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Learn Client Feedback Benefits and Acquisition in an Eyelash Technician Training Program

It's a delight to receive feedback from your customer after finishing a lash application service. The positive responses will boost your confidence and keep you going. Meanwhile, the dire comments will encourage you to strive harder, improve your skills, and maintain professionalism. 

Whether good or bad, all feedback can help you as an eyelash technician. If you have already started getting feedback from your clients or are planning to soon, let us help you! In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of getting feedback from your clients and how to get it properly. This will be discussed extensively in an eyelash extensions class, but here's a sneak peek!

Benefits of Client Feedback on Your Business

You always consider your clients in all your business decision-making. You made many decisions from the beginning of building your lash bar because of your market research. Now that your eyelash extension business is already in operation, know your clients' pulse by acquiring feedback. You'll reap the benefits below in doing so. 

  • Create an after-service connection with clients.

Every lash artist aim to stay in touch with their clients even after the eyelash extensions service. One way to do this is by asking your clients to leave you feedback. You can have your first post-service interaction through feedback. 

When the clients leave good ratings, this is a good sign that you should continue staying in touch with them. Send them updates about your latest lash services or when you have special offers and discounts. Even average or low ratings are chances for you to connect with the client to look over the reason behind the low score they gave.

  • Maintain great services and work on areas for improvement.

Through the feedback, you'll learn which part of their whole experience they like the most and where else you can improve on. For instance, some clients may state that they love your lash bar ambiance, the hospitality of the lash artists, or how their lashes looked after the service. Through their feedback, you know that your objectives of giving quality services have been met.

On the other hand, when clients mention what's lacking in your services from the lack of lash aftercare products or as simple as having no free snacks before and after the service, you can immediately work on them. 

  • Build a loyal clientele.

Those who had a great experience with you will surely keep coming back. Clients can come back as often as a few weeks or even monthly for lash cleaning or to get their lash extensions done again for a lash extension service. 

Meanwhile, if clients leave suggestions on how to make your services better and see it done, there is also a high chance that they'll return to get another service. As you listen to feedback and think about which ones you should implement, you are slowly creating a lash business for the majority of the clientele; even newcomers will love it. 

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Tips on Getting Customer Feedback

A lot of great things can happen in simply hearing your customers out. You can get to know them deeper, continue the best practices in your business, and change what is not working to ensure you build patrons and keep new customers coming. 

Nevertheless, feedback acquisition is not always easy. It takes strategy and hard work to get the information you need, so we hope the tips below will simplify the process. 

#1: Utilize direct ways of getting feedback.

Surveys, emails, and interviews are some of the direct ways to get feedback from your customers. You can easily pitch how your customers can give you feedback into your post-lash service briefing. A client's feedback can be a lot of work for customers, so make sure to keep them short. This is to ensure they will finish everything, and you can get all the information you need. 

#2: Use indirect ways to get feedback.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to be too upfront in getting feedback, you can rely on social media and review sites. These methods are convenient for your clients as they can do it at their most convenient time. They are also most accessible and can be seen by other clients searching for your services. When the reviews are good and the ratings are high, they are instant advertisement and social proof of the great service you provide. 

#3: Gather as much feedback as you can.

Gathering as much feedback as you can ensures that you are creating action plans based on the responses of the majority of your clients. It would be unwise to make changes just because of a few comments. Since there are direct and indirect ways to gather feedback, it would be best to use them all. 

#4: Make sense of the data through the help of software. 

Focus your time and energy on creating quality lash extensions for your client and let the software handle the feedback acquisition and reporting. There are plenty of customer feedback applications and software you can use to generate surveys and interviews your customers can quickly fill out. The best part is to generate the data you get into easy-to-understand and actionable reports. 

#5: Create an action plan.

After making sense of the data you collected, make sure they do not remain as numbers and words but turn into actual changes in your lash bar. If there are comments about the ambiance, go for a lash bar revamp. If the warmth of the lash artists is pointed out, customer service training should happen as soon as possible. On the other hand, if there are great responses, point out the best practices so that you can continue them. 

Beauty Boss Academy's Eyelash Technician Training Program

Part of the answer on how to become a certified eyelash tech is to have impeccable customer service. Many graduates of a lash stylist course go freelance or put up a small lash bar business where client loyalty matters most. Build a lasting relationship with your clients. Make them feel they are listened to. Do your feedback acquisition the right way, so you can reap the benefits of getting feedback.If you are figuring out how to become an eyelash technician or asking how long to become lash technician, let us, here at Beauty Boss Academy, help you. We have a Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary training courses you can finish at your own pace. All courses are packed with information you need to secure excellent client feedback. We'd love to discuss the details with you if you are interested. Feel free to contact us! We'd love to hear from you!

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