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8 Must-Have Tools in Your Volume Lash Extension Kit

Imagine cutting someone's hair using fabric scissors or wiping an LCD screen with toilet paper. That sounds absurd and, not to mention, hazardous! It's the same thing for lash technicians. Our job requires safety and precision, so it's essential to have the right tools.

Having the right quality lash supplies can save you time and finances in the long run. Moreover, it will help you provide the best quality service to your clients. 

In this article, we'll discuss the must-have tools in your volume lash extension kit to achieve the dramatic lash effect everyone's been talking about.

8 Tools to Have in Your Volume Professional Eyelash Extension Kit

Volume lashing is an advanced lash technique. Unlike classic lashes, it requires multiple lash extensions on a single natural eyelash. It's perfect for clients with fewer lashes who want to put more lash volume in a dramatic, glamorous way.

The tools you will use for this technique also differ, albeit not much. It's just like your Classic Course eyelash extensions kit but fewer. This time, we'll only highlight the most important supplies to get you started. Ready to take notes?

eyelash extension kit - straight-tip tweezer

#1: Isolation Tweezers

Isolation tweezers are a lash industry basic, so they should always be in the kit, no matter the technique. This tweezer features a straight, thin edge that lets you go deeper and easier into the lash line.

In volume lashing, you use isolation tweezers for the following tasks.

  • Scanning the natural lashes, especially spotting the thickest and strongest ones
  • Pushing the surrounding lashes apart to apply the extensions properly
  • Fixing and separating lower-layer lashes trapped up with the secured ones
  • Gripping the tip of a volume fan or bottom of a natural lash
  • Removing lash extensions in full eyelash extension set removals

Pro Tip: Don't push the sharp tips of your tweezers onto the eye patch too hard, as it can hurt your client.  

#2: Application Tweezers

You'll often use an application tweezer with an isolation tweezer to complete a lash procedure. Application tweezers, as their name suggests, are used to apply lash extensions. Unlike isolation tweezers, this one has a curved tip.

Use application tweezers for the following volume lash tasks.

  • Grabbing all the lash extensions you need for the volume fan
  • Adjusting the extensions in different motions (e.g., farther outwards or towards your body)
  • Scratching the lash base to form a volume fan
  • Opening the extensions into a volume fan and adjusting their width
  • Pressing the lashes back onto the strip lash tightly to secure their placement
  • Peeling the fan off one lash at a time in individual fan removals
  • Dipping into a debonder for lash removals

Pro Tip: It's important to find your application tweezer's "sweet spot." It's the part of the tool with the tightest grip, which is useful in picking and holding volume fans to keep their shape.

#3: Sponge Pads

Do you struggle with applying neat lash extensions or base attachments? You can use sponge pads as your practice tools for that. Simply attach lashes on them and apply specific diameters to make it seem like you're working on a real person.

#4: Adhesive

Of course, a lash kit is incomplete without adhesives. It's a liquid tool that bonds the lash extensions to the natural lashes. All you have to do is dip the bottom of the fibres before applying it on top of the natural lash.

Pro Tip 1: If your client can't use a regular adhesive, use a low-sensitivity adhesive. It has a reduced amount of Cyanoacrylate that helps minimize allergic reactions to sensitive eyes.

Prot Tip 2: When dipping volume fans, remember that the adhesive bond needs to be short for the fan to open wide. This is different from classic lash extensions, which need the bond to be as long as possible.

#5: Lash Extensions

We can't call it a lash extension kit without the actual lash extensions! So be sure to get sets of volume lashes with exceptional quality. It is also best to have a more natural, bold, and soft set instead of shiny and plasticky ones. 

If you have no idea how to buy good ones, seek advice from trusted professional volume lash course instructors or lash communities!

eyelash extensions kit - closeup of woman’s closed eye with makeup

#6: False Practice Lashes

Here's another practice tool to partner with your sponge pads: a false eyelash set! If you need to hone your skills for a specific technique or procedure, use these fake lashes and avoid wasting your client's investment.

#7: Adhesive Palette or Stickers

Are you struggling to keep your volume fan dips and lash glue holder clean? In that case, you may use an adhesive palette or sticker to prevent adhesive leakage. It will also make cleaning faster once you're done with the application.

#8: Mannequin Head or Stone Coaster

Lastly, every lash artist should have a mannequin head in their starter lash kit. This is crucial for beginners, but even experienced lash techs can have one for continuous learning experiences. You can use it for different artistic applications, but it's more popular as a practice tool in the beauty industry.

You can also use a stone coaster. This is like a sponge pad but with a hard structure. It keeps your lash adhesive at cool room temperature, so it dries slowly and doesn't prompt you to rush the process.

Quality Tools: The Secret to a Successful Volume Lash Makeover

Volume lashing might initially seem daunting because it's an advanced lash extension technique. You might think it requires complicated tools and processes, which isn't completely wrong. 

However, once you learn about classic lashes, you'll find that they use almost the same tools. The application, on the other hand, is where most of the differences lie. Volume lashes have different procedures, from putting multiple extensions on an individual lash to dipping them into the adhesive.

But don't worry; that's not something you can't master! Join The Volume Course by Beauty Boss Academy today and allow us to help you become the volume lash boss you aspire to be!

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