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Establishing a Reliable Client Feedback Form: 8 Best Practices You’ll Learn from Lash Classes

If you're a lash technician, it's important to get feedback from your clients. It’s a way to get a pat on the back for good work or inspire action to improve a product and lash extension service. However, coming up with a reliable feedback form can be tricky. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the eight best practices for creating a client feedback form. You’ll also learn these in your eyelash extension classes as a part of client care knowledge. So whether you're just starting or looking to improve your existing feedback system, check out our advice below!

1. Know the essence of client feedback to a lash business

As a lash artist, lash tech classes and experience have taught you that the lifeblood of your eyelash extensions business is your clients and their loyalty. Building a clientele is easier because of the need for eyelash extensions maintenance after a few weeks, so all you need to do is be a little extra in providing what your clients need and provide more than what the competitors do not offer. The best way to do this is through a client feedback system where you’ll know what you are doing right, what you can improve, and enact changes to improve client experience and keep them coming back. 

2. K.I.S.S. also works here

“K.I.S.S.” or Keep It Short and Simple also applies in establishing a client feedback form. Make sure that clients can answer the survey you’ve created in less than five minutes. The longer the inquiries go, the more likely your clients will abandon and not finish them. Avoid highfalutin words and lash industry jargon for your questions and sentences; keep everything in layman's terms as you won't be there to further explain what you mean to the client. Finally, keep everything organised by putting questions of the same format together. The structure is also a key to avoiding confusion for your clients. 

3. Every item in the form should have a goal

Before making the questions, ask yourself what data you want to acquire, as they will guide you in making questionnaires. Each item you include in the survey should have a purpose and can be turned into usable data. Keeping questions straightforward also emanates professionalism, and clients will get the impression that they are accomplishing something important. 

Nevertheless, despite keeping survey accomplishment time to a minimum, avoid lead-in questions and scales that already have pre-accomplished shadings, checks, or dots. These mechanisms are more prone to bias, and customers rely on the pre answered forms instead of reading the questions and answering independently.

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4. Decide where you’ll put the feedback forms

Just like how you advocate omnipresence to advertise your services, the safest way to get the most feedback is to make them available in various channels below:

  • Printed forms
  • Your website
  • Social media accounts
  • Sending to client’s email
  • Chatbots sending via private message
  • Newsletters
  • Feedback websites

Nevertheless, if you have a clear demographic of your clients, you can focus on media where they are most present. Social media and email work best for professionals, and asking them to visit your page or check their email for a feedback form after the service will be easier since they already use these channels.

5. Lash business branding

Grab every opportunity where you can endorse your brand and promote client retention of your lash business. A feedback form is one of the places you want your logo to appear, so as your client accomplishes the survey, they’ll remember your lash bar.

Encourage brand recall by following the same brand colours and visuals. The tone of your sentences and the form's user-friendliness also cast the client-centric feeling you want every visitor to remember about you. The form can take them back to the warmth and hospitality you allowed them to feel during their lash service. 

6. Turn feedback into data, charts, and tables

Lash artists love everything beautiful and organised. With that, you’ll love seeing feedback from clients turn into organised and colour-coded charts and tables. To make the process easier, you should have a central system where feedback from various channels will go. In this way, you can generate accurate reports instantly. 

You can use feedback software to generate links you’ll share on social media, websites, and newsletters; all the feedback you’ll get will be stored there. Some of the feedback software you can use are Qualaroo, Zonka Feedback, Typeform, Parlor.io, Feedier, and GetFeedback. 

7. Create your action plan based on data

You do all the best practices above to get as much feedback as possible. It would be ideal to encourage all clients to leave you feedback so that you know that the feedback is from the reliable majority when you create action plans. The advantage of making changes based on client feedback is that you can hope that the client satisfaction rate will rise when you bring them to life. You can improve different areas of your business and have a view of what you are doing well—you can continue these best practices clients love. 

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8. Welcome feedback and embrace change

To succeed in the lash service industry, acquiring and listening to feedback is essential, so keep this mindset of welcoming what clients have to say. Continuously acquire feedback to keep up with client demands and check whether your business is still relevant to their expectations. When there are business processes your clients applaud, have the energy to continue doing them. Exert more effort into the areas that garner low ratings, and learn to embrace change. Change is the only constant thing in this world, they say, and so it is. Embrace the change to bring you more clients to scale your lash business faster.

Learn More From Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Classes

Establishing a reliable client feedback form is the best way to ensure that your lash business provides the services and products clients want. This will help you gather information about what works well and needs improvement. While there are many things to consider when setting up your form, we hope the eight best practices above give you a jumpstart on what you should prioritize. When it comes to understanding client feedback, remember to keep it simple. Try not to ask too many questions or make the form too long—this will only discourage people from completing it. Of course, turn feedback into data you can use in continuing best practices and implementing changes. If you want to know more about acquiring client feedback, client care, and basic or advanced knowledge about lashes, you can take our lash extension classes at Beauty Boss Academy! Choose between the Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Courses; we've prepared learning-filled modules for you. Contact us now to jumpstart your lash education!

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