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Build Your Own Eyelash Business With The Help of Online Lash Training

The beauty industry trends are still increasing despite the decreased opportunity to go out and dress up. Makeup, beauty, and self-care products and services are still being sought after in 2021 and are estimated to see a continued increase of annual compounded growth in six years. So, setting up a business related to beauty will be profitable in years to come. Since everyone wears a facemask in their daily OOTD (outfit of the day), we recommend you invest in a beauty service that beautifies the only feature seen when wearing face masks— the eyes.

Bold looks focused on the upper area of the face continue to be in trend— from colourful makeup, beautiful contacts to bold eyelashes, which can now be achieved professionally to lessen your time to get ready everyday. Both women and men have worn beautiful eyelash sets for years now, and the market is still evolving. Because of this, many successful lash artists have testimonials of making up to a six-digit income just from lashes.

Many are interested in making it their career but are pressured by the thought of training to be a licensed esthetician, which may last months and cost thousands of dollars. But good news— you can now be a professional lash technician without undergoing esthetician training! All you need to do is attend lash training academy for a few weeks for a lower price.

Find out how you can build your own business with the help of online lash training. 

Why Lash Training Online Is The Best Way To Start

Most practices, including eyelash technician training, have shifted to an online learning platform for the safety of both students and trainers. So, naturally, professional eyelash artists instructors have adapted to giving training online that's as effective as hands-on classes.

With an online lash training course, you get to learn from the comfort and safety of your home in your own time. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with virtual lash technician courses:

  • Save gas money. You don't have to drive out for days or weeks to train. All you need is a little space in your home where your volunteer can sit or lay down, and you're good to go!
  • No more social anxiety. To physically train with a bunch of strangers may be nerve-wracking to some. In addition, it may feel like you can't help but compare yourself to how fast your fellow students learn. But with online learning, you get to interact with your fellow trainees in your respective community whenever you're ready.
  • You can learn at a steady speed. Some professional instructors give a month's worth of training and pack it in just a few days. Unfortunately, this method is not a sustainable way to learn. Your brain will be too overloaded to retain important information about lashing. But with online learning, you can pause, take a break, and train at your own pace for a more efficient learning method.

Certified Versus License 

There is some buzz around the esthetician community between certified lash technicians and licensed lash technicians. There are debates about the authenticity of a professional based on which one they present for operating their business or service. To give you a clear distinction between the two, here is a short explanation.

You may have heard about a lash stylist who only took five days to a week course but has legally been doing professional work. That person is mostly a certified lash artist. Depending on which state you are in and the laws within that state, you can lawfully operate a lash service with a few days of training and a certificate.

Licensed lash technicians, however, undergo more intensive training for a longer period. In addition, to be a licensed professional, you must take and pass the licensing exams. It's highly recommended to check your local regulation about lash technicians to know which training to take.

How To Choose An Eyelash Course

To be a professional lash stylist, you need to learn the most basic skill. For this, Beauty Boss Academy offers the classic course where professionals share the most basic theories and practices that even working technicians fail to apply. Knowing the basics, even when you already know how to lay down a lash set, is essential to becoming a pro.

Aside from lash class, the courses also help you make good business plans so you can have a clear view of your lash business flourishing! For example, you can learn both beauty and business with the Classic Course in Beauty Boss Academy.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You don't need much equipment when you enroll in classic lash training from Beauty Boss Academy. Instead, you will be given a starter kit curated by a professional that's optimal for your workout.

Here is a list of the items you will get:

  • Isolation Tweezer
  • Application Tweezer
  • Bubble Bath Cleanser
  • Primer
  • Lash Trays
  • Practice Lashes
  • 3M Foam Tape
  • Paper Tape
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive Stickers
  • Debonder
  • Remover
  • Mascara Wands
  • Cleansing Wands
  • Microtips
  • Fan
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

Here are the optional items (not required) you may get for your lash studio if you feel like they can help improve your training:

  • Ring Light
  • Massage Bed (for when you practice on a volunteer)
  • Mannequin Head
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Tips To Stay On Track During Lash Training

Quality Versus Quantity

The best way to learn everything about lashes is to do it slowly. So don't be discouraged when it takes you four hours or more just to lay down a set. Even practicing eyelash artists take hours to get good at it. Remember that it's better to apply the proper technique and make one good set at a time than to rush your way to being a professional and make multiple mediocre sets. 

Connect With the Community

Despite learning online lash courses alone in your home or apartment, you are not alone in this journey. Beauty Boss Academy has a growing number of those who are just starting with the modules and those who have already finished, with all of them sharing their experiences and exchanging knowledge in our online community. 

Rest and Refresh

When you start to feel like the information you've acquired through the modules is getting too cramped in your head, make sure to make time for rest. The lash artistry is not going anywhere if you take a day off from learning. So refresh whenever you need to.

Start Your Career With Beauty Boss Academy

We have 12 modules you can learn from in the Classic Course, all of which provide essential information for you as a professional and for your business. Additionally, the industry is forever changing, so if ever you need to take a refresher on the key points you've learned, we provide a refresher course too! Even after completing the course, you can still learn from other aspiring eyelash technicians in our growing community!

So go and bring out the boss in you with Beauty Boss Academy.

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