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Earn While Doing What You Love: Start With An Eyelash Extension Course!

The beauty industry is competitive, and the jobs are in high demand. Fortunately for people like you who are passionate about beauty, you can learn to do what you love while earning a living with the eyelash extension course from Beauty Boss Academy (BBA). This course teaches everything from creating a natural-looking lash line, applying extensions for a more glamorous look, and even how to remove lashes.

Satisfied trainees have been saying that the eyelash training course is an excellent investment that has made their job hunting much easier because of the additional skillset on top of their resumes!

What Do You Need as a Lash Artist?

Everyone wants to look beautiful— and bringing clients comfort and leisure while achieving that goal is one thing lash artists can certainly do.

Lash artists are in the business of making people feel gorgeous. We see it all day, every day— but there's so much more to being a lash artist than just putting on lashes and watching clients look fabulous! There is a lot of skill involved in this career path. Learning how to do everything through an eyelash course is accomplished over time.

After that, you will be able to understand which types of products will make each client's lashes grow longer and healthier, learn new techniques that will enhance their natural lash line, and add volume with extensions. Either way, being a lash aesthetician means you will play an important role in making your clients feel like the best versions of themselves.

Why Should You Take Lash Extension Lessons?

Staying indoors has been the new normal for over a year now, and what better way is there to spend the time than learning a new skill and earning from it, right? So if you have thought about pursuing a career in the beauty industry as an eyelash technician, then the right time would be now.

Having in-depth knowledge about eyelash extension application ensures that each client that comes your way will recommend your work to their circle of friends. So, taking a lash extension course is a great way to increase your skill set, learn new techniques, and meet other people in the industry.

Moreover, a lash technician can make an average of $25-$30 per hour while working from home and on their own schedule. All it takes is a little bit of time and some passion for learning about lash styling and application through online eyelash extension training. On top of that, taking your lash extension lessons in a trusted academy with a master trainer will make things much better for you as you learn your way through the course.

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What are the Inclusions of the Classic Eyelash Extension Course?

Our eyelash extension course is focused on helping you succeed as a lash artist. We design our classic eyelash extension course to give you comprehensive training modules designed by our professional beauty trainer, Melody, who has satisfied clients over the years in the industry.

Here are only some of what you can access from our classic eyelash extension course:

  • Written and Digital Classic Course Manual

Our lash extension course gives you both a hard copy and a digital copy of the course manual. On top of that, you can pair the manual with high-quality production videos for better demonstration.

  • Starter Kit

Our starter kit includes basic lash extension tools such as isolation and application tweezers, lash trays, primer, adhesives, bubble bath cleanser, and cleansing wands— to name a few.

  • Full-Access to 14 Modules

Our modules provide informative, comprehensive lash techniques— from extensive cleansing, lash applying, lash styling to lash extension removal. Through these modules, you will gain the information you need to get your career started.

  • Production Videos

Our professional lash trainers will do high-quality demonstration videos to guide you through the whole classic course. In addition, you will have access to step-by-step methods on how to apply and remove lash extensions correctly and how to do the after-care.

  • Unlimited Community Support

In our growing community, you can inspire or be inspired by others in our social network of lash technicians and enthusiasts.

  • Exercise Focused on Lash Artist's Health

Your health is your greatest foundation to do the things you love and aspire to do. Thus, our classic course includes a 10-minute workout to target the body's stress points for lash technicians.

After you've passed the final exam, you will receive the certification of this course.

The Takeaway

If you want to start your journey to professional lash styling, you can trust Beauty Boss Academy to guide you every step of the way, along with our supportive community. By taking our classic eyelash extension course, you will have a strong foundation in your career while earning from doing what you love. Get started by sending us an email at [email protected].

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