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The BBA Experience: Where to Take Eyelash Extension Courses With the Best Resources?

You're about to make one of the most life-changing decisions: becoming a lash technician through an online course! It's an important goal for you, so you want to get the best experience possible. However, you're concerned about the quality of the learning materials.

We totally get your concern. After all, you can't ask the people in charge for assistance in person, so they can get away with it if they want to. It's not good to waste time or money on a subpar course, so we came over for help!

Where to take eyelash extension course training with great learning resources? Look no further than this post! We've compiled a comprehensive list of learning resources you'll need for online lash training based on Beauty Boss Academy's courses.

8 Learning Materials You Need to Make the Most of Your Eyelash Extension Certification Training

Learning materials are so important when taking an online lash course. It's a very detailed and technical profession. So be sure that the one you're taking can provide everything you need to understand and master lash artistry tools and techniques.

Here are eight types of learning materials we offer in our eyelash extension training courses that will help you evaluate your choices wisely.

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#1: Basic Learning Materials

Before anything else, you must first know the essentials of online course training. This factor lets you narrow down your choices; if one course lacks these basic materials, consider other options. But what exactly are these instructional materials?

Look for a syllabus outline, module overviews, a course schedule, activity instructions, instructor introductions or commentary, and evaluations. They must be detailed and easy to understand, especially if it targets beginners. These materials help set clear expectations about the course. Of course, BBA ensures these essentials are present in our courses!

#2: High-Quality Production Videos

The video content is the next thing to look for in a lash course. Lash extension techniques are hard to explain through text alone, and video demonstrations allow you to understand them better. Plus, lash extensions greatly emphasize the little details, so the videos must be clear enough when zooming in or focusing on them.

BBA's course modules have clear visuals, animations, lighting, sounds, and voiceovers. We want to be sure you are getting the best tutorials possible so you can easily understand the techniques and feel motivated to learn.

#3: Lash Manuals

We believe that lash courses should not be limited to digital resources. For this reason, we included a lash training manual in our lash kit to serve as a printed guide for the online training course. It is aesthetically designed with clear photos and graphics to help you visualize your future job better!

You can pull this gorgeous manual whenever you want to review certain lash techniques or procedures. If you're the type to highlight or take notes when studying, this will be a nice learning material to track your progress. Plus, it makes for an aesthetic coffee table book!

#4: Lash Extension Kit

The lash manual we just discussed is only one part of our Lash Starter Kit, which means there's more for you to receive! A lash extension kit is a must-have for hands-on learning. We've got you covered with all the necessary tools you will need, so you don't have to go through the trouble of collecting them yourself.

Examples of the most important tools an aspiring lash stylist should have are lash application and isolation tweezers, adhesive, primer, practice lashes, cleanser, cleansing wands, debonder, water-based remover, microtips, paper tape, and more.

eyelash certification course - woman holding lash extension tools on one hand

#5: Social Media Content

Social media is a fast and easy learning platform for many. You can learn many things from a quick search and scroll on your feed. Plus, most of the content is free! Meanwhile, it's also a powerful marketing tool for businesses, especially the beauty industry. A well-marketed social media post is accessible and shareable, which is why it can get viral quickly.

To help you start on your lash learning journey, we provide free and quick updates, content, and other resources on three social platforms. You can find us sharing lash content on a Facebook group, YouTube, and Instagram. We post everything from short, informative lashing videos to useful tips!

#6: Quizzes

Naturally, a learning course must have quizzes, exams, or assignments in between to ensure you understand everything covered. These will help you and your instructor(s) identify strengths and room for improvement. Quizzes also promote healthy competition, encouraging you to work harder to improve your knowledge and skills.

Our lash courses have mini written and video quizzes, practice time on false lashes, and a practical final exam. We believe these exams will help ensure you've mastered the lash application foundations. We want you to be fully ready to become a lash boss, but don't forget to have fun while embarking on this journey! 

#7: VIP Community

When enrolling in an online lash course, you might be concerned about the lack of support. It's easy for instructors to ignore or not pay you enough attention, unlike in face-to-face classes. For this reason, the learning materials for your prospect course must provide adequate support for your inquiries and concerns.

That's one of the top merits we have here at Beauty Boss Academy. Upon enrolling in any of our courses, we invite you to a VIP community where you can connect with other students, your instructors, and the BBA team. Feel free to drop a question about anything and everything lashes!

#8: Expert Advice

A good eyelash extension training course will have instructors who are highly knowledgeable and hands-on with the course subject. Otherwise, you'll only waste time and effort on unsatisfactory lash extension training. So be sure to do a background check on the instructors behind your prospect course before officially joining them.

Here at BBA, our instructors are 100% lash and beauty professionals! We have a lash expert, a professionally trained makeup artist, and a licensed hairstylist to guide you. Our expert advice is honest and thorough but easy to digest; we also make sure to be as helpful and encouraging as possible as you take your journey to a successful lash business.

Begin Your Lash Journey With a Resource-Packed Eyelash Certification Course

Instructional materials are the heart and soul of a training course. They are everything you will need to master the art of lash extensions and become a successful lash artist. This is especially crucial for the detail-oriented and technical lash industry; it needs as much visual and hands-on experience as possible so any student can understand all the theories and techniques involved.

Otherwise, you can't apply what you've learned in a real-life setting. So don't forget to review our eight-point learning material checklist when looking for prospect courses. However, you can spare yourself from the hassle and consider enrolling in Beauty Boss Academy instead!

We offer comprehensive eyelash extension training with high-quality learning materials and experienced instructors capable of helping you reach your full potential as an eyelash technician. You can assure we're committed to helping you become the successful beauty entrepreneur you've always dreamed of!

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