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10 Hard and Soft Skill Requirements for Lash Technician Certification

Lash extensions are becoming a huge trend these days. While everyone just wants a makeover, you take it one step further: you want to learn how to do them for others.

So what exactly does it take to become a lash technician? First, you must know the skills required for the job. And it's not just a generic list of skills; there are certain hard and soft skill requirements for lash technician certification.

In this blog, we'll outline five hard skills and five soft skills we believe are essential to succeed in this industry. They may vary depending on the lash certification program you pick, but these will serve as a good foundation for conceptualizing your goals as a certified lash artist.

5 Hard Skills You Need for an Eyelash Technician Career

Thinking of becoming a lash tech? First, you must learn and master the following hard skills. These are teachable abilities modified to the specific job to help you get the work done.

certified lash technician - lash extension tools on blue background

#1: Steady and Adept Hands

In certain jobs like lash extensions, you will use small tools and delicate materials. Furthermore, you'll be working on a person's delicate eyelashes. So naturally, it's important to have steady and nimble hands to treat every single natural lash with utmost care. It may take a while for you to develop this skill, but don't worry. That's what lash extension training is for!

#2: Analytical Ability

When a client comes in wanting a lash makeover, you can't just give them what they want. There are factors to note before proceeding with lash extensions. 

For example, you must analyze your client's natural profile (e.g., type, length, and thickness) to know what style would suit them best. This is also called a consultation, which should always aim for safety and satisfaction.

#3: Digital Marketing Knowledge

Marketing is also a critical component of a lash business. Without it, you won't be able to grow your audience and build a name for yourself in the lash industry. Hence, you should have some knowledge about digital marketing to help you connect with a larger customer base. Strategies include social media marketing, SEO strategies, and Google Ads.

#4: Financial Management Skills

Of course, we can't skip financial management. A common reason many businesses fail is that they can't handle their finances properly. We understand that it's not your forte. Still, you must learn how to manage your finances to have enough (or more) to pay for your business expenses.

Track all your expenses, set service prices right, and seek more money-making opportunities in the industry.

#5: Technical Skills

Managing finances, marketing online, working on one lash appointment after another—it's tough for one person or a few to handle all these responsibilities! Fortunately, you can now use technology to automate certain tasks and lighten the load for you. However, some tools can also be difficult to understand, so you have to study them first.

5 Soft Skills You Must Have to Become a Certified Lash Technician

Meanwhile, here are some general and non-technical abilities you will need. They are, however, just as important as hard skills in building a successful lash extension career.

eyelash extension certification - a happy beautician in her salon

#6: A Self-Care Enthusiast

It's no secret that being a lash artist can be demanding. You often neglect your own well-being because you're busy with clients. As a result, it affects both your mental and physical health. If you want to be in this career for a long time, you should take care of yourself. Engage in physical, emotional, environmental, and social self-care and muster strength to power through your appointments.

#7: Attention to Detail

Having steady and adept hands isn't enough. You must also have an excellent eye for detail to put them to better use. You'll work on delicate lashes using small tools, so you want to avoid causing any damage as much as possible. Additionally, being detail-oriented demonstrates your knowledge and service quality, resulting in satisfied and repeat clients.

#8: Interpersonal Skills

As with any profession, lash artists need excellent communication skills. This involves building rapport with clients and potential collaborators. Constant interactions with these people help you flourish in your career and offer inspiration in tough times. However, if it's for your health or career development, you are entitled to say no and set some boundaries.

#9: Time Management Skills

As a certified lash tech, you can get busy to a point where you can't rest for hours without a client messaging you. That may be a sign of growth for your business, but this is also stressful. Not to mention other aspects of your business like financial management and marketing—these are all time-consuming! So learn proper time management to avoid stress and cancellations.

#10: Passion and Creativity

Finally, a lash tech needs passion and creativity to succeed. Considering lash extensions as a work of art brings the best of your talents and satisfaction to your clients. You have to understand what makes this job wonderful and how you can provide the best eyelash extension services possible. With burning passion and creativity, you are unstoppable!

Are You Qualified to Become a Successful Eyelash Extension Specialist?

Lash extensions have become increasingly popular, and it isn't hard to see why. They give you the power to enhance your beauty in simple ways and feel confident without makeup artistry. Furthermore, it's for this reason that many people are considering a lash career, and you're one of them.

Are you capable of becoming a successful lash technician? Anyone is, but only if they have the hard and soft skills required to get certified. Of course, these skills are easier said than done, and they will take some time to master. However, if you are genuinely passionate about this job, time is no barrier to your success!

BBA's Lash Training Certification Classes

If you're unsure where to begin, Beauty Boss Academy can help. We teach aspiring and experienced lash techs everything they need to know about lashes—from lash technician licensing requirements to lash kit tools, like lash glue, tweezers, and more.

Of course, our eyelash extension certification courses also include hard and soft skills that'll help you become a lash specialist with the confidence and abilities to start your own brand. So if you're ready to become a fantastic lash professional, join our eyelash extension training courses now!

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