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Refill or Full Set? Master Lash Fill Appointments With This Beauty Online Course

Some clients may not know how important lash fills are, much less show up for an appointment and determine whether they need a refill or a full set. 

While it helps that they understand lash refills, it's also your job as a lash technician to educate them about it. After all, you are the lash expert. So when taking a lash beauty online course, pay attention to the discussion on fill appointments and removals, which we'll be doing now!

In this article, you'll learn about the basics of lash maintenance, the role and importance of fill appointments, and how to differentiate a refill from a full set.

Beauty School 101: What is a Lash Refill and Why is it Necessary?

A lash refill is similar to getting a new set of lashes, but you're only replacing a portion that has fallen out. It is part of the lash extension aftercare process and is recommended every two to three weeks. However, that might change depending on the client's lash cycle.

Here are reasons your eyelash extension clients need to come over for fill appointments.

  • It keeps the eyelashes looking good, healthy, and lush.
  • It makes the most of the client's eyelash extension investment.
  • The lashes naturally shed, causing lash extensions to fall out and leave gaps. A refill can fix this and bring back the lush look.
  • It also helps prevent lash breakage. If a client wears lash extensions for too long without refills, the lashes may turn brittle.
  • It allows you, the lash tech, to assess the health of your client's lashes and make necessary changes to their aftercare routine.

Refill vs. Full Set: Help Your Client Maintain Pretty and High-Quality Lashes

Now that we know the importance of lash fill-ins, let's move on to understanding the difference between a refill and a full set. When your clients come over for a fill appointment, you don't head straight to the beauty treatment. First, you assess whether they will need a refill or a new set of eyelash extensions.

They might not have an idea about the difference, so you should be the one to educate and help them decide. Don't worry if you still have no idea; we're here to help! Here's a quick comparison between a lash refill and a complete set so you can make an informed decision for your client.

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Eyelash Refill Appointment

Here are signs and conditions that suggest your client needs a lash extension refill.

  • Signs of overstress, such as big gaps and about a half amount of twisted lashes
  • Flipped or downward-facing lashes
  • Lash stickies (eyelashes that got stuck during treatment because the natural lashes weren't isolated, and the adhesive didn't dry properly)
  • The 40% rule: The client must have at least 40% lash extensions on their eyes. Otherwise, consider a full set removal.

How It's Done

Here are quick steps to give you an idea of how to do refills.

  1. Remove the eye makeup and ensure not a spot of residue is left on the lash line. This will help the adhesive bond well on the natural lashes.
  2. Eliminate the grown-out lashes using the Banana Method (squeezing and peeling the natural lash with a tweezer; for stronger lashes only) or the Debonder (liquid alternative).
  3. Once the old lashes are removed, consult your client. They might request a different lash style, length, or curl this time; don't forget to ask them about that.

Lash Full Set Removal

Meanwhile, the following are signs that suggest your client needs to remove the entire extension set and change it into a new one.

  • It's been several weeks (at least more than three) since you applied the previous set. 
  • The lash bond becomes weaker, and you notice many extensions falling off since the natural lashes have grown out.
  • A refill of less than 40% extensions needs a full set treatment.

How It's Done

Here are quick steps to give you an idea of how to perform a full set removal. There are two ways to do it: upward and downward application.

  1. Put an even amount of removal cream upward on the upper lash line.
  2. Cover the lash extension bond and avoid getting the cream in the client's eyes.
  3. Place a piece of paper tape over the cream on the upper eyelid and let it sit for ten minutes.
  4. Peel off the paper tape and remove the extensions using isolation tweezers.
  5. Remove leftover cream using cotton swabs.
  6. Clean the lashes using a water-based makeup application remover followed by a lash bath.
  1. Put eye patches on the lower lashes and ask your client to close their eyes.
  2. Apply an equal amount of removal cream to the lash extensions and cover the extension bond.
  3. Use a clear plastic wrap to cover the cream for ten minutes.
  4. Gently remove the eye patch and the clear wrap.
  5. Remove any excess cream with a cotton swab.
  6. Clean the lashes with a water-based makeup remover followed by a lash bath.
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Bonus Question: What About Foreign Fills?

What if a client comes in to book a fill appointment, but you're not the lash specialist who worked on the previous set?

Our online training course suggests removing the entire lash set and starting fresh. You may find it difficult and uncomfortable to fill the work of someone else because each lash tech has different levels of skills and techniques. Worse, you might even risk the results, which is a big no-no.

Furthermore, we encourage getting as much information and photos from the client before the appointment. This will help you estimate the time and cost required to complete the fill. When it comes to this matter, the ball is in your court!

To Fill or Not to Fill: Know More About Lash Aftercare With Our Online Beauty Courses

Many people love the idea of getting lash extensions but don't know the meticulous care it requires to make the most of their investment. Be that one person they can count on to educate them about the hard work and significance of lash maintenance, especially lash refills.

To sum it up, a client usually needs refills within three weeks after applying the first set. But beyond that range, a full set removal would be a better value for the money. That said, consider the natural beauty of their lash profile, condition, and shedding cycle to determine an aftercare solution that fits their needs and preferences.

Ready to learn more about fill appointments? Enroll in Beauty Boss Academy's online beauty classes training about lashes and achieve success in the beauty industry!

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