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The Perfect Types of Lash Extensions for Every Eye Shape

Lash extensions are a popular alternative to wearing mascara. They give your lashes that full, wide-eyed look without frequently needing to apply any eye makeup. These semi-permanent eyelash extensions are typically made from synthetic fibers you can apply individually onto each lash with a special adhesive. Getting them is an excellent way to have thicker lashes—a longer-lasting alternative to falsies.

If you want to book an appointment or become a lash extensions technician, it's important to understand which type of extension is best suited for you. Keep in mind that no two sets of eyes are alike, so not all types of lash extensions will look good on everyone. Different eye shapes call for different types of lash extensions styles to create the most flattering and natural-looking effect.

Here is a guide to choosing the perfect eyelash extensions depending on every eye shape!

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

Before getting lash extensions, you should know all your options so that you can choose which ones fit your preferences perfectly. To get a clear picture, let’s take a close look at the differences between each lash extension type!

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions are popular for their natural look even after application. It’s because they’re made of real mink fur. They don’t weigh your natural lashes down because they are light and thin. Typically used as a classic eyelash extension, the mink lash has a glossy finish, and you can easily layer it!

If you’re not comfortable using animal fur for your extensions, you can opt for faux mink eyelash extensions. They’re just as soft as actual mink fur, have a really good quality, and cost less. It’s also more convenient to use them because they don’t lose their curls even if they get wet!

Sable Eyelash Extensions

These lash extensions come from sables, forest animals found in Russia and Siberia. Sable eyelash extensions are closely similar to mink eyelash extensions, but they are softer, thinner, and finer lashes. They’re perfect for people who are not used to wearing heavy and thick extensions, and they won’t cause your eyelids to droop.

While these extensions are popular for their fine finish and natural appearance, producing sable fur may be more difficult as they are exotic animals, just like minks. You can track where the product was created and whether they’re sourced cruelty-free or not or simply opt for synthetic options like silk!

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are the best for a fuller and more dramatic finish. These synthetic eyelash extensions have more space between each strand and a semi-matte appearance. With their features, you can create a discreet yet bold look for your eyes. Furthermore, silk eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers derived from polyester, so they are durable yet natural-looking. You also don’t have to worry about them causing redness and irritation, which are more likely with animal fur.

types of lash extensions styles – different eye shapes

How to Choose the Right Types of Lash Extensions Styles

When choosing the right eyelash extension, you should know about all the factors you need to consider in getting the perfect fit. Here are tips you can learn from a lash technician course on how to choose the best type and style of lash extension for you. These tips are based on the most important factor you should consider, which is your eye shape.

Almond-Shaped Eyes

This eye shape is considered the most symmetrical and can complement any lash styling. Almond-shaped eyes have a visible crease in the eyelids, and the width of the eyes is longer than their height. Because of this, you should place the longest eyelash extensions in the middle of your lash line to emphasize your eyes. You may also want to refrain from adding extensions around the corners of your eyes to avoid weighing down your natural eye shape.

Round Eyes

When you have prominent, round eyes, the crease beneath your eyes stands out. You should be careful when choosing extensions because the wrong style can make your eyes look constantly surprised. The best styles for you are ones that elongate your eye corners. You should place the longest eyelash extensions at the outer corners of your eyes and place the shortest, thicker lashes at the inner corners.

Monolid Eyes

Having hidden eyelids is common for people with East Asian heritage. This eye shape makes your natural lash lines an important focal point. Styles that make your eyes look more open and your natural lash lines lighter are most suitable for you. You should place longer lashes from the center to the outer section of your eyes to make them look bigger.

Hooded Eyes

Closely similar to monolid eyes, hooded eyes have a heavy brow bone structure that makes their eyelids look like they’re swallowing the lash lines underneath them. The features result in smaller-looking eyes. However, unlike monolids with hidden eyelids, they have a slight crease. Placing longer eyelash extensions in the middle will help create a lash lift effect and show your lash lines.

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are prominent because they are large and round. They are also sitting further forward in the inner eye corner. Thus, you must aim to make your eyes look softer instead of adding length or volume. Among the types of lash extensions, classic, shorter lash extensions are recommended for people with this eye shape.

Wide-Set Eyes

People with wide-set eyes should focus on making the prominent gap between their eyes look more balanced. Avoid curly or overly straight extensions that make your eyes look farther apart. Instead, you should choose lash extensions with natural-looking curls. Place the shorter ones in the corners and the longest ones in the middle.

Close-Set Eyes

It is best to choose extension styles that create the cat-eye effect for people with eyes placed closely beside each other. Doing this will help make your eyes look wider yet softer. Ensure that the lash extensions are longest at the corners to draw attention to them. You can also apply thicker mascara to those areas to make them look thicker.

Upturned Eyes

Picking the wrong lash extensions when you have outer eye corners that sit a bit higher than your inner eye corners can create a flat appearance. Thus, we recommend placing longer extensions towards your outer eye corners to complement your natural eye shape.

Downturned Eyes

Opposite to upturned eyes, downturned eyes have inner eye corners that sit slightly higher than their outer eye corners. Cat-eye styles are most flattering for this eye shape because it creates the illusion of lifting your outer eye corners. The lash curl is also important to help balance the shape of your eyes.

types of eyelash extensions – eyelash extension guide about the different types of false eyelashes

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Your tolerance for upkeep
  • The length, volume, curl, and color of your natural lashes
  • Your eye colors
  • Your allergies or sensitivities to certain materials

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just interested in finding the perfect extensions for you or want to become a pro lash artist, it’s important to know about the basics of lash extensions. Learn more about the fastest-growing beauty industry through a classic lash technician course, and who knows? You might find your passions while doing so!

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