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After the Eyelash Extension Classes: Learn How Feedback Can Make or Break Your Business

When you have decided to take eyelash extension classes, you’re most likely planning to put up your own lash bar or beauty salon sometime after. There are a few things you can do to make sure your chosen academy offers quality education. One is to find out if their trainers have a certification to do eyelash extensions, and the other is to check if they have a business support program or a community of lash experts you can network with. You can also check for student testimonials to make sure you’re getting every bit of your tuition fee’s worth.

But really, the work begins after completing the class and getting certified. You might ask yourself, “So… what do I do now?”

You’ve managed to successfully get door-to-door clients from close friends and family. Don’t worry if you lack machinery as you’re just starting out—these people will do the work for you. Through word of mouth, appointments keep pouring in and you’re happy, but surely, it’s going to come to a full stop if you don’t treat your customers well and get good feedback. Similar to when you’re deciding where to take an online beauty course, feedback matters

In this article, we will be talking about the sheer power of a positive review and how you can leverage that for your business. Scroll further down to learn more.

The Importance of Feedback

Feedback is a statement or comment left by an individual for a service, product, or performance. When it comes to beauty businesses, feedback is essential in terms of the quality of service they offer. These statements help future customers decide where they want their beauty services done. 

The thing with beauty services, your local lash bars, salons, and the like, is that you usually get what you pay for. Cheap services could mean cheap products and underqualified staff. On the other hand, the pricier ones know what they’re worth, and you should too!

Most people think that positive reviews equal a good business, which is quite true if you look at it from a marketability perspective—who doesn’t want to experience a highly-raved beauty treatment? However, feedback can also be negative when an individual has had a terrible experience with a service, but as the business owner, you can leverage this and find ways to improve. You can even market this improvement to get more curious clients.

Why Feedback Matters and How to Deal With It

Feedback matters because it helps a business improve on the services they offer to their customers. The management will always welcome a positive comment since it will help them acquire more clients and good promotion. Meanwhile, a negative comment can result in bad publicity for the business, but a good avenue to help them improve on their products and services. If you’re a business owner, you can bank on these two tips to deal with feedback:

Don’t Take It Personally

Aside from the business support, facilities, and structures, the core management and key personnel are mostly the targets of feedback. For example, customers may feel like services can be improved with better staffing or an attitude change in the establishment. If you’ve chanced upon this type of feedback, maybe it's time to consider structural changes that will benefit the business.

Leverage Constructive Feedback

Negative feedback is never fun to deal with as a business owner, but it's important to remember that it can be used constructively. It's not about dwelling on the negative aspects of the managerial strategy but rather using them as a tool for growth and improvement. 

How to Detect Helpful Feedback

When it comes to leaving feedback, there are two ways of doing it–online and offline. The easiest way to do it is by going online and leaving a review on the company’s website or social media pages. However, the fact that it’s so easy to leave a review online is exactly what makes businesses susceptible to fake reviews. This is often done by competitors or individuals who want to bring you down.

As the reviews for your services pour in, you must be able to detect real feedback from the fake, and helpful feedback, whether good or bad, to use to your advantage. 

One thing that’s non-negotiable is communication. You must respond to the good feedback with sincere appreciation and an invite to future sessions. It is likewise important to respond to the bad feedback with similar appreciation and a promise to improve your service. However, if there is a good reason to counter the bad feedback, respond in a professional tone about what really happened and provide substantial details available for clarification. You can also ask for the reviewer’s contact information to settle the issue in a civilized yet confidential manner. 

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The Basic Qualities of a Good Beauty Business

There are several qualities that a competitive beauty business should have, and you must look at them when you read feedback. Some of these include having qualified and experienced technicians with certification to do lash extensions, an up-to-date facility equipped with prime-standard machines and tools, and good communication skills.

Another essential quality is customer service. You should be able to provide excellent customer service by addressing any concerns or questions that clients may have. You should also be willing to understand the needs and wants of your clients to provide the best service and results possible. By meeting these qualities, you increase the chances of getting favorable feedback, followed by more clients. 

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Mold Your Career with BeautyBoss Academy

BeautyBoss Academy is an institution that offers courses in eyelash extensions. They have qualified and experienced instructors who provide a variety of course options such as The Classic Course, The Volume Course, and Complementary Courses. The academy also has modern and up-to-date learning methods designed to suit online set-ups and post-course access to a community of lash professionals where you can get continued support.

BeautyBoss Academy's courses in eyelash extensions are top-notch! If you're looking to start or expand your career as a lash artist, then look no further than this world-class beauty academy.

The Bottomline

Feedback plays an essential role in determining the quality of services offered by different businesses. If you have had a great or bad experience with one, then make sure to leave feedback so that the management can work on resolving the issue. By doing this, you are helping future clients decide which one is right for them. On the other hand, if you’re the receiver of feedback, harness each good and bad feedback to better your service. Getting certified in lash extensions and being your own boss is now made easy with Beauty Boss Academy. After the eyelash extension classes enjoy unlimited ongoing support, a VIP network of industry professionals, and continued learnings in business development.

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