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Style 4 Common Types of Eye Shapes with Favourite Celebrities as Inspiration

First impressions usually start with our eyes. It’s the reason most people spend so much time scrolling through Instagram feeds, searching for ideas to pull off another head-turning look. Perhaps it’s also why they muse about their lashes, eyebrows, and certainly, their type of eye shape, finding what’s right for them.

Don't fret! We can help you enhance your beauty by helping you identify your eye shape and create an eye look for each type of eye shape. You can even know some celebrities that can be your inspiration.

Round Eye Shape

As the name implies, round eyes are circular, with the iris slightly less than half the diameter of the eye. They have some anatomical characteristics that set them apart from other eye shapes.

  • Round eyes tend to have a larger cornea, which gives them a more wide-eyed appearance.
  • Round eyes give the wearer a fresh-faced look.
  • Round eyes tend to be very expressive.
  • Your brow bone is less prominent.
  • The scleras are well-defined.
  • Eyelids tend to be less creased and relatively tight.

Lash Extension and Eye Makeup Tips for Round Eyes

These easy tricks make it possible to create a beautiful, round eye-friendly look. 

Round Eye Shape
Makeup Lash Extension
Create a definition on your lids by applying light eyeshadow to the inner half and a darker tone to the outer half.Eyelash extensions should be sparser and thinner on the outer eye corners while thicker and denser on the inner eye corners.
Go for a thick cat-eye or winged eyeliner style to balance your wide eyes.Opt for shorter, more spaced styles, such as J-curl or C-curl lashes.

Celebrities with Round Eyes

Many people strive to look like their preferred celebrities. Take cues from these well-known faces to create a stronger round-eye appearance:

  1. Emilia Clarke: The actress, best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO series Game of Thrones, has captivated audiences with her unique and striking eyes. Clarke's round eye shape helps to accentuate her gaze, giving her a commanding and regal presence on screen.
  1. Bella Hadid: In the competitive world of modelling, her round eyes and fierce look have helped her stand out from the crowd and carve out a lucrative career.

Monolid Eye Shape

The eyelid that covers the entire eye and leaves little to no wrinkle is known as a monolid eye. Such an eye shape contrasts a double eyelid, or "westernized" eye, in which a defined crease is above the eyelid.

Want to know if you have this crease-free eye shape? Here are some signs:

  • Monolid eyes often have heavyset eyelids and may appear tiny or almond-shaped.
  • Eyes tend to look more "droopy" or "sleepy."
  • A continuous bone ridge surrounds the entire eye.
  • Applying eye makeup and eyelash extensions can be challenging.

Lash Extension and Eye Makeup Tips for Monolid Eyes

While some people may view monolid eyes as less attractive than other types of eye shapes, they can be quite striking. The secret to pulling off a flattering look is to apply lash extension and makeup methods that highlight the distinctive shape of monolid eyes.

Monolid Eye Shape
Makeup Lash Extension
Use a champagne-coloured eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes for a hint of sparkle.Shorter lashes are for the inner corner, while longer lashes are for the outer. This option will help to create the illusion of wider eyes.
Define your upper and lower lash lines with a black eyeliner pencil.D-curl lashes are highly recommended to give your lashes more volume and curl.

Celebrities with Monolid Eyes

The following celebrities are living proof that this type of eye shape is as attractive and captivating as any other:

  1. Sandra Oh: Best known for her roles in the television series Grey's Anatomy and the film Sideways, Sandra Oh has said that she embraces her monolid eyes as part of her identity.
  2. Lucy Liu: Known for her iconic roles in Kill Bill and Charlie's Angels, her monolid eye gives her a unique look that has been described as exotic and sultry.

Upturned Eye Shape

When the outer corners of the eyes are lifted higher than the inner corners, the eyes are said to have an upturned shape. This characteristic may give the impression of broader, more vibrant eyes.

You probably have an upturned eye shape if these indicators look familiar to you:

  • Upturned eyes have a subtle “upwards slope” at the outer corner.
  • Eyelid creases are closer to the edge of the eyeball than they are to lashes.
  • An eyeliner usually sweeps upwards at the outer corner compared to a downturned eye.

Lash Extension and Eye Makeup Tips for Upturned Eyes

Emphasize your upturned eye look with these helpful makeup and eyelash extension tips:

Upturned Eye Shape
Makeup Lash Extension
Focus on creating a softer look by using light colours and avoiding a harsh lash line. You can achieve a more symmetrical appearance by choosing shorter lashes since longer lashes might occasionally emphasize their downward tilt.
Upturned eyes look best with light, shimmery colours that help to brighten the entire eye area. Upturned eyes already have a bit of lift, so you'll want to choose a curl that is not too dramatic. For example, small C or D-curl lashes will be perfect.

Celebrities with Upturned Eyes

These celebrities can be your motivation in trying out new looks for your upturned eye shape:

  1. Taylor Swift: The singer has huge, wide-set, upturned cat-like eyes that give her a stunning and emotive appearance when singing.
  1. Rihanna: Perhaps the most upturned eye shape belongs to Rihanna. The innermost corner of her eyes tilts upwards, giving her a flirty and sly look in every music performance.

Hooded Eye Shape

Hooded eyes are characterized by a natural "fold" in the skin of the upper eyelid. This fold can create shadowing below the brow and may make it appear as though the eyelid is "hooded." 

Wondering if you have hooded eyes? Take a look at these signs:

  • The eyelid itself may droop down and cover part of the iris. This form can give the appearance of small or "hidden" eyes.
  • Your eyelashes point downward because of extra skin on your top lids.
  • Your eye area's skin could look furrowed or aged.
  • The brows are lower than before.

Lash Extension and Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you may want to experiment with different makeup techniques and lash applications to achieve the desired effect.

Hooded Eye Shape
Makeup Lash Extension
Use an eyeshadow primer to help your shadow stay in place. Avoid placing the lash extensions too close to the inner corner of the lash line. Instead, focus on creating volume at the outer corner to avoid drooping.
Apply a slightly darker shadow along your upper lash line. Smudge the shadow with a soft bridge to create a light smoked-out effect.You'll seem more youthful and have lifted eyes by trying small lash curls.

Celebrities with Hooded Eyes

These Hollywood beauties can give you the confidence to flex a celebrity-worthy hooded eye look:

  1. Blake Lively: Blake's hooded eyes and long lash style give her a seductive look that highlights her down-to-earth aura.
  2. Emma Stone: Her unique eye shape can give you a smouldering, mysterious look that is sure to turn heads.

More Eye Shape Tips from Beauty Boss Academy

Beautiful woman with long eyelashes and with beautiful evening make-up

Whether your eyes are round, monolid, upward, or hooded, we hope this article has inspired you to determine eye shape and bring out their best characteristics. The celebrities we’ve mentioned are but a few of the many beautiful women who happen to have one of these four eye shapes.

But don’t stop here! Beauty Boss Academy can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge if you want more information on enhancing your natural features through eyelash extensions.

We cover lash mapping, lash product knowledge, lash style, sanitation, and safety concerns under our extensive beauty online courses such as classic, volume, and complimentary. Additionally, our qualified and experienced instructors will offer direction and support to ensure you put your learning into practice.

Sign up today and learn more about creating an amazing look and styling lashes for different eye shapes!

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