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Should You Wear Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

You deserve to look your absolute best! Whether lounging around your living room at home or on a night out with friends, you have the right to feel and be beautiful. You can bring out the best of your alluring eyes and impress everyone around you with a few brush strokes and some lash extensions. But you might ask yourself: “Do mascara and lash extensions mix?”

Find out whether you should wear mascara with eyelash extensions by reading the article below!

Can You Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

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Eye makeup like mascara can drastically change the way your eyes look. So it only makes sense to apply it even when you got new eyelash extensions on, right? The answer may not be as straightforward as you would have thought. For instance, mascara can damage the adhesives that hold your eyelash extensions in place, but some lash types can be an exception.

Why You Should

Change the Way Your Lash Extension Looks

After your trip to the lash studio, you may still find your newly applied classic lash extensions a bit lacking. Fortunately, you can make some changes using a mascara brush. You can wear oil-free and water-based mascara on classic lash extensions if you want them thicker and longer. But of course, it’s best to talk to your lash artist on aftercare to ensure your new extensions are compatible with these eye products.

Promote the Growth Of Your Natural Lash

Some mascaras promote natural lash growth with ingredients that keep your natural eyelashes healthy. For example, peptides can strengthen your eyelashes, helping them become more resistant to damage. Another type of peptide can lend a shiny look to your eyelashes. Just be sure to keep your lash extensions away from any oil-based ingredients.

Delay Your Next Appointment Slightly

If you can’t go to the lash studio right now for a refill on your classic lash extensions, you can delay your much-needed appointment by applying mascara. A coat or two of water-based mascara can fix your eyelashes, moving your visit to your lash technician by a day. But remember that applying mascara to eyelash extensions as a delaying tactic should only be a temporary solution.

Why You Should Not

Premature Falling

Many types of mascara have ingredients that can deteriorate the bond between your eyelash extensions and natural lashes. When these ingredients come into contact with your eyelash extensions, they can weaken the adhesive and make your eyelash extensions fall sooner. If you are determined to wear mascaras with eyelash extensions, watch out for mascaras with oil.

Mascara Can Make Your Eyelashes Droop

Even without eyelash extensions, mascaras already feel slightly heavy on your natural eyelashes. They add considerable weight to your eyelash extensions, making them droop. The longer your eyelash extensions are, the effects of the additional weight from the mascara will be more pronounced. Consider the amount of mascara you use if you have extensions.

Mascaras Can Reveal Your Lash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions look the best despite their simplicity. Despite adding length and curls to your natural eyelashes, they don’t look artificial. However, when you add a layer of mascara to your eyelash extensions, the illusion of lengthy lashes can disappear. So if you don’t want to break this pronounced but natural illusion, it’s best to just stay away from mascaras.

Which Kinds Of Mascara Should I Avoid?

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You can certainly wear mascara while having classic eyelash extensions, but make sure you’re applying the right kind with non-harmful ingredients. If you insist on applying mascara to your eyelash extensions, you should know which mascara to avoid. In the following section, we will tackle the types of mascara you should steer clear of.

Waterproof Mascara

When the temperature is heating up, you may sweat and damage your mascara. That’s why some mascara manufacturers offer waterproof mascara that resists water damage. Waterproof mascara does this thanks to its key component, Teflon. However, this ingredient also dries your natural lashes and makes them brittle. So don’t risk losing your natural lashes for a tiny difference in your look.

Oil-Based Mascara

Oil-based mascaras can be healthy for your natural eyelashes, depending on what kind of oil they contain. However, these same mascaras can be harmful to your eyelash extensions. Certain types of oil in oil-based mascaras can interact with the adhesive that bonds the extensions with your natural lashes. 

Tubing Mascara

A tubing mascara works differently compared to the first two. Unlike conventional ones, tubing mascaras wrap around individual eyelashes and form a tube around them. If you’re ever worried about your mascara getting ruined during the day, this approach prevents that from happening. Unfortunately, tubing mascaras can also harm your eyelash extensions.

Fibre Mascara

Many prefer fibre mascaras to make their eyelashes thicker. Fibre mascaras, as the name implies, are made of tiny fibres that stick to your eyelashes, making them look fuller. However, this mascara is prone to flaking and hard to remove. Once you remove your fibre mascaras, your eyelash extensions might go along with them.

The Bottom Line

Wearing mascara with your eyelash extensions might be an alluring option, but you should be aware of the risks involved. While mascara can maximize your eyelash enhancements, the wrong type of mascara can ruin both your natural and extended lashes. If you insist on applying mascara on your false eyelashes, research and enroll in a lash course to mitigate the risks.

If you wish to know more about eyelash extensions, take the Classic lash course from Beauty Boss Academy today!

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