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The Right Tools and Practice Make Perfect: Achieve Perfection Through the Help of an Eyelash Extension Course

Eyelash extensions provide length, volume, and thickness to natural lashes—making them look fuller and more fluttery. Your clients come to you to have better-looking eyes for a self-confidence boost, so the pressure is on! You’ll be working on a sensitive part of the body, and your client’s wellness will be up to you. You need to make your lash extension applications perfect, and you must be wondering how. The key is practice!

Let us help you in your goal to perfection by equipping you with the knowledge about the tools you’ll need and the different ways you can practice. Achieving perfection is easier than you think! Let’s begin. 

An Introduction to the Tools You’ll Need

Part of the knowledge eyelash extension courses will equip you with is the tools you’ll need for your professional service. It is interesting to note that tools are a part of client care modules, which means that having the right tools can directly affect your clients. With that, make sure you have a complete lash extension kit and know how each tool is used.

Here’s what you need for your kit:

Bubble bath cleanser: You can ensure that your clients have clean lashes through a lash bath and by using a lash friendly bubble bath cleanser. 

Cleansing wands: Use the cleansing wands to clean your client’s lashes. Gently brush the natural lashes downward to remove dirt, excess oils, and permanent makeup. 

Primer: On top of the bubble bath cleanser, also apply a primer on the lashes to ensure all dirt and excess oil that will affect lash extension quality are removed. 

Microtips: The microtips ensure that you can handle the more detailed application of the primer to avoid it from touching your client’s eyelids and going into the eyes. 

Isolation tweezers: Find isolation tweezers you can comfortably grip for you to properly isolate the natural lashes in preparation for lash extension application. 

Application tweezers: In the same way, look for rust-resistant but easy to grip application tweezers for you to apply each lash extension smoothly. 

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Lash trays: To be safe, it is best to have a supply of lash trays with lash extensions of different curls, thicknesses, and lengths to cater to the different needs of your clients. 

Practice lashes: The practice lashes mimic your clients' natural lashes, and these are the supplies you’ll need most in the practice stage. 

Tapes: You’ll need 3M tape you can use to keep the lower lashes from getting in the way of your work. There is also paper tape to pull the eyelids up for lash application. 

Adhesives: Have different types of adhesives that are hypoallergenic to avoid any irritation. Check its drying time to adjust your pace or know when you need to cool the room. 

Adhesive stickers: Applying too much adhesive is the reason why lashes stick together, but having lash stickers ensures you apply only the right amount. 

Debonder and remover: These are the products you will use to debond the eyelash glue and let the lash extensions smoothly fall off. Clients should never remove their lash extensions on their own. 

Fan, mirror, and scissors: These basic but extremely helpful tools ensure you have perfect visuals of the lashes, and you can cut the tape quickly during the service. 

Achieve Perfection: Different Ways to Practice

Now that you have all the tools you need, you are ready to practice! Join an eyelash extensions course to apply for lash extensions one after another for practice. But there are several ways to practice, as we outline below. 

The Magic of Mannequins

You can attach the practice lashes to the eyelids of the mannequin, add the 3M tape to outline instructions for lash extension application, and begin lashing. They are a good starter before you move on to real-life clients because you’ll get to practice applying lashes at a safe distance from the client's face, not leaning on the client’s forehead when applying lashes, and of course, lash isolation and application. 

Practice Lashes for the Win

If you haven’t invested in a mannequin just yet, don’t worry, as you can still practice without it. Lay your practice lashes on clean padding or even on a table, and begin lash isolation and application practice. Lash artists commonly do this activity while watching the videos from the eyelash extension training modules they are studying. 

In an eyelash extension Classic Course, Complementary Course, and Volume Course, beauty schools make sure to include videos showing proper lash isolation and application their students can copy. You can conveniently practice anywhere you are as long as you can play the video or keep your learnings in mind. 

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What Family and Friends Are For

Add spice and fun to your lash extension practice by involving supportive family and friends. Instead of mannequins, they will be your practice clients, so you can try applying lashes to real people. This is fun, but treat the practice lash application like a real session by doing these:

  • Sterilize all the tools you will use for the lash extension service.
  • Sanitize the lash room, including the bed, pillows, sheets, and blanket.
  • Keep the lash room clean and with proper humidity.
  • Apply all the knowledge you’ve learned from the lash extension training.

If you have tons of friends and supportive relatives, you can practice as much as you want!

Make Every Client Count

The great thing about lash extensions is that your skills are practiced and honed every time you do a service. The more clients you serve, the better you become. Although, in reality, lash services do not always run smoothly. You’ll face challenges now and then, but these problems will make you tougher and wiser, just like in life. So instead of fearing the worst-case scenarios, make sure to focus on the modules in your eyelash extension course online to know the solutions and fix the problems yourself. 

Beauty Boss Academy’s Eyelash Extension Course

You’ll need the right tools and a lot of practice to achieve perfection. With this guide, you’ll be on your way. Make sure you have the right tools with you, and always allot time to practice: whether on mannequins, through practice lashes, offering services to family and friends, or making the most of your professional services. All these instances can hone your skills and make you a better lash tech than you were yesterday. Let us help you achieve perfection by practicing through Beauty Boss Academy’s lash training courses. When you enrol for our Classic Course, you can also choose to get our Starter Kit, so you will be ready with your tools when you are out there! Interested? Feel free to contact us—we’d love to hear from you!

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