. Check them out below!

1) Terminology

Classic lashes are called classic because it's a traditional technique. In the past, classic lashes were the only type of extensions available when you get a lash treatment.

Meanwhile, volume lashes are also known as Russian volume lashes because this technique originated in Russia. Lash pioneers there used to create a lash "bouquet" and place them on a single natural lash.

2) Lash Ratio

Lash ratio is the easiest way to differentiate between classic and volume lashes. For instance, the classic lash extension technique involves a 1:1 ratio. It means attaching one lash extension to one natural lash.

Meanwhile, the volume lash technique comes in a 2:1 ratio; you can attach more than one extension (like a lash bouquet) to one natural lash. 2:1 is the most common ratio, but you can also go for as many as 6:1.

3) The Thickness of Your Natural Lashes

Get a mirror and look at your natural lashes closely. Some people have thin, short, and sparse lashes. Others have full, long, and thick ones. Which side are you on?

You're better off with volume lash extensions if your lashes are sparse. The "bouquet" of lashes hides the gaps and gives your lashes a fuller and fluffier look. On the other hand, choose classic lash extensions if you have long and thick lashes. It will add a natural, more voluminous touch to your eyes.

4) Experience

This factor can be subjective, so there's no need to stick religiously to it. However, some differences between classic and volume lashes might require a certain level of experience to help you determine the right type of extensions.

If this is your first time getting a lash treatment, classic lashes are a good way to start. They're lightweight, quick to prepare, and look more natural. Aspiring lash techs also learn about them first before volume lashes. Still, there's no harm in choosing volume lashes if it's what you want.

volume vs classic lashes - blondie getting a lash makeover for a wedding

5) Appropriate Events

Choosing between classic and volume lashes depends on the event you'll wear them for. Classic lashes are the safest way to go if you want a natural look for something formal like work or school.

Meanwhile, pick volume lashes for parties, weddings, and other special occasions. These are events where you're likely allowed to experiment with your look. Volume lashes will give you that glamour girl vibe!

6) Pricing

Naturally, classic lashes are cheaper than volume lashes because the latter is an advanced technique. They are also faster and use fewer lash materials. You can get classic lash extensions for as low as $70.

On the other hand, expect to pay an additional hundred dollars for a full set of volume lashes since they are more tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, volume lash courses are also more costly than classic lash training.

7) Lifespan

Both classic and volume lashes last for the same amount of time: four to six weeks. But it can change depending on your natural eyelash shedding, type of lash bond, and lash extension support. For example, classic lashes use a longer bond to have better retention.

With volume lashes, multiple extensions hold onto each other. You might think they have better retention, but it's the other way around. Volume lash bonds don't last as long as the classic bond, but they're not that short-lived.

8) Learning Difficulty

Classic lashes are generally easier to learn. We also recommend it for those who want to enroll in lash courses with little to zero experience. Classic lashes are a good foundation for learning volume lashes later on.

Meanwhile, volume lashes are great for experienced lash stylists looking for a service upgrade. It's also an advanced technique, which adds up to your lashing skills. Consequently, you can become a more competitive and well-rounded lash expert with volume lashing!

classic lashes vs volume lashes - lash extensions training on a mannequin with other tools

9) Lash Refills: Schedule, Duration, and Cost

Most lash refills are usually done every two to three weeks, regardless of the type. Nevertheless, lash shedding, layout, and application can change the course of things. For example, baby lashes grow out fast during lash shedding. This will require a refill earlier than you'd expect. 

Another factor is the layout and application of volume lash fans. The extensions will fall fast if they're not distributed based on the lash growth stages. Consequently, the lash set won't look good, and you will need a refill.

10) Maintenance

Last but not least, maintenance rules for all types of lash extensions are the same. Don't forget to follow these three, basic at-home lash extension aftercare tips.

  1. Avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 4-6 hours after the lash treatment.
  2. Do not use mascara on lash extensions.
  3. Use lash shampoo daily to clean your lashes thoroughly.

What's Your Lash Choice? Learn More About It With Beauty Boss Academy

Eyelash extensions have two main types: classic and volume. Classic lashes are a single strip of lashes applied to one natural lash. On the other hand, volume lashes involve multiple strips of lashes applied to a single natural lash. So which type is right for you? It depends on a couple of factors. 

We hope the ten factors we discussed helped you find where you stand in the volume vs. classic lashes comparison. And once you make a choice, consider enrolling in one of our courses to know more about classic or volume lashes! 

We have The Classic Course for beginners and The Volume Course for those looking into an extension to their services. Join our community today!

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