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Are Brown Eyelash Extensions the Next Big Thing?

Many people believe that eyelash extensions come in only one hue, but this is not true, sweetie! While black lashes are the go-to lash colour because of their versatility and natural-looking style, eyelash extensions are available in a range of different colours! 

Because of their natural appearance, brown eyelash extensions have grown increasingly popular nowadays. Why, you ask? It’s quite simple—because it turns out that not every lady enjoys all-out dramatic lashes, and certainly not as semi-permanent beauty enhancements. 

Eyelash extensions are ideal for women who want to highlight their eyes' attractiveness and expressiveness, but there’s an ideal colour or type for every client. For example, Brown lashes are popular with ladies who love a more natural look to accent their eyes while still getting the full volume and length that the more common lash extensions provide. On the other hand, perhaps you want to draw attention to your lovely eyes or achieve a more glamorous look for the summer. In any situation, brown eyelashes are the way to go!

Brown Eyelash Extensions: A Short Overview

Why brown eyelashes, exactly? What makes them different or even better than the standard black lashes? Actually, there are a variety of reasons why a client might prefer brown eyelashes over black. People get brown eyelashes for the same reason they get black or any other colour: they want their lashes to be thicker, more beautiful, and more luxurious, except the natural brown colour emulates softness, daintiness, and a delicate feminine touch to your overall look. 

So the real question is, “Why not brown eyelashes?”

Who Should Get Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Brown eyelash extensions

Ladies With Blonde and Red Hair

Although the technique allows for a variety of looks, the colour of the hair and skin is one of the most popular factors why ladies opt for this colour. The hue is incredibly natural and highlights the look's inherent charm. Brown eyelashes, we believe, are great for all sorts of clientele; however, the following three will appreciate them the most:

Light brown lash extensions give a more natural transition than black lash extensions because blonde and redhead clients' lashes are frequently lighter in colour. Women with red hair often also have lighter complexion; brown extensions are the most natural option to enhance your client's lash beauty if they are fair-skinned and have extremely light natural eyelashes.

Brown Haired Women

Brown eyelashes go well with brown or green eyes, and this stunning combination can really elevate the client’s look. Furthermore, synthetic hairs should be a couple of shades darker than actual hair in this scenario. This will aid in drawing attention to the look's beauty.

Women With Lighter Skin Tones

For women with lighter skin tones, brown eyelashes are an excellent choice. Brown lashes complement a person's lighter skin tone and warm makeup for a beautiful, harmonious, and stunning beauty look.

Older Clients

The natural eyelashes of most women beyond a certain age become thinner and weaker. And because they become more brittle as women age, losing their hydration and flexibility, it is common for ladies over the age of 50 to want to undergo this treatment. It’s an excellent solution for hiding lash gaps and bald areas on their lash line. But of course, you have to practice additional caution to keep the natural lashes on.

Brown eyelashes, in contrast to black, are more expressive and make sparse eyelashes more evident. But while they don’t offer that full lash effect, they make up for it with how naturally they blend in. They also soften and refresh the appearance, which brings a lady’s age down to a good number of years. Brown also gives an elegant appearance, which many elderly consumers desire.

New Customers

First-time clients are typically apprehensive about getting a dramatic lash. That said, brown eyelashes are perfect for folks who have never had eyelash extensions before. They even look great with no makeup.

Advantages of Eyelash Extensions in Brown

Brown lash extensions have a number of benefits:

  • The brown colour will give it a more youthful appearance.
  • It has the most natural appearance you can ever get with coloured eyelash extensions.
  • A lovely gradient is created with the lash extensions. Brown ombre eyelashes look natural and can be worn by a wide range of people.
  • Common types of brown eyelashes are only marginally visible.
  • Brown colours go well with both warm and cool makeup.

What About Eyelash Extensions in Black?

Although brown eyelashes have received a lot of attention, let's face it: black eyelash extensions provide a timeless style. Therefore, people should never feel compelled to obtain eyelash extensions of any other color. On the contrary, black eyelash extensions are a wonderful method to add volume and elegance to your eyelids and will always complement your skin tone and hair color.

On the other hand, black eyelash extensions are preferred by brunettes and dark-haired ladies since they appear more natural on them. However, stronger brown eyelashes will work for natural black-brown or lighter-colored hair.

Interesting Outcome: Mixing Black and Brown 50/50

A style created by combining black and brown lash extensions can be quite fascinating. You might not notice much of a difference between a 100% black lash look, but trust us when we tell you—the subtle brown tones that glimmer through the black eyelash extensions will hit differently when the light reaches the eyes. This will bring a whole new experience to each golden hour.

Makeup Looks for Brown Eyelashes

We recommend the following makeup tones for ladies who love a good brown eyelash:

  • Light brown
  • Pink and peach
  • Bronze or gold
  • Beige
  • Warm makeup tones in general

With brown lash extensions, we do not recommend using cool makeup tones. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, at the end of the day, it will always be a personal preference when it comes to choosing the perfect eyelash extension for you

It doesn't matter if you are light-skinned, dark-skinned, or olive-skinned because why should you hold back on your own personal style and say no to a quick confidence boost? Whether you want brown lash extensions or you prefer the black ones, as long as they make you feel comfortable in your own skin, then that's what really matters, sister!

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