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Let’s Talk Lash Life: A Sneak Peak to Lash Courses About Lash Growth Cycle

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your lashes, or how do they even come to life?

On average, you blink fourteen to nineteen thousand times a day. Since it's often a subconscious act, you probably have no idea about it or don't even care until you put some eye makeup on. Let's say, one day, you notice an eyelash falling out, and it suddenly sparked your curiosity about lashes.

How do lashes come to life? Do they get sparse as I get older? Do they grow back after falling out? 

If you're especially interested in building a beauty or lash career, we can bring these questions on a professional level. How important is lash growth if I want to build a lash career? Should I take online accredited lash courses or in-person training first? 

We have compiled some of the essential information on what you need to know about the lash growth cycle. This can serve as a brief introduction to the many more things you will learn from lash courses. Let's get started!

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How Do Lashes Grow? The 3 Stages of the Lash Growth Cycle

Natural lashes grow like humans. It starts from a baby lash, becomes longer and thicker, and falls out at the end of the cycle. Then, a new set of baby lashes will replace them to repeat the process. All in all, an entire cycle takes eight to twelve weeks. 

That's just an overview of the lash growth cycle. If we dive into the specifics, lashes go through three phases: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Here's what happens in each phase.


The anagen phase is the active stage because it's the birth of your natural lashes. It takes four to five weeks to develop baby lashes into a certain length. Baby lashes are short, thin, and vulnerable, so you shouldn't use an external device or product that will hinder their healthy growth.

Are extensions also not allowed? It depends. If you're concerned about sparse lashes, you may still use extensions. However, they should be short and thin so as not to damage the natural baby lashes.


Once the baby lashes reach a certain length, they become teenage lashes. The eyelash follicle then becomes smaller, and the lash growth eventually comes to a stop. This transitional phase goes on for about two to three weeks before they start to shed, which happens in the third phase.


The Telogen or the resting phase is the end of a full lash growth cycle. It's where the lashes look thinner and more colourless than before, and the follicle dies. Then, in four to five weeks, these lashes will start to shed.

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Using Your Lash Growth Knowledge to Apply the Perfect Extensions

As an aspiring lash artist, your goal is to apply a safe and flawless lash application. So how can you use this knowledge to identify and achieve your lash extension goals?

Determine the Lash Extension Profile 

You need to get a good look at the condition of your client's natural lashes to determine what extensions are safe and appropriate. For example, a lot of baby lashes will need short and thin extensions. The goal here is to be careful not to stress out the natural lashes.

Additionally, lashes grow in different curls and layers. You have to identify them because they contribute to the overall lash look and retention of the eyelash extension. The types of natural lash curls are J, B, C, D, L, and M. Here's a rule of thumb: if the natural lashes are curly and on the top layer, choose between B or C curls and vice versa.

Melt Your Client’s Lash Worries Away

Educate your clients about lash growth, just like what you'll learn from an eyelash technician course. Some of them might get anxious over shedding lashes, wondering if it's a normal reaction or not. Worse, you might get caught in a blame game when things get out of hand.

You can settle things down during a consultation. For example, let a client know that they shouldn't worry about shedding at all. Tell them that it will grow new ones later on and advise them on the correct aftercare practices when extensions are applied.

Nurture a Healthy Lash Life With Beauty Boss Academy

The lash growth cycle is fairly easy to understand. However, when determining the right eyelash application is involved, you need to be more careful and well-versed about your knowledge. It's because any external application can greatly affect lash health and growth, and you don't want to end up damaging your client's lashes.

So if you're still new to all these and want to hone your knowledge to build a lash career, seek accredited lash courses like the Classic Lash Technician Course from BBA. We look forward to seeing you there!

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