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Volume Lash Training (Online): A Closer Look At The Different Types Of Lash Extensions

Correctly applying lash extensions is one of the keys to increasing your customer base and bottom line. With several different types of lash extension services, ensuring that you have the proper knowledge and putting it to practice with actual clients is needed to establish credibility. 

The beauty of attending eyelash volume training is that you’ll get all the details about lash types and have hands-on practice to enhance your skills. Let us help you relate to topics discussed in a volume lash course faster. We’ll take a closer look at the four most popular lash extension types: classic, volume, hybrid, and mega volume. We'll also explore why these four are so sought-after by clients. 

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions are highly regarded and talked about because they balance lash volume enhancement while maintaining simple and a natural look. It is a good start for beauty enthusiasts who do not want to attract too much attention with their lashes. It is the eyelash your clients would like to have for running day-to-day errands with beauty and style. 

Despite its simplicity, the application of classic lash extensions still requires an eye for detail and a lot of skill. Lash technicians like you should isolate each natural lash before attaching a single lash extension. 

You should also know the different lash styles like doll eyes, cat eyes, or butterfly that you can recommend to your client. It would help you have professional knowledge about these topics by getting a volume lash certification, so your recommendations and classic lash extension application are backed by eyelash training.

Volume Lash Extensions

The volume lash extension is a level up of the classic lash. From a 1:1 ratio of natural and lash extension, volume lash levels up to 1:2 or 1:3. As a result, it gives a fuller look to your eyelashes. There is no need to worry about heavy lashes as the extensions for volume lashes are designed to be lighter. It is the lash type best for individuals who often attend events and need a little glamour for their eyes. 

The volume lash extension has its application challenges. As a lash technician, you need to pick only the healthy lashes to attach the extensions to. It is best not to apply lash extension on baby lashes as they are too weak and may ruin the style once they grow in four to five weeks. You’ll learn this and more in your training.

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Hybrid Lash Extensions

As the name suggests, hybrid lash extensions are the combination of classic and volume types. Experts follow the ratio of 70 classic lashes:30 volume or 50:50. The ratio ensures that the lashes don’t look as full as a volume set, but are thicker than a classic set. 

The advantage of picking the hybrid lash extension is that it gives a staggered look—a good break from classic and volume lash steadiness. For clients looking for something more eye-catching than a set of classic lash extensions, but are hesitant to go for a volume lash, hybrid extensions are the best recommendation. 

You’ll learn the proper lash application, the correct classic and volume lash ratio, and techniques to create staggered-looking lashes in your training.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Does the word “mega” scare or excite you? As a lash technician, this sure sounds like a lot of work. Still, you’ll encounter adventurous clients who want to try the mega volume lash because they need it in their line of work or they are fearless in fashion. With this, your knowledge and skills on doing mega volume lash extensions would greatly help.

This extension is an evolution of the volume lash extension. If the required lash extension in volume is 1:2 or 3, you’ll need to attach 4 to 8 lashes to each natural lash for mega volume. Despite the “mega” description, your clients won’t be uncomfortable because of the thinner and lighter extensions. 

Once the discussion about this style begins in your lash course, make sure to pay attention and get as much hands-on practice as you can to properly apply it on your clients.

Ready For Volume Lash Training (Online)?

Whether you are a freelance lash technician or a business owner of a beauty and wellness establishment, you’ll reap the benefits of knowing these types of extensions. Good thing training is now available in both face-to-face and online setups!

If you have the time and there are lash training centers near you, the former would be a great choice. But for individuals with jam-packed schedules, online volume lash certification is available, now more than ever.

If the latter is for you, let us assist you with learning the basics or leveling up your skills here at Beauty Boss Academy!

Beauty Boss Academy’s Courses

It takes only a single step for you to start learning about classic, volume, hybrid, and mega volume lash extensions. Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we offer classic and complementary courses. You’ll learn the basics about lash extensions in the 12 modules included in our Classic Course. 

If you need to level up your lash technician skills, we recommend the Complimentary Course. It covers more advanced topics for trained lash artists. The best part about these courses is you can take them all online! Study at your own pace and in your own time. You’ll get training and knowledge from experts nevertheless.

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