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5 Returns on Investment of Joining an Eyelash Technician Training Program

Life is too short to be mediocre. Spend your hours wisely by doing something worthwhile! If you are into beauty, why not attend an eyelash technician training program? It will fill your hours with skill-enriching classes and actual practice you would never experience if you choose to just slouch at home. 

Having this winning mindset and perseverance will bring rewards in different forms. Remuneration, client support, self-growth—you name it! Being a licensed lash technician can give you all these. 

You may ask, “How to get certified as a lash technician?” We have the answer in this article, and we will also discuss the five things you can gain from signing up for a program. 

Excited? Let’s get into it!

How do I become an eyelash technician?

Becoming an eyelash technician is easier than getting a degree in a university, where you have to spend four or more years to be an expert. 

To become an eyelash technician, you need to look for a school or sign up for a workshop, which is readily available online these days. Lash experts will train you in many things, from basic eye anatomy to client health and safety, different lash treatments and design. You’ll also undergo hands-on training and an actual application of everything you’ve learned to mannequins and human models. 

Workshops usually last for 2–3 days, and after those few days of intensive learning, you’ll be a certified lash technician!

Nonetheless, to go further in your career, we recommend that you get a license. Some provinces require a lash technician to be licensed, so you’ll need to follow the guidelines of your province’s cosmetology board or licensing and regulation department. The requirements usually include training and exams. 

Once you get both the training and the license, brace yourself—you are about to get the returns on your investment!

5 gains from becoming a licensed lash technician

Offer your service in different states

Now that you have answered your question, “How to be an eyelash technician?” and you are now licensed, the areas where you can offer your services are now wider! With that, opportunities multiply. 

Check out where your clients live and verify if the lash technician license you have is approved in their state to ensure that you can visit them without the worry of breaking any laws. 

In the same way, if wellness salons in another province hire you, you can easily say yes to the offer once you have checked that the license you have is what their local requirements are looking for. 

Take note that it is important to stay updated with the latest licensing regulations as they may vary per province. 

Skills and certificates = expertise; expertise = higher value

Whether you are a freelance or salon lash technician, your remuneration should depend on your skills. On your end, you can confidently negotiate your rate because you know what you can offer. 

Did you know that you can always enroll in more advanced courses after finishing your lash training program and licensure? This way, you can strengthen your portfolio and professional background.

Some advanced courses include the following:

  • Lash tinting and colouring
  • A wider variety and style of lash volumizing
  • Lash mapping and layering
  • More advanced concepts on lash design for different facial features 

When customers and business owners meet you, they will see all these capabilities under your belt. And just like the funny but on-point meme, they will say, “Take my money!”

how to be an eyelash technician

Build and grow your lash, beauty and wellness business

Lash training centres know that the primary career paths for licensed lash technicians are freelancing or becoming small business owners. Thus, part of the lash technician training is educating you to market yourself and start your own lash business.

If you have the same goals, accomplishing a training program and getting licensed can hasten the fruition of your beauty and wellness business because you have the knowledge and skill to get the lash services done professionally. 

With continuous quality service, you’ll see customers coming back and turning into patrons in no time. As a result, your business income will slowly increase and stabilize, and you’ll be profitable eventually. 

Have elite job titles

If freelancing, owning a business, or working in a salon is not the path you are looking into, you have nothing to worry about as there are plenty of opportunities for a licensed lash technician like you. Here are some of them.

  • Makeup artist
  • Stylist
  • Vlogger and influencer
  • Cosmetology teacher
  • Lash technician trainer
  • Special effects makeup artist

As you continue to join more advanced training, you’ll grow and sharpen your skills in lash lifting or volumizing. Even more, you’ll learn how to colour lashes using not only the simple colours but also the more complicated ones that are required for models, movies or even special effects. 

The more complicated the job, the more fulfillment you get when you accomplish them. Of course, these jobs pay well too. 

Support from patrons

Finally, you will earn more than money when you become a licensed lash technician because you’ll have loyal customers and patrons who will keep coming back for your service. The professional and social relationships you build with them are difficult to put a price on. 

As a licensed lash technician, you will fill not only your pockets but also your heart with the support you get from your clients and colleagues. 

Join Beauty Boss Academy’s Eyelash Technician Training Program

Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we offer Classic and Complementary Courses for you to become a certified lash technician. You can end the search for the question, “How to be a certified lash technician?” as we have the answers for you. 

Do not hesitate to contact us; we'd love to discuss our offers with you. Talk to you soon!

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