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Licensed VS. Certified Lash Tech: What’s the Big Difference?

“Certificate” and “license” are practically synonyms, but in the beauty industry, there's a big difference between a licensed vs certified lash tech. It's important to know that distinction before you make your next career move.

A lash stylist is NOT necessarily licensed just because they are certified. Certification and licensure for beauty professionals differ significantly. Dig deeper into this article to learn the difference between the two.

What It Means to Be a Licensed Eyelash Extension Artist

Let us start by saying license requirements vary between countries, states, and provinces. Thus, if you plan to get a license, you need to know your local rules and regulations first.

In many locations, to be legally allowed to apply eyelash extensions, you need to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Cosmetologists have the general expertise to perform procedures for the face, skin, nails, and hair. Thus, it’s not surprising they make up most of the eyelash extension industry. They have spent years at an accredited beauty school and completed hours of training to get licensed.

In cosmetology school, cosmetologists undergo extensive training. First and foremost, cosmetology students learn about sanitation and safety in conducting beauty procedures. This knowledge is particularly important in eyelash extension application due to the prevalence of allergic reactions to dye and adhesive chemicals. Cosmetologists thus understand how to deal with and prevent such adverse reactions in clients.

Cosmetology programs include the fundamentals of the most popular treatments, but interestingly, many do not teach lash extension applications. So while their license may allow cosmetologists to perform the procedure, some of them may not have learned how in school.
The good news is that licensed cosmetologists can always take a lash technician certification course. Becoming a certified lash tech will expand their skill set beyond those they learned at school and on the job.

How to Be a Certified Lash Tech

To launch or advance your career in the lash industry, you need to enroll in a lash tech certification program with a professional and qualified lash technician to train you.

Here are the things you must do to obtain a certification.

Find a Reputable Training Facility for Eyelash Extensions

Finding a recognized institution that provides training in eyelash extensions is the first step. It's critical to conduct research and choose one with a solid reputation and program. More importantly, your province or state should accept the certification they offer, so always check your local regulations.

Certification proves you have mastered several methods for applying lash extensions, including classic, volume, and hybrid lash applications. Additionally, you will have received training in client care, styling theory, and sanitization.

Even business-related topics like starting a business, promoting your services, pricing theory, and other related areas can be included in a reputable beauty academy.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for the best beauty academy:

  • All facets of lash extensions are covered in the curriculum
  • Instructors have undergone extensive training and must be licensed and certified
  • The beauty academy must have a good standing (you can read testimonials from their students)

Sounds overwhelming? You don’t have to look any further—Beauty Boss Academy is offering courses in different skill levels with continued business support and access to a community of lash professionals. The Classic Course for beginners, for one, will teach you the fundamental skills of lash extension application and a lot more!

Attend Your Certification Training Classes for Eyelash Extensions

It's time to show up after you enroll for your lash certification, whether online or in person. The certification you receive and the institution you attend will determine the training duration. Other certifications may last longer and include more in-depth material, including advanced application methods, marketing strategies, and styling.

Throughout your course, you will understand everything about lash extensions, including the various lash types and application methods. You'll also learn about cleanliness and safety and how to speak with clients to determine which kind of lash extensions would be most suitable for them.

After completing your classes, you must possess the confidence to give your clients a wonderful lash experience.

Lash application

Get a Kit and Practice

Many eyelash extension certification programs include or charge extra for a starter kit. Typically, a beginner kit will include the essentials to get you started:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Mascara wands
  • Eye pads
  • Scissors
  • Glue holder
  • Lash Primer
  • Lash Remover

It takes time to master the technique of eyelash extensions, and you have to hone your abilities after your certification training. To continue practicing and developing your lash application skill, get the kit and set up a practice station with a mannequin. 

Practice along with Beauty Boss Academy’s video modules when you get the Ultimate Lash Pro Bundle, which comes with the Classic and Volume courses and starter lash kit.  

Pass the Certification Exam

Both a written and practical portion are often required for certification tests. Before taking the exam for such certifications, you might even need to accomplish a minimum number of hours.

Here's what you need to expect during the examination:

  • Written Exam. Topics, including lash extension theory, application methods, safety, and cleanliness, could be covered in the written portion. Make sure you comprehend these lessons thoroughly. Most eyelash extension certifications offer a guidebook containing all the possible questions for the written exam.
  • Hands-on Exam. You'll be given a model for the hands-on section and asked to apply a set of eyelash extensions. You might be judged according to the following standards:
  • client interaction/consultation
  • hygiene and cleanliness
  • choice of lash style
  • lash style preference
  • application technique
  • the overall health of lashes
  • Total Hours Trained. To ensure you have completed the minimum amount of hours needed, you're recommended to keep a record of your hours worked.

Going the Extra Mile!

Choose the best beauty academy to help you become a certified lash technician. After being certified, you can work in a lash salon or start your own. Who knows, you might even create a lash course and train aspiring lash artists!

Having a cosmetology license is good, but continuing your education through a certification program will make you a highly qualified lash technician and open doors of opportunity for you. All clients want to work with top-notch lash professionals who know the latest trends and techniques. And you can be one if you take the right steps.

Still undecided which beauty academy you'll enroll in? Beauty Boss Academy is here, and we have the right programs and resources to propel you in the lash industry. When you enroll in a Beauty Boss Academy lash course, you get to be a part of our VIP community and receive lifetime support. Plus, our social media is full of free education to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Explore our website and see what we have to offer! Get 15% off your first course when you sign up for our mailing list!

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