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Is Eyelash Certification More Than a Piece of Paper?

Do you consider yourself a go-getter? If you have a bootstrapper attitude, there are many ways for you to express your creativity while making a buck. Being a lash extension tech is one of the most profitable side hustles you can take advantage of. Are you anxious that you might be doing it wrong and possibly harming your clients? Don’t worry; there are plenty of lash extension courses on the internet.

However, depending on where you are in the United States, being a lash extension tech is a regulated profession. You would have to undergo eyelash certification and earn a license to practice your newly-learned skill legally. While it is true that licensure is one way for the state to earn revenue, being a certified lash tech will legitimize your skill for your potential clients.

Is eyelash extension certification worth your time and money? We answer your question in this blog post.

What Is Eyelash Certification, and What Does It Entail?

There is such a thing called YouTube university. This means that anyone can learn nearly anything by watching videos on the website. According to a 2016 estimate, there were 5.6 million beauty videos on YouTube, and the niche has only grown from there. You can grasp the basics and refine your beauty skills by mimicking beauty vloggers.

But here’s the thing, doing it by imitation doesn’t mean you can do it for a living. This is where lash training and licenses come in. Eyelash extensions can cause harm to your eyes and face when done improperly. That’s why the profession is regulated in many states in the US. If you are a certified and licensed lash tech, you passed rigorous testing to ensure you can do the job properly and safely.

How Can You Become Certified in Eyelash Extensions? 

First, you must be equipped with the necessary know-how before anything else. Enroll in a lash training course such as the Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy. Lash courses will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge that any aspiring lash technician should know about. Aside from applying lash extensions, you will also learn aftercare, client support, and other skills related to business.

Once you feel confident about your lash skills, you must familiarize yourself with your state's regulations concerning cosmetology, particularly lash extensions. Some states don’t offer licenses for being a full-time lash artist, while others do. After gathering the required documents and earning your training hours, take the exam and pass it with flying colours!

What Are the Benefits of Lash Styling Certification?

eyelash certification - Woman applying finishing touches on eyelashes

If you know how to do eyelashes anyway, you don’t need a piece of paper to put eyelash extensions on friends and family. However, remaining uncertified can limit your career opportunities if you are seriously considering becoming a full-time eyelash technician. How important is being a certified lash technician? Here are some benefits that come with becoming certified:

  • Your Clients Will Trust You

Have you ever visited the dentist and seen their wall filled with certificates? Those certificates have surely made you feel at ease. It only means that institutions would vouch for your dentist. Likewise, a lash certification will make your clients trust you and your skills. They will feel they are under the care of someone who can do the job right.

  • Highly Specialized in Your Niche

Even certified beauty professionals go after specialized certifications like lash extensions despite being already certified in the field. Think of it this way: there are specialists and general practitioners in the field of medicine. Similarly, cosmetologists can upgrade their skills by specializing in a specific field like eyelash extension services. An eyelash extension certification can give them an edge over their peers.

  • More Lucrative Opportunities

Having a certification will open doors for you. A certification will pave the way for more clients and employers if you wish to advance your career. Employers prefer certified lash techs over those without a certification. They would rather employ a certified lash artist than gamble with those without.

  • Grow Your Network

As you undergo lash extension training, you will inevitably gain new like-minded friends along the way. Besides enjoying their company, you can benefit from having such connections by widening your professional circle. Moreover, they can be valuable assets as you pursue your career in the long run. Whether you need some help in setting up shop or going after clients, they may help you out. 

What Are Some of the Most Popular Eyelash Extension Certification Programs Available Today?

 eyelash certification - Laptop, notebook and mug on a desk
  • The Classic Course

If you are an absolute beginner in the field, you can sign up for the Classic Course at Beauty Boss Academy. The Classic Course was created for total beginners without prior industry experience. BBA designed the curriculum to be self-paced, so you can start it whenever you choose. You will take a final exam after finishing the modules, and if you pass, you will be awarded a certificate. With a certificate, you can work with clients more confidently!

  • The Volume Course

After mastering the fundamental skills and know-how, you are ready to level up. The Volume Course from BBA can help you take your eyelash extension skills to new heights. In this course, you will also learn the workout routine designed specifically for lash techs like yourself. BBA knows that a lash tech is a lifelong learner. As such, the Volume Course will hone your skills further and keep you updated with ever-changing lash techniques.

How Much Does Eyelash Certification Cost on Average, and Is It Worth the Investment?

Usually, a certification course costs anywhere from $300 to $1000. The price can depend on the course’s length and inclusions. Some courses designed for complete beginners include starter kits which can add to the price. Multimedia content such as training videos can also bump up the cost of the course, depending on how extensive and deep it goes.

The beginner-oriented Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy only costs $197, well below the average price for lash courses. With a less-than-200-dollar price tag, you will get 14 modules, online manuals, high-quality training videos, and extensive application training. You can also buy the optional yet highly recommended starter kit for $100 more—still below the $300 average.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to apply eyelash extensions from YouTube videos can save you money. But to be a professional beautician, you need certifications and a license. Enrolling in a certification course can give you a great advantage over those without. A certification will also bring you closer to earning a license to practice your craft professionally.

Take the first step and enroll in an eyelash extension course today!

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