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5 Things You'll Learn From Lash Technician Training

Are you planning to pursue a beautician career? Do you want to start your own lash bar business? Whatever your reasons may be, it’s a good investment to enroll in lash technician training first. It doesn’t matter whether you have some initial background about it or not because these training sessions are for everyone. 

Yes! Everybody is welcome to take an eyelash training course— whether you have a full-time job or you’re a student, there's a perfect place for you to learn everything about lashes!

This article will talk about what you'll learn when you enroll in an eyelash technician training program. If you're still unsure if it's worth enrolling in these courses, here's a quick overview of what you'll learn:

1. Eye and Eyelash Theory

Eyelash training is not only focused on skills because you’ll also know more about the theories behind it. Since you need certification for it, you have to learn the basic eye anatomy and physiology. You may think this is not important, but it's all part of the basic training. These lessons, however, won't be focusing much on the advanced concepts. Instead, you'll know just enough to aid you in learning more about eyelashes.

Aside from the anatomy, you will also learn the common eye conditions that would prompt some contraindications. As a lash technologist, you should know how to assess whether a client can get eyelash extensions or not. You are dealing with a sensitive part of the eye, so safety must always come first.

2. Disinfection and Prevention of Cross-Contamination

When working with eyelashes, you have to be careful with the application of extensions. Lash technician training will include proper hand washing and disinfection of tools. All of these are geared towards the appropriate and standardized way of putting on lash extensions.

You should also know how to avoid cross-contamination between different materials and the human body. This is a commonly overlooked practice that's primarily tackled in these training programs. You're expected to know how to properly employ these safety practices as you finish your lash training so you can maintain a clean working environment. 

3. Hands-on Eyelash Applications

After knowing the basics of eyelash anatomy and safety practices, it's now time to hone your application skills. Of course, in an eyelash extension training course, you're going to train with your hands. After all, lash application is a skill. You'll be given a mannequin drill and tools so you can practice it.

You're going to learn how to create a basic frame and design, along with using various eyelash extension types, curvatures, and diameters. Since lectures are all delivered online, you can access them at your most comfortable time and replay them anytime you want to. In addition, the videos will showcase how you're going to pick up each lash, coat, and attach them to the lids properly. 

Eyelash extensions may also be attached with different techniques. You can place it from the side, top, bottom, or wrap it around the area. Attachment techniques will cover lessons on how to avoid hanging, loose, or broken lash bases. You'll know the golden style of how to make lash extensions blend well with a client's natural eyelashes.

The hands-on eyelash methods will be shown through video lectures. First, however, you have to make an effort to practice these. After all, you'll only get good as long as you practice consistently.

client management

4. Client Management and Consultation

Knowing the ins and outs of eyelash application is one thing— dealing with clients is another. Eyelash application is a service-oriented business. You'll see if you've done a great job based on your client's feedback. 

Client consultation is an important part of the eyelash extension application process. You'll learn how to thoroughly assess the client's natural eyelashes and customizing extensions depending on their lifestyle. 

Lash technician training programs also discuss how you can effectively talk to your customer. This will cover how to explain which eyelash style fits their eye type perfectly, aftercare management, and possibly, why they cannot get eyelash extensions due to the state of their eyes. Managing your customer's expectations is an essential part of the job, hence, these are included in the training programs. 

5. Starting Up a Lash Business

Not all lash technician training programs offer lessons on how you can build your own lash business. Most programs only introduce how you can get certified and make money from it. However, only a few discuss how you can make this your own business.

At Beauty Boss Academy, one of our goals is to connect beauty and business. We understand building a business is a risk. This is why we created a community based on empowering like-minded people. You'll have access to industry experts who know what you should prioritize when you're starting.

Don't limit yourself by focusing on simply getting certified. Instead, extend your capabilities even further by developing your own brand!

Final Thoughts: It's Worth Enrolling In a Lash Technician Training Course

Imagine this: you're learning the technicalities of eyelash application, along with its execution, get certification from it, AND how you can start your own lash business all in one course. You get to do all of these at your most comfortable pace. You have the option to take the lessons anytime and anywhere you want. 

Only a few institutions are offering these program inclusions. So stop looking for "lash training near me"  because Beauty Boss Academy is the right place to be. Enroll with "The Classic Course" today and be the boss that you are!

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