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Lash Tech Training: Set Your Expectations About the Things You'll Learn

Did you know that eyelash extensions search volume skyrocketed in 2019? According to Google, the search term ‘eyelash extensions’ has reached 100% search volume in 2019 and is still one of today's top keywords. Such data validates the continuous growth of the eyelash industry. Everybody wants to look great and false eyelashes are one of the easiest and affordable ways to look beautiful.

Lash technicians are still in demand today. If you want to join the club and bring happiness and satisfaction to others through long eyelashes, you need extensive training and techniques. And if you really put your heart into it, lash tech training can be your key to financial freedom.

Are you wondering about the content of a lash technician training? You are lucky to stumble upon this article. Dig deeper and let us set your expectations before you train to become an effective lash technician.

Online Training and the Lash Tech Training Course

There are two ways you can receive your lash tech training: You may attend an in-person training that is an engaging, dynamic, and interactive format or enroll in lash tech training online, which is safer, convenient, and more affordable. 

You will still learn the essential modules that can mold you into an effective lash technician, no matter what format you select. Beauty Boss Academy, for one, offers the perfect program for aspiring lash technicians. The company syndicated Lash Boss Academy, which provides the classic lash extension course and a more advanced complimentary lash extension course in an online format. Once you complete the classic and complimentary lash course, your next move is learning advanced lash styling courses such as Kim K styling, perfect line, and eyeliner effect, to name a few.

You will learn about the following modules in the eyelash technician course:

  • Protecting yourself and your clients' health and well-being with proper sanitation, sterilization, and safety
  • Learning more about the eye's anatomy and different eye conditions
  • Setting up your clinic that includes the tools you need to use
  • Conducting client interviews and consultation
  • Knowing eyelashes more with the help of curl theory, lash styling, and prep
  • Using adhesives correctly for the application of eyelashes and aftercare

The lash training is very vital because it will help you in certification and licensure purposes.

The Lash Tech Training Kit

When you enroll or subscribe to a lash tech training program, you must have a training kit. You can buy the training kit with your training provider, or you can purchase your own. If you are planning to DIY, here is the checklist of the essential tools you need for the lash tech training:

  • Application and Isolation Tweezers
  • Bubble Bath Cleanser
  • Primer
  • Lash Trays (C, CC, D)
  • Practice Lashes
  • 3M Foam and Paper Tapes
  • Adhesive and Stickers
  • Debonder
  • Remover
  • Mascara and Cleansing Wands
  • Microtips
  • Fan
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

There you go! All you have to do is to select the best beauty academy to begin your lash tech training.

Moving Forward

With the overwhelming growth and popularity of eyelash extensions services, competition is fierce, and you have to take lash tech training seriously. The training will give you the foundations, and you need to select the best training center that will mold you as a formidable lash technician.

Aside from the training, do your homework and research more on adequate techniques that will set you apart from your peers.
Unleash the promising lash technician inside you with Beauty Boss Academy!

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