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Before You Take That Eyelash Course Online Here’s Your Partner’s Guide to Understanding Your Passion For Lashes

You think your partner doesn’t notice certain things you do. Things like putting on a nice outfit, wearing makeup, or even applying awesome eyelashes. This concerns you because not noticing means there’s no opportunity for your partner to offer support. And you’re worried that this lack of support will matter when you decide to take a Classic Eyelash Course.

Supportive partners make us more likely to succeed. That’s why it’s important to get your partner on board. Don’t fret, we’re laying down the truths about your eyelash passion to help you get your partner to support you the way we do. So snuggle together on a comfy couch, open a bottle of wine, and read this together.

For You: Your Partner Does Notice, You Just Don’t Involve Them Enough

You’re convinced your partner doesn’t notice your beautiful eyelashes. It’s frustrating considering how much effort you’ve put in just to put these lashes on. And your partner is sitting there reading this in silence, thinking that there are several reasons why this is so. Well, here are some of the reasons you need to know in order to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

They prefer the “natural look”.

Very few people like too much makeup. The rationale, according to this scientific study, is that people who wear too much makeup are conforming to a standard of beauty that is nonexistent. But that doesn’t mean wearing absolutely no makeup though, because according to the same study, both men and women prefer the subject with 40% less makeup on. That’s synonymous to what is commonly called the “natural look.”

So yes, your partner may prefer a more natural face. How does this apply to your eyelashes, you ask? Well, your partner may classify your eyelashes as part of the whole “makeup” ensemble because they can’t tell the nuances. That’s why the “natural look” applies to your lashes as well, and you might be messing up the balance that makes it look natural enough to be noticed in a good way. Which brings us to the next reason.

They notice, especially if it looks inauthentic.

Your partner does notice, but only in instances when it looks bad, and especially if it’s up close. But your partner cares about your feelings so they would rather just keep their lips shut than say anything. That’s why you don’t think they notice. But they do.

Despite the lack of attention to your beauty and efforts, we bet you’ve experienced moments when you see your partner stare at your eyes a little longer than usual. When that happens, they happily admit that you look beautiful. They even get that semi-confused look on their faces from not knowing exactly what you’ve changed. That’s because you did something right—an artful balance of beauty and craft. Often, when they do take notice, they’re going to want to know what’s involved. And that’s where you take the opportunity to communicate and help them understand your passion.

They notice your hustle, too. 

The same behavior spills over to other things. Yes, they notice you exhibiting your passion for lashes and your eagerness to take it to a professional place. But maybe they don’t see enough of the good stuff. Communicating tactfully and letting them know why you like lashes and want to make a hustle out of it is a move that gives you an opportunity to involve them, and that’s when they’ll really start to take notice and care.

The eyelash course online will be your ticket to a profitable career

For Your Partner: Here’s Why You Need To Take Notice

This is for the partners of beauty bosses who are reading this with them. Now that we’ve helped you communicate why you don’t verbalize whenever you notice, it’s time for you to do your part as a supportive partner. Here are some things you need to understand as to why you need to support your future lash artist and entrepreneur.

They are passionate about it and really want to pursue it professionally.

Have you ever wanted something so deeply that you felt miserable when you didn’t get it? Well, it works the same for your partner. Their passion lies in lashing, and a supportive partner would put themselves in their partner’s shoes and realize that this is one of the most important things in their life, instead of dismissing it as a frivolous hobby.

It can be a profitable occupation.

Let’s talk numbers, because those may be enough to get you to support your partner. Just imagine having an extra $72,000.00 of annual revenue that you and your partner can use. All it really takes is for your partner to become a certified eyelash technician. That’s made possible by supporting them in enrolling in a lash certification course online.

It has its challenges.

Your partner will definitely experience challenges along the way after completing the eyelash extension course online. Challenges like finding and retaining clients, possibly scouting a place to rent out, and buying supplies. It will be a big help if you’re there to support them.

There’s something you can do to ease things along.

Your aspiring professional lash artist won’t be demanding too much. All they really need is your support; to be their cheerleader when the time comes. But you can go the extra mile and actively help them out, too. Perhaps you can help them expand their skill set by enrolling them in an eyelash lift course online or by referring potential clients to them. The possibilities for support come in many forms, and all of them will be appreciated by your partner.

For Both of You: Eyelash Extension Courses Online

Now that both of you are on the same page, it’s time to find a school that trains lash extension specialists. Not just any school; it must be a school that creates a community of like-minded, passionate individuals. That school is the Beauty Boss Academy.

BBA not only offers certification courses, it offers you a family that will support and empower you to go out there and succeed! The best part is, your support system stays in place even after you’ve completed your course.

Eventually, once you and your partner have talked it through, you can enroll in a basic eyelash extension course. Here’s what you need to know before you enroll.

It’s called the Classic Course.

This is an eyelash course online that gives comprehensive lash extension training and education for those who want to go from beginner to pro. It contains all the latest knowledge about lash technology and eyelash extension application. You’ll be learning subjects like sanitation and safety, eye anatomy, lash styling, and the entire process of applying lash extensions. The Classic Course teaches you the fundamentals before you move on to a more advanced Volume Course, which teaches you how to apply dense lashes for dramatic effect. 

The great news is that the Classic Course doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree or any knowledge as a prerequisite. Even an ultimate lash beginner can enrol in this lash course.

It’s self-paced and 100% online.

Our Classic Eyelash Extension Course is 100% online. The modules and video instructions for classic lashing are all high-quality, and are led by a professional lash expert and lash salon owner.

There’s a VIP network of professionals to tap.

As you start out with your lash styling gig you’re going to need a network. In the business of beauty, it pays to know people who can help you out professionally so you can grow as a lash technician and as a businessperson. That’s what enrolling in Beauty Boss Academy’s Classic Course offers.

You’ll have ongoing support.

One of the things that make the Classic Course the best is the support you get. It’s hard to set out on your own, so the course will include access to a community of professionals and fellow beauty bosses who can provide genuine support and offer insights from their own field notes. 

This support doesn’t end with the course either! After getting your certification, you’ll still be a part of the Beauty Boss Academy family, so that you can interact, grow your knowledge, and network with past and future beauty bosses alike. Talk about finding friends for life!

You’ll have complete access to resources.

An online training manual will be provided to you along with the course. You’ll also have access to other downloadable resources. If you feel like you need a quick refresher after you get your certificate, there’s a Classic Refresher lash certification course you can take to get you up to speed, completely for free. There will also be other eyebrow and eyelash courses online that will be available to you in the future should you decide to expand your knowledge and service offerings.

We’re All On Board with Your Beauty Boss Success

Your success as an eyelash expert matters. Not only to you but to your beauty boss colleagues who share the same passion for lashes as you. Now that your partner understands and is also on board, you can be secure and confident in taking the first step to do what you love as well and follow through to the end. We’ve got your back, so get into the Classic Course and start a rewarding venture. Know that we’re all rooting for you to succeed!

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