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All of Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered Before You Start Your Online Lash Training Course

If you are looking for a career in the beauty industry with less training time and more money-earning potential, then becoming a lash technician is the right path for you. Fortunately, online eyelash classes are a cost-effective and handy method to learn everything you need to know about this rapidly expanding beauty industry.

Online courses offer in-depth content that will teach you how to be your boss and give you hands-on experience through online lash training. With your expertise, you can earn up to more than $100,000 in annual pay. 

For beginners, you can take the basic courses and work your way up to intermediate then expert. If you already have experience, you can still take these courses to further improve yourself. 

Start your lashing journey with online lash courses today!

What is an Eyelash Technician?

Eyelashes are one of the frequently groomed facial features. Beautiful and luxurious lashes have become a high-demand trend in the beauty industry. As a result, the lash tech profession became a highly sought-after career.

An eyelash technician is an expert in everything eyelash-related, whether making a set of fake lashes, adding real lash extensions, adding volume, shaping the eyelashes to the desired design, or making 3D lashes. Their skills are focused on eye shape, lash care, and lash enhancement.

Lashing is a skill covered in esthetician training or separately in lash courses. Aspiring lash techs need to spend a set of hours and pass the licensing examination as a requisite to be a licensed lash artist.

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Is Eyelash Tech a Stable Career?

The pandemic has shifted the makeup industry demand, but fortunately in favor of hair and eye services. Since masks are often required in public, full-faced makeup goes unnoticed, so women focus more on their hair and eyes instead. 

Eyes are what people see when looking for emotions that match your words. So, women want to make sure their eyes look the best. They want to make their eyes pop out even with a mask on, so they try services such as fake lashes, lash extensions, and lash tinting.

A study made by Ziprecruiter published in 2021 shows that the average eyelash tech earns about $47,396 - $51,999 yearly or 23 dollars per hour. With increased experience and skill level, the annual salary would potentially increase to more than $100,000.

Considering these numbers, you could get a decent living doing what you love. To think you could achieve this way of earning a living in less than a year! So, to answer the question— yes, lash tech is a stable career.

What Will Online Lash Training Course Teach You?

Online lash courses will teach you the basics of lashing, such as making eyelash extensions and applying them to clients. They will also offer more advanced information about techniques for creating volume lashes and how to care for your client's natural lashes between services. 

In addition, these online lash courses can prepare you to take a certification exam so that you are ready to work in salons or spas once you finish your coursework!

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How to Enroll in the Best Online Lash Training Course

To enroll in our lash courses, go to our website's Lash Boss Academy section.

Once there, scroll down to The Classic Course and click learn more. You will be redirected to a page where you will get an overview of what to expect with the courses, including the kits you will receive. 

You can choose from two options: The Classic Bundle, which includes the classic course and the starter kit, and The Classic Course. Once you are ready to start taking classes, you can click Enroll Now and receive notifications of your enrollment status.

What Is Included In Online Lashing Courses?

Beauty Boss Academy offers classes that cover the basics of lashing, from theory to application. In addition, you will receive access to over 40 high-quality videos and all 12 of our modules.

What to expect in the modules

Module 1: Sanitation, Sterilization, and Safety

Module 2: Eye Conditions

Module 3: Workplace Set-up

Module 4: Client Consultation

Module 5: Eye Anatomy

Module 6: Curl Theory

Module 7: Lash Styling

Module 8: Prepping the Lashes

Module 9: Adhesive

Module 10: Application

Module 11: Aftercare

Module 12: Fill Appointments and Removals

With The Classic Course & Starter Kit Bundle, you will be given everything you need to start your career in lashing, including the kit containing tools you need for your training.

Do I Need To Get Licensed to Do Lashing?

To be a lash tech, you may need to get your license. For this, you have two choices— go through an esthetician course or take the lash training courses that focus on lashing exclusively.

If you go through an esthetician course, your lash training will be embedded in the curriculum. Then, once you graduate, you can take state licensing exams to become licensed as a full-service esthetician.

Suppose you chose to do our online lash courses instead of going through traditional beauty schools. In that case, you can graduate as a certified lash artist without needing to get your esthetician license first. But you will need to check with the state licensing boards where you want to practice before enrolling.

What are the Requirements to Get Licensed?

The requirements for getting your license vary by state. For example, in Connecticut, the licensing requirement states you can be licensed if you practice as an eyelash technician for at least two years before applying. In addition, you need to obtain a certification from a lash training school accredited by the Board of Governors or Council on Postsecondary Education and submit it with your application for licensure.

All states require that you are of good moral character, be at least 18 years old, have completed a 300-hour course in eyelash training approved by the State Board of Cosmetology or other states licensing board, and pass an examination to show proficiency. In addition, once licensed as an esthetician, lash techs need to complete 15 hours of continuing education. You can get lash technician certification by attending online courses like the Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy.

Be Part of the Community

Beauty Boss Academy not only offers you knowledge and skills, we also offer a community in the package too! With the Classic Bundle or Classic Course, you are given access to our VIP community. The Circle is a community of fellow students and industry experts who can help guide and accompany you throughout your journey.

Some students who finished the course also share their thoughts about their experience with the community. They emphasize how being part of a circle makes the experience more personal, making the experience more enjoyable than taking classes alone.

Start Your First Class Today!

The beauty industry continues to be a mega-industry valued at $511 Billion and is expected to be worth more than 700 Billion dollars by 2026. With so many beauty demands to meet within the next year, it is a powerful move to invest time and money in learning the skills related to beauty services.

Beauty Boss Academy offers one of the best online lash training courses, giving you the power to start your career in lashing. With our hands-on kits and access to over 40 videos that teach you how to create gorgeous lashes paired with a complimentary lash technician course, all it takes is a click to start your journey!

Enroll and start your first class today!

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