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8 Lash Aftercare Tips and Client Bedtime Routine From Lash Extensions Certification Classes

As a certified lash technician, it's important to know how to take care of your client's lashes both during and after the application process. In addition, you’ll need to share your knowledge about lash extensions aftercare, so they’ll know what to do. 

In this blog post, we'll go over some tips to help your clients establish a bedtime lash aftercare routine that will help keep their lashes looking healthy and beautiful. Eyelash extension classes have taught you that there is more to your job than just applying for extensions. You also need to learn about client care, so aside from the aftercare tips, we’ve included more ways to achieve a relaxing sleep you can share with your clients when you do the lash care briefing. 

We’re specifically delving into bedtime for lash aftercare in this article as it is when all tasks are done, and there’s just that one last thing to do. Nevertheless, they can always do the following lash aftercare tips at any time of the day. So here are the proper ways to ensure your clients’ classic lash or volume lash are clean but still gorgeous. 

1. Keep the lashes dry for 4-6 hours after application.

After lash application, the first step is to keep the lashes dry. This is to make sure that the adhesives are dry and the lash extensions won’t fall off. If your client had the volume or classic eyelash extension service in the morning, they can douse their lashes with water and shampoo them at night. 

2. Mascara application is discouraged.

The purpose of the mascara is to make the lashes fuller and curled. Having lash extensions satisfies these two goals, so there is no need for mascara anymore. Moreover, the chemical ingredients from the mascara may also ruin your clients’ lash extensions, so make sure to inform them to avoid using mascara during and after the procedure. 

3. Lash cleaning should be done regularly.

One of the most common myths about lash application revolves around lash cleaning. Many clients think their lashes do not need washing and cleaning. Bust this myth immediately by instructing your customers to wash and clean their lashes with water, lash shampoo, and a brush with a wand every day. 

4. Stock on water-based makeup remover. 

If wearing makeup is a part of your client’s lifestyle, instruct them to use water-based makeup remover to take their eyeshadow and eyeliners off. These products are lash extension and adhesive-friendly. After removing their makeup, they can wash and shampoo their lashes clean. 

5. Use a fiber-free towel to wipe your face.

After washing and cleaning, instruct your customers to dry their face and lashes using a fibre-free towel to ensure that the lashes will not tangle on fibres. Use fresh towels each time to avoid any facial skin allergies. It is also best to separate your face towel and a body towel. 

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6. Keep away from steam, heat, and oil.

Your clients can be exposed to heat in a sauna, facial steam, or oil from makeup or facial products they use. Lash extension adhesives are sensitive to heat and oil. Make sure to let your clients know about this detail to keep their lash extensions healthy and strong. 

7. Dry using cool air.

Aside from drying with a fibre-free towel, you can also recommend quick-drying the lashes using a blower. Just emphasize that the blower should be on a cool mode to keep the lash extension adhesives stuck firmly. Then, as they blow-dry the lashes, they can use a spoolie brush to give their lashes a nice curl. 

  1. Use a lash-friendly sleeping mask. 

Last but not least is the use of a lash-friendly sleeping mask. If your client is the kind of sleeper who needs a mask and total darkness to fall asleep, recommend eye masks with cushions surrounding the eyes to keep the mask far from your eyes and lashes. 

Bonus Tips: Bedtime Routine to Share to Your Clients

The best time to do a lash aftercare routine is right before going to sleep. So, after sharing the technical side of lash aftercare, you can also recommend more health and wellness tips to your clients, especially about having a good sleep. Here are some recommendations you can make: 

Setting a relaxing room ambiance

Some of the steps you can share with your client for them to have a relaxing room environment are the following:

  • Closing the blinds
  • Keeping the light dim or turned off
  • Turning on the air conditioner or fan to cool the room
  • Having a comfortable bed, pillows, and sheets

Having a face, hand, and foot massage

Teach your clients the relaxing ways to massage different body parts in the comforts of their home and independently, so they can give their face, hands, and feet some pampering. They’ll feel more relaxed and in the mood to sleep because of these. 

Practicing self-affirmation and keeping a journal

After relaxing the body, share some mind relaxing tips too! For your clients to positively end the day, teach them self-affirmation techniques like facing the mirror and looking back on their accomplishments for the day. They can also write their achievements and what they are grateful for in a journal. They can sleep better when they free their mind from worries and fill it with constructive thoughts to work on the next day. 

Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Extensions Certification Classes

Lashes are delicate, so it's important to take care of them. As a lash technician, it is your role to educate your clients about lash extension aftercare. Remember to look back on these eight lash aftercare tips to ensure you give complete and comprehensive instructions. In classic lash training, you’ll also learn about giving superb customer service, so give your clients bonus tips about bedtime routines they can do after cleaning. You can learn more about lash care, customer service, and the details of lash extension services in Classic and Complimentary Courses we offer here at Beauty Boss Academy. So, if you are wondering how to get certified in doing eyelash extensions and searching about “lash extensions certification classes near me,” here’s the answer! We’d be delighted to discuss our offers with you!

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