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What’s Next After Lash Technician Classes? Check These Exciting Opportunities Out!

Gone are the days when you’d spend time Googling “eyelash tech course near me” and reading up on what exactly you’ll learn from lash courses as you are now a full-blown licensed lash technician! With your professional knowledge and leveled-up skills, your next topic search should be all the ways you can earn and make a career as a lash expert. 

Let us help you with this article that lists all the possible jobs and the different opportunities you have from your eyelash extension course. If you haven’t taken any classes yet and are still thinking about it, these opportunities may quicken your decision to sign-up for an eyelash course now. Let’s go and see!

Freelance lash technician 

Be your boss and work at your own pace. Go on amazing adventures by providing services to your clients from different parts of your country or even the world by becoming a freelance lash technician! 

Your license will serve as your passport, especially in areas that only allow licensed technicians to operate—assuming that you get one after your training. 

The advantage of going freelance is that you can determine your rate and your schedule. You can offer your services full-time or part-time, on top of your regular day job. 

Salon lash expert

If you are looking into building a professional profile backed by years of experience at boutiques and salons, applying as a lash technician in beauty and wellness businesses might just be the thing for you. 

You’ll have a regular income and routine as a salon lash technician, and you’ll indeed develop regular patrons as time goes by. Aside from these, most salons provide complimentary training to their employees, which you can always take to level up your skills. Lastly, you’ll have colleagues you can learn from in terms of techniques on lash services. 

Business owner

Schools and lash trainers know the career path of a lash technician very well, so some schools include a session on creating your own business space that is safe and sanitary, plus the basics of business management and marketing. All this knowledge is in preparation for your plan to build and manage your own business. 

If this is your path, you’ll have to gather a network of lash experts you can hire as you become a manager and a lash technician. 

eyelash extension course


Of course, once you become an expert and have gained credentials and experience, you can impart your learnings as a trainer. Different lash training centers can invite you to be one of their guest speakers or evaluators. Even better, you can begin your own lash training center. 

There are plenty of opportunities as an educator for cosmetology or business administration if you succeed in managing and scaling your lash business. If, as a lash artist, you empower people by making them beautiful and confident about themselves, this time, you’ll train fellow lash technicians to be experts in exactly this. 

Lash and makeup artist

There is a specific course you’ll take up in your lash training about lash coloring and tinting, which you can utilize if you are or want to become an artist or makeup artist. Lash color and tinting take practice and skills, and these topics are even included in advanced courses in some training centers. If you acquire this skill, you can not only make lashes beautiful, you can create art out of them! This is needed for special effects makeup or for fashion.


As you grow your skill set—or if you are already interested in fashion—aside from lash lifting, coloring, and extensions, you can extend your services as a stylist. Besides, being a lash technician is more than just attaching extensions or coloring the lashes. It takes stylish decision-making before the actual treatment because you need to study your client's face and pick the proper lash curvature, thickness, and color—pretty much what a stylist does when they mix and match clothes to achieve a perfect style. 

Vlogger and Influencer

Finally, and probably one of the most relevant today, is the opportunity to vlog and be an influencer. Do you have topics in mind you think lash hobbyists and even technicians would be wanting to view? Why not create videos about them to share your knowledge? 

You’ll only need to set up space for this venture where you can shoot your videos, a good light source, and a camera, then you’ll be good to go! You can also endorse trusted lash products as an extra source of income aside from your content views. Of course, these videos will also serve as your advertisements to reach more potential clients. 

Ready To Take Lash Training Classes?

These are only some of the jobs and opportunities that will be open to you after taking a lash training course and getting licensed. The truth is, with the variety of jobs these days and the size of your dreams, you can achieve anything you put your mind to! 

Let us help you get a step closer to success through our Classic and Complementary Lash Training Courses handled by our expert team. This is a great investment, judging by the bright future ahead of you. Send us a message here for your inquiries. We’d love to hear from you!

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