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7 One-Minute Breaktime Stretches to Make the Most of Your Lash Extension Certification

How do you value your career as a certified lash artist? If your answer is pushing yourself to the limit, you're not doing it right.

A lash career is only as long and healthy as you make it. Like any other profession, it can trigger strain injuries, especially one requiring repetitive motions and postures. We know you can get super busy to a point where you skip self-care. But because you worked hard to get your lash extension certification, you owe it to yourself to keep this work going as long as possible!

We've put together a list of seven quick stretches you can do daily to keep your health in check! 

7 Quick Body Stretches for Eyelash Extension Artists

It's important to start planning a healthy, long-term lash career early. Think of it as a technique to make your online lash extension certification last. 

Multiple lash sessions in a day can seriously burn you out and send you into an unfulfilling routine, but short, regular exercises in between your appointments can go a long way! We know you're a busy lash technician, so here are one-minute body stretches for a quick and effective break.

half body shot of woman on a chair with hands on painful back

1) Back Stretch

With a job like lash extensions, your back is one of the most readily affected body parts. So let's extend and round that spine with a good and quick back stretch.

How to do it:

Position 1

  • Start on all fours.
  • Exhale, then push your belly button up to round your spine.
  • Tuck your chin into your chest and wiggle your hips side to side.

Position 2

  • Keep your position on all fours.
  • Exhale while moving your body the lower way and extending your spine.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Move your belly button down while looking up.

Repeat these two positions for a good one minute.

2) Shoulder Stretch

Our next 1-minute stretch is for the muscles behind your shoulders. It's called the "thread the needle" exercise, and here's how you do it.

  • Start with a quadruped position or all fours.
  • Raise one arm with your eyes looking and following your hand.
  • Move your raised hand across your body and farther away from you to make way for a deeper stretch.
  • Bring your face to the floor and stay there for a few seconds, allowing the shoulder muscle to lengthen.
  • Go back to your quadruped posture and perform the same process for the other arm.

3) Lower Back Stretch

Next, let's give some love to your pressured lower back with the child's pose! Here's how you can stretch those muscles within a quick and productive minute.

  • Start with a sitting position, your hips and butt into your heels.
  • Reach both arms forward and bring your forehead to the floor.
  • Spread your knees apart, so your chest falls through the center.
  • Take deep, long breaths while stretching your shoulders and lats (middle and lower back muscles).
  • Crawl your fingers forward to intensify the stretching.
  • Move both arms to one side to stretch the opposite lat.
  • Come back to the center position and walk your hands over to the opposite side for the same stretch.

4) Hip and Lower Back Stretch

There's a lot of tension in your hips, especially if you spend all day sitting. You might not pick it up at first, but you will come to feel it eventually. So before it worsens, let's do the Scorpion stretch and release all that tension!

How to do it:

  • Lay down on your stomach with both arms on the sides.
  • Move your left arm to the side like a partial T while the other arm moves closer and beside your chest.
  • Raise your right leg slowly and move it to the opposite side until the foot reaches the floor.
  • Take a few long breaths before switching sides and performing the same gentle twist on the other leg.
lash extension certification online - half body shot of woman holding on her painful arm

5) Forearm Massage

This time, let's focus on your tired lashing arms! You work so hard to give every client a pretty lash extension makeover, so you deserve a nice forearm fascial release. This will ease the muscle tension and prep you for your next lash appointment.

Hand rotation

  • Start with an all-fours position.
  • Twist one arm to have its fingers pointing towards you. Then, make a fist on the other hand.
  • Release the fist and use that hand to grab the wrist of the other hand.
  • Slowly rotate the grabbing hand in one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). 
  • Keep doing it until you move your way up to the elbow.
  • Once you're at elbow level, change the rotating direction and move your way back down to the wrist.

Finger exercise

  • Once you reach the wrist, move on to grab and lift each finger.
  • Ensure your hand is flat to the ground; do not twist your fingers to keep the stretch.

6) Neck Tension Release

Let's now move on to your tense neck area. This exercise is called the SCM self-massage, a super easy one-minute stretch to loosen up your neck muscle (Sternocleidomastoid).

How to do it:

  • Turn your head to one side and grab the neck muscle that sticks out with your thumb and index fingers.
  • Slowly trace it all the way behind the ear and get a good grip on the muscle there.
  • Face forward and slowly wiggle your fingers up and down each part of the muscle until you reach the collarbone.
  • If you feel some tight knots along the area, hold onto them for a little longer until they loosen up.
  • Once satisfied, proceed to the other side of your neck and follow the same procedure.

7) Full Body Stretch

Let's end this list with a full-body exercise. This one is called the reverse table pose and rock, which opens up your chest and lengthens your muscles and biceps. Here's how you do it.

  • Sit on your butt, move your feet forward, and put your hands behind you.
  • From there, lift your bum to form a reverse tabletop position. Ensure it's about 90 degrees.
  • Do a rocking back and forth motion to shift the weight from your feet to your hands.
  • You should also try drawing circles with your body to add movement variations.

Make the Most of Your Lash Extension Certification With Easy, Regular Health Practices

No matter how much you love to spend hours lashing, you shouldn't neglect your body's needs. If you overwork it, you can't show your best capabilities. So pay attention when some areas of your body feel pain or discomfort, and give them a good stretch!

We just discussed seven one-minute stretches for a lash stylist. They might seem unimportant, but these exercises are super helpful for your long-term health! Consequently, your clients will always receive the best lash extension services.

By the way, these are snippets from the 10-minute stretching we constructed for one of our classic lash training courses, The Classic Course! Short video clips are also available on our YouTube channel, so check them out if you'd like.

Finally, if you want to take your lash passion to the next level, join our lash extension certification online training for more self-care tips!

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