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Stages of Lash Growth: Mastering Lashes With Beauty Boss's Lash Extension Class Online

As someone passionate about lash aesthetics, you have looked at lashes a little closer. You've noticed that no lashes are the same and wondered why that is the case. Most importantly, you acknowledge this isn't favourable. Wouldn't it be better if we lived in a world where lashes are perfect? 

Luckily, it isn't. Because you now have an opportunity to create the perfect lashes for you or your client and make money out of it. But before that happens, you have to understand why lashes seem to be irregular. Then, go deeper into the concept by enrolling in a certified lash extension class online. For starters, the uneven lashes have something to do with the concept called the lash growth cycle.

lash hair growth cycle diagram from start to finish

Overview: The Lash Growth Cycle

The lash growth cycle is an important core concept to understand. The cycle will always loom in your mind as you become a certified and practising lash professional.

For starters, the uneven lashes have something to do with the concept called the lash growth cycle. If there's anything the lash growth cycle teaches you, it's that the practice of classic lashing is a dynamic process. Therefore, you'll need to get a good handle on the stages of lash growth to master the art of lash extension application. There are three stages.

Growing Phase (Anagen)

This period in the lash cycle is the point where the cells in the lash follicles of your eyelid's lining start dividing. The blood that's present on your eyelids is used by these cells to grow your lashes rapidly. It's important to know that the Anagen phase doesn't happen all at once.

Transitioning Phase (Catagen)

At some point during the Anagen phase, your body will receive a signal that the hair has grown to its full potential. This is where the Catagen phase starts. The lash follicle will detach to the source, and the blood will stop feeding the cells to divide rapidly. This transition takes roughly 2-3 weeks before your lashes stop growing.

Resting Phase (Telogen)

After the transitioning phase is complete, the hair follicle will remain stagnant as the fully grown lashes remain intact. This is called the Telogen phase, wherein the source of lash growth will become dormant for about 1 to 3 months.

This phase may be confused as the falling-off phase, and at one point, this is true. The shedding of lashes means that the resting phase has finished, and the follicles have awakened again to start another Anagen phase. 

Why You Should Know This

Learning the stages of lash growth is more than just a useful guide principle for your practice. The knowledge translates to a lot of practical uses. Here's why you should understand it.

To Adjust Accordingly

Clients who are getting a fresh set of lash extensions won't be coming in with symmetrical lash length and volume. Instead, there will be shorter parts and fully grown parts, and even gaps in between. This is heavily influenced by the lash growth cycle. To add to the challenge, the cycle is also different for each person, and as a result, you'll encounter different types and arrangements of lashes.

Knowing the concept of the lash growth cycle allows you to understand why there are different natural lash sets and adjust accordingly by selecting the right lash extension to use.

Reassure Your Clients

Once you have finished the lash extension service, your client will naturally be fixated on the extensions. They want to keep it for as long as possible because it makes them look desirable and feel good. But there may be a point after the service where they begin to shed lashes and the lash extension that is bonded to it. It won't look good for the client and for you as a professional.

Giving them an overview of lash extension growth will set their expectations about situations such as shedding lashes. Their disappointment will turn to understand. You will gain your client's confidence enough to pitch the next fill appointment.

Determine Whether You Should Fill or Not

When the time comes that your client goes to you to get a lash fill, the lash growth cycle will be handy in determining the condition of the lashes several weeks after the service. But, more importantly, you will be able to determine whether you should perform a lash fill or a lash removal instead. This is important in the sense that we're looking out for our client's overall lash health as well. So, knowing the cycle will serve as your tool in further explaining why you recommended filling or removing.

woman wearing a mask getting lash extension
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A Glimpse of What You'll Learn from The Classic Course

The lash growth cycle is only one part of the bigger picture. There are other principles to learn in order to deem yourself a fully equipped lash artist. By taking online lash extension classes such as Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Course, you will have all the pieces of the puzzle that makes the rubrics of a competitive lash extension professional. Here are some of the things you will learn that relate to the lash growth cycle.

The Complete Eye Health

In the Classic Course online lash extension class, you will learn not only a detailed lash growth cycle but you will also see how this is part of a wider subject—your client's eye health. You will learn eye anatomy and different eye conditions your clients may have and how to deal with them.

Aftercare Tips

A separate module is dedicated to teaching you eyelash extension aftercare tips that you can pass along to your clients after a lash application or a lash refill.

How To Identify Stressed Lashes

You will have a video demonstration showing how to identify when a client's lashes are stressed. What's even more important is you are also taught how to treat your stressed eyelashes—which is very important, especially if you're starting out and have no real client experience yet.

The Best Part: Community and Support

To ensure your learning comes full circle, Beauty Boss Academy offers a lifetime of support. With a single purchase, you get access to the following:

One-on-one Support

Upon enrollment in the Classic Course, you will get a chance to do a video session with your Classic Course trainer. During this session, you will be allowed to consult and get feedback on matters relating to the practice of applying for lash extensions.

Lifetime Access to the Circle

This is a community composed of fellow lash extension learners who are as passionate and willing as you are. You will have a chance to learn from a fellow student and do practical training together. You can ask your questions, answer the ones you know, and compare notes. This is lifetime access so you will remain in the Circle even after you finish the lash extension classes online and have gotten your certification. 

Of course, the Beauty Boss team will still be there to give additional learning opportunities such as advice and tips. We may even give out training recommendations such as lash lift training or lash volume training so you can expand your service offerings.

Business Development Support

If you got to a level of confidence that you think is bankable but don't know where to start, support is waiting for you. Tap your coach or any of the Beauty Boss team for business advice. The business development support will not only help you create a business around your newfound lash profession, it will also give you support in terms of advice and tips to help you grow your practice as a lash technician.

Other Support

If you want to stay on top of your lash extension game, there is a classic refresher lash training that you can enroll in. It will help you review the various lashing techniques that will help bring back your edge if you haven't practiced in a while. You can also take this course even if you are an active lash extension practitioner. It's free and available for everyone.

Become A Lash Beauty Boss

To truly project an authentic lash boss vibe, it has to stem from genuine knowledge and skill. And the Classic Course is where you will get it from. So enroll in our lash extension class online now and be a certified lash professional equipped with the know-how of a true boss.

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