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How Classic and Volume Lashes Can Make a Whole World of Difference

Have you ever looked at the mirror and thought, “My eyes look dull.” We all have those moments when our insecurities become too loud to ignore. But with a wave of the lash wand, your fairy god-lash tech can magically make your insecurities go away! 

What sorcery is this, you ask? Behold, classic and volume lashes can make your natural lash look fluffier and bolder! They last longer than eye makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara, so you don’t have to dread doing the makeup routine every morning. Between these two types of eyelash extensions, which one better suits you? Read further and find out!

What Is the Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes?

classic and volume lashes - Sequence of eyelash extension application

Do you want to embellish your eyelashes but can’t pick between these two types of eyelash extensions? Read this section for a quick rundown of each eyelash extension technique!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

If you want to hone the natural beauty of your eyelashes, you should go for a classic lash extension. This type of eyelash extension is placed on individual lashes. That’s why classic lash extensions are also known as “one-to-one,” as in applying a lash extension to an individual lash. Your lash artist will dip the tip of the lash extension in an adhesive and join it together with your natural lash.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Are classic lashes not enough for your tastes? You might like volume lashes or what they call “Russian lashes.” While a classic lash gives off a more natural look, volume lashes give a bolder and more dramatic look. Rather than applying a single extension to a single natural eyelash, a lash artist applies multiple lashes to your natural eyelash, forming a “bouquet” or “fan” with significant thickness.

There are also mega volume lash extensions that apply enormous extensions to a single natural lash. As you can imagine, this look isn’t for everyone.

Bonus: Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Experienced eyelash artists can take the best of both worlds and combine classic and volume lashes. A lash stylist can play around with the ratio to apply, depending on the look you are after. Usually, they go for a 70% volume and 30% classic ratio, while others prefer a 50-50 ratio.

Which Is Better: Classic or Volume Lash Extensions?

classic and volume lashes - Closeup of volume lash application

Now that you have an idea about what classic and volume extensions are, you might be thinking about which one your lash artist should do for you. We put classic and volume extensions head-to-head in the table below to help you decide sooner!

Classic LashVolume Lash
How many eyelash extensions are attached to an individual eyelash?OneTwo to ten
What “feel” does it give off?NaturalDramatic
How long would a lash artist take to apply it?1.5 to 2 hours2 to 4 hours
How long will the extensions last?4 to 6 weeks6 to 8 weeks
How long would a lash artist take to apply infills?30 minutes to 1.5 hours5 minutes to almost 2 hours

Also, remember that whichever type of lash extensions you pick, you will need to visit your lash artist regularly for infills. Eyelash extensions feel like they would last forever, but they won’t. After a few weeks, some will fall off, which means you're due for another session. While regular visits to the lash studio seem tiring, it sure beats applying and removing makeup.

At this point, you might have imagined how costly eyelash extensions are. But what if you apply them yourself? Or better yet, apply eyelash extensions on other people and become a lash artist yourself! Thanks to online eyelash extensions courses, it’s entirely possible for someone with zero lash knowledge to become a certified lash technician. Read the next section to learn how!

Where Can I Take an Eyelash Extensions Course Online?

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Tiktok are filled to the brim with beauty vloggers left and right. Frankly, any beauty vlogger can teach you how to apply eyelash extensions. But if you wish to become an eyelash technician, it takes more than just mimicking YouTube videos. You have to get certified by taking an accredited course.

If you’re set on becoming a certified lash stylist to reap its many benefits, head over to Beauty Boss Academy! The online beauty school offers courses for applying classic and volume lashes, as well as a refresher course for the advanced learner. Here’s a quick rundown of the two courses, so you’ll know what to expect.

The Classic Course

Aspiring lash technicians start by learning and mastering the techniques of applying classic eyelashes. The Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy will teach you how to do just that and also covers eye health, lash aftercare, and client servicing. After completing the course, you’ll be more than ready to take on clients and kickstart your lash technician career!

The Volume Course

Once you have mastered applying classic eyelashes, you can take it up to the next level and enrol in the Volume Course. Beauty Boss Academy designed this course to expand your knowledge and hone your skills in eyelash extensions. The 8-module course tackles everything you need to know about volume lashes, such as volume lash theory, client preparation, and appointments.

So whether you wish to take the Classic Course or the Volume Course, head to the Beauty Boss Academy website and enrol in the course of your choosing today!

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