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The Social Lash Affair: An Eyelash Training’s List of Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing

There's no secret to the huge competition in most business industries today, including the beauty sector. If you are in the eyelash business, then you know that many people have been promoting their lash services and products in various ways. So your first question here is, how can you stand out?

There are several things to think of with marketing, but it will surely help create content for social media channels. Most people engage in the world of social media for long periods, which is why it's highly effective to market your lash career there.

But everyone's already doing it. Do I still stand a chance? Of course, it wouldn't be easy, but having a can-do attitude guided with proper marketing knowledge from eyelash training can go a long way. If you're unsure of where to start or what to post, we will help you out by sharing some exciting and unique ideas!

Social Media as the Core of Lash Career Marketing

You might wonder why we recommend social media for marketing your lash business. We'll discuss three important reasons why socials are the go-to marketing tools for the beauty industry.

#1: A Huge Source of Potential Clients

Millions of people spend hours just scrolling on social media platforms. They do it for various reasons, such as communication, deep searching, or casual browsing for inspiration. As a result, it becomes an excellent opportunity to slide in your offers on their feeds. Fun fact: Sometimes, people find things they didn't know they needed until they actually see the product!

#2: A Natural and Laid-Back Advertising Tool

There are tons of advertising tools out there, but nothing beats the natural and casual feel that social media provides. The most popular choices are Instagram and Facebook, perfect tools to engage with your lash audience. Target groups of people that are likely to love your service with the built-in advertising tools available.

#3: The Free Features Offer Many Advantages

The best part about social media is the features and services you can utilize for free. A few examples would be using hashtags for increased visibility, setting post schedules for consistency, and analytics reports to monitor your progress. Of course, you can save some money later for premium tools, but for newly launched businesses, leveraging these free tools can push your brand for miles!

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Five Incredible Social Media Marketing Lash Content Ideas

We hope the reasons can convince you to try social media marketing for your lash business. We're sure most professionals will suggest the same thing, so what are you waiting for? Hop on board for the next question: What type of content should you share? We highlight the five best ideas below!

Behind the Lashes

Everyone loves to get a little glimpse of what's happening behind the scenes. Naturally, your clients will get curious about your lash business, so give it to them! Show your clean work environment and preparation processes to get your client's trust. 

Some examples include sharing photos from before you open or after you close for the day, pictures throughout the working hours, or videos that show a particular lash procedure. Of course, you can also channel the fun part of your work! If you're holding special events, document them.

Before-and-After Transformations

Your clients will surely want to see the difference between the before and after lash treatment look. Moreover, this type of content showcases your skills as a lash technician. Don't let that talent go to waste and show it to a large customer base. Start by taking photos of your clients before and after working on their lashes.

However, ensure to get permission first. Ask your clients if they are cool with you uploading their faces and tagging their social accounts on your posts. 

Live Streams, the Engagement Generator

Care for an Instagram, Periscope, or Facebook Live for your lash business? You should, because live videos are always fun and social in every way! It's a great opportunity to engage with your target audience, answer their questions, have a casual chat and build connections. You can also mention limited promos and important announcements.

Real-time content attracts many users. In a way, it's like an extended version of the short BTS or demo clips that you upload. People will be able to see the true nature of your work and help them decide if they should go for it or not.

There, There: Helpful Self-Care Tips

Every business needs to focus on self-care to help themselves and their clients. There's certainly something you can teach your audience about taking care of their lashes. For instance, you can post about aftercare rules, so they don't ruin their investment.

For your fellow eyelash technicians, you can help them cope with tough days at work. No job is easy; some of your days aren't as glamorous as perfectly-made lashes and can be physically and mentally difficult. Help them overcome these struggles with some simple tips.

It's Your Turn! Client Spotlight

Reciprocation is an important element of connections, and your lash business isn't an exception. Therefore, it's essential to make your clients feel genuinely appreciated for taking their time to work with you and help promote your business. One of the ways you can do this is by posting client highlights on social media.

Post some of their loveliest selfies or highlight the best client reviews about your service. You may also add fun trivia about that client. Of course, you should only do these upon permission. Some might not prefer their photos and information shared publicly, so ask them before posting.

Build Your Lash Career With Beauty Boss Academy’s Eyelash Training Course

Social media opens more opportunities for beauty businesses, particularly those just starting. It's a highly effective and fun way to let yourself be known in a wide pool of potential customers. So if you're looking for ways to grow your lash business, don't forget to include social media marketing and try our suggestions.

But if you're starting from scratch in the lash industry, then Beauty Boss Academy has tips and tricks to help you improve your knowledge and skills. We offer eyelash lessons with support from fellow lash professionals and instructors.

We have a classic eyelash training called The Classic Course for those who need to start from the basics. On the other hand, we also have the Classic Refresher Online Lash Course for experienced lash artists who want to expand their skills. Want more? You can purchase an eyelash training kit that has everything you need to get hands-on with eyelash extensions!
Every lash enthusiast out there is welcome to enroll in our online lash course. We hope to see you soon!

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