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Beyond the Eyelash Training Course: Maintaining Excellent Customer Satisfaction in the Lash Industry

You can find online training on how to become an eyelash technician across the internet. Most of these packages are easy and affordable. In no time, you'll develop the necessary skills to start your lash career. But mastering a technique is not enough to keep your business successful. You can attribute the success of a business to its many clients. When your clients experience good service, they will keep coming back for more. 

But how exactly do you maintain excellent customer satisfaction? 

Keeping your customers happy and content with your service is a part of your job, and we have prepared some useful tips to keep your clients in a positive mood. 

Set the mood for your clients.

One of the reasons people go to a lash studio or any salon for that matter is to feel relaxed. For some people, salons are a temporary escape from their rough day. As a lash artist, it’s important that you contribute as much as possible to your client’s comfort. 

Set the mood of relaxation in your studio: You can light some scented candles and play light and relaxing music. You can even offer complimentary snacks. Keeping your workstation squeaky clean and pristine is a must. With this, your clients will look forward to the eyelash extension procedure offered by your studio. 

Offer your clients simple booking for lash extension sessions.

Use the internet to make booking a session as easy as possible. Many people usually book their appointment after work hours. Some people even book in advance to make sure they get their lash extensions. As much as possible, open your booking period as long as possible. It's a huge hassle for clients to come for a walk-in session and not get serviced. This unpleasant experience can hurt your business. 

Take advantage of modern technology that uses AI for automatic bookings. When you let your clients experience seamless transactions, they are more likely to book for a second time. 

lash tech in proper suit for a lash extension

Personalize your service. 

It's impossible to personalize your service to every client that walks into your lash studio, but you can at least do it with your regular ones. Personalized service does not have to be extravagant. Try calling your regular customers with their names instead of addressing them formally. Remembering their preference and asking about their experience in their previous lash extension will make them feel recognized and valued as a customer. These small things can elevate the experience with your lash studio and will likely attract more customers. 

Give them useful suggestions.

As an esthetician, you are well-versed in the best options for your clients. However, some customers come into your studios without a preference in mind. Some may even be too shy to tell you what they want. As a lash artist, you can lay in front of the different choices to elevate their look. You can also teach a thing or two about eye shapes and the best eyelash extension for them. You can also offer them a lash lift session to beautify their lashes further or even give them an overview between a classic lash extension and a volume lash extension. 

But don't force your ideas on them. Allowing them to make their own choice for their look will guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. 

Welcome customer feedback and use it to improve your service. 

It's important to note or be aware of how the experience was for your customers. There will always be areas for improvement in the lash industry if you want to get ahead of your competitors. And one way of assessing your strengths and weaknesses is by collecting feedback from your clients. 

At the end of a lash extension session, you give your clients a form to fill out. Make it anonymous so your clients can honestly share their experience with your service. Other ways of getting feedback are through small talks during the eyelash extension procedure or offering an online survey so your clients can access it anytime. 

Don't look at the negative comments as a scar on your business. Hence, use this to improve lash extension services and apply changes to cater to your customers better. 

Go beyond the service of eyelash extensions.

The best eyelash technician course will teach you everything you need to become a competitive lash artist. There are other areas of the beauty industry where you can expand and develop your skills. Customers will keep coming back to you when you can offer them multiple services. For example, you can get a training class in brow lamination. Eyelashes and brows are usually services that go together. So, offering these services will help your business gain more customers. 

You can also expand your service to hair treatments. Taking a separate training course to develop and learn a different skill set is best for providing excellent service to your clients. 

Offer special perks to attract customers. 

Offering discounts and other special offers to your clients will make their experience with your studio more pleasant. We're not saying you should give discounts all year long. For example, you can offer discounts to the first ten clients or offer free services when they spend a certain amount in your salon. 

People love discounts or any way they can save money. So when you give them offers like this from time to time, they will come back for more and bring your more clients. 

Keep up with the changes of the lash industry with an eyelash extension class.

Beauty trends are always changing, and your clients have different preferences. It's important to keep up with them. You can give them a look they want. Your skillset may be exceptional, but it may also be outdated. Check out an upcoming class on the new trends and techniques of lash extensions. Taking classes will give you an edge over your rivals. 

Furthermore, it's also useful to do practice sessions on dummies, especially when you come from a long break. Getting used to the feeling of the tweezers and applying the correct pressure on your hand will help you do better when you do lash extension on actual customers. 

lash tech carefully tweaking lash extension

Final Thoughts 

Enrolling in a beauty academy is your first step in learning how to become a certified eyelash extension technician. But your hand skills are not enough to keep your lash career afloat. People skills are also crucial to your business success. Without these essential skills, your business won't prosper, gain a satisfied customer, and establish a good client base. We hope these practices help improve your customer relations. 

Visit our blogs for everything about eyelashes, and if you want to expand your lashing skills, check out these eyelash training course programs you can take. 

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