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Move Mountains and Overcome These 6 Lash Artist Challenges: Be Inspired In Certified Lash Tech Classes

If you're a lash technician, you know that your job is not all sunny experiences. It can be challenging at times. From mastering the application process to dealing with difficult clients, plenty of challenges come with the territory. But don't let these challenges stop you! With the right attitude and a little bit of inspiration, you can overcome any hurdle and be successful in your career. So if you're looking for some encouragement and advice, read on to know eight of the most common difficulties lash artists face and how to overcome them. Keep going, and move mountains by continuing to look for solutions. You'll be glad you did!

Challenge #1: Getting the jitters on your first days

It is normal to feel nervous when you apply lash extensions for the first time. This feeling is especially true as you will be handling the eyes—a sensitive part of the body. On top of this is your client’s high expectations of the result of the service. With these, the jitters may become more apparent through shaky hands and a lack of focus, leading to mistakes and low-quality output. 


Before every workday, especially during your first weeks, practice self-affirmation techniques and remind yourself that you are qualified for the job. Acknowledge the feelings of anxiety, but overcome them by feeling more excited to apply what you have learned from your eyelash extension classes

Challenge #2: Facing lash extensions problems

Another challenge you will repeatedly experience are the lash extension problems below:

  • Lashes sticking together: This problem occurs when lash extensions are attached without waiting for the adhesive from the previous lash attachment to dry.
  • Eye irritation and allergies: Some clients are innately sensitive. They experience eye irritation and allergies because of products you use or because you’ve attached the extensions too close to the eyelids. 
  • Dirty lashes: Some clients will nod when you explain lash aftercare tips, but when they return for a follow-up lash check, they arrive with dirty lashes. 


When you attend lash technician online classes, the trainers will equip you with the right knowledge on lash application. You’ll know the necessary time needed to dry each adhesive before attaching another lash. Do not overdo the adhesives, and dab only the right amount. It is also important to know during the client assessment whether the client has allergies or not. Getting your clients educated and providing a lash aftercare kit for dirty lashes will be very helpful. 

Challenge #3: Lash room challenges

Temperature and humidity play a huge role in ensuring you get the lash extensions right. If your lash room is too humid, it can cause the adhesive not to stick perfectly. Other lash room details that can affect you and your client’s comfort are your choices of lash bed, chair, and lighting. Although the interior design of the lash room does not directly affect the lashes, if it is not conducive to relaxation, it will affect your client’s total experience. 


Plan before setting up your lash room, so you’ll be able to pick the right theme, interior decoration, and furniture. Consider both space and comfort in picking your lash bed and chair. 

Having a hygrometer handy will help a lot to measure the room’s humidity. You can pick the right adhesive to use for more humid temperatures, and of course, adjust the room temperature using the air conditioner. 

how to become a certified eyelash tech

Challenge #4: Determining your pricing

If you want your business to be successful, you have to be wise about the price you will charge your clients and where to get quality but cheap lash extensions supplies. Some lash artists charge too low. Even if customers flock, they end up overworked but don't achieve the profit they need because their costs are still higher. 


Doing proper competitor research helps a lot in determining your pricing. Find a sweet spot where the fees you charge are not too low or too high so that clients will find you a viable option for the service. Also, reflect on your offers and capabilities, and base your pricing here. Get supplies from trusted sources, and establish a relationship with your suppliers to get wholesale prices and save on business costs. 

Challenge #5: Retaining and attracting clients

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and without them, your business will not thrive. Hence, it is a huge challenge for lash artists to attract and retain clients. One-time customers are never the aim of your services; you want your customers coming back for as long as they can. 


Nothing beats quality service in keeping customers happy and coming back, so make sure to do your best with each service. Also, practice superb customer service to make you stand out from competitors and make your service unforgettable. It would also help to get your business known in the online world by establishing a website and launching social media accounts. In this way, you can reach customers not only in your vicinity but from different places as well. 

Challenge #6: Keeping the fire burning

Everybody has moments when they feel tired and lost, and the causes of losing passion for what you do varies. For instance, some lose their passion because they are exhausted and not getting enough rest. Some might have set several goals, which they could not achieve despite working hard. Some are discouraged because of the lack of support from others.


When you feel a lack of motivation, you should ask yourself when the last time you took a full rest or a vacation was. Sometimes, it takes only a few days in a different place doing some relaxing activities or catching up with family and friends to get your motivation back. 

Meanwhile, if it is unreached goals and discouraging comments from others pulling you down, maybe it’s time to upskill. Further training will equip you with the right knowledge to succeed and gain more confidence. 

Upskill Through Beauty Boss Academy’s Certified Lash Tech Classes

As you can see, there are many challenges that lash artists face. But with the right knowledge and tools, these challenges won't stop your success! If you're ready to move mountains and overcome all of these six common lashes artist problems head-on, consider signing up for our Classic Course and free Complementary Course here at Beauty Boss Academy. You may be wondering “How long does it take to be a certified lash tech?” and “How to become a certified eyelash tech?”, you can get your certification in just a few months with Beauty Boss Academy.We have classes for beginners and advanced lash technicians that will answer all your questions about how to become a certified eyelash extension technician. No matter what your current skill level is, we'll be able to help you. You can take action now by sending us a message. We’d love to discuss our offers or answer any of your inquiries!

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