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4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Lash Removal to the Professionals

The trend of wearing eyelash extensions is growing nowadays. It's no secret that beauty standards include having long, thick lashes. With extensions, anyone can dramatically enhance their eyes and appear more youthful without volumizing mascara. 

However, lash artists and clients know that the time comes when lashes fall out. Although it’s normal in every eyelash extension journey, the problem is that some clients, especially new ones, tend to remove their lash extensions without the help of professionals.

Removing lashes at home has been unsuccessful for many people and has caused long-term risks. In this article, find out why it is important for lash extensions to be removed by a lash technician and how you can become better at removing lashes in no time.

When to Remove Lash Extensions

Before jumping into why clients need professionals to remove their lash extensions, let's discuss when they should have them removed. 

Lash artists are well-aware of the natural shedding process that occurs every six to eight weeks. During this time, natural lashes slowly begin to fall out after going through their life cycle. Likewise, lash extensions undergo shedding.

Aside from the natural shedding process, clients can have their lash extensions removed if they no longer want them. Another reason is if they have become allergic to some products used. They might also want to stop the necessary lash maintenance. 

If a client shows up for regular appointments, you will also know if her lash extensions need to be removed by checking for gaps along her lash line. 

4 Reasons Lash Extension Removal Should Be Done by a Lash Professional

Sometimes clients think removing lashes is a no-brainer, but it is tricky if you’re not an expert. Lash removal at home can pose some serious risks, even with a minor mistake. This is where the role of experts comes into play. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why lash extensions should be removed only by a licensed lash technician:

Eye Complications

Removing lash extensions requires being close to the eyes, which means bacteria and other foreign debris can easily enter the eye area from the fingertips. This is how do-it-yourself removal can cause an eye infection or injury. 

Licensed lash artists are knowledgeable and skilled in taking the right safety precautions. Thanks to proper sanitation and aftercare routines, they know how to remove extensions without harming or irritating the eyes.

Damaged Natural Lashes

The lash removal process requires the use of specific chemical solutions. These substances aid in melting the glue and separating the extensions from the natural lashes. Inappropriate dissolvers or poor application can damage natural lashes.

It is also not guaranteed that oil-based products used as dissolvers can safely remove the lash extensions. Doing so can lead to pulling out natural lashes since extensions are attached by the strand. Unfortunately, this can lead to bald spots in the lash line that may never grow hair again. 

Skin Problems

Lash technicians are trained to safely remove extensions using chemical dissolvers without harming the eye area and skin. However, it could clog the pores if the process is improper, like applying too much oil to the skin. This could lead to bumps, acne hyperpigmentation, and scarring, among other issues. 

Questionable Quality of Removal Products

High-quality tools are needed to create and attach beautiful lash extensions and avoid eye irritation and other medical risks. This also applies when it comes to removing them. Lash professionals know which products work best for dissolving the glue that doesn't harm the client's eye or skin. 

Tools and Products for Eyelash Extension Removal

Having a do-it-yourself lash extension application and removal at home is dangerous if you don't have the proper training, tools, and products. Lash artists have the necessary knowledge and items for eyelash extension services. 

Here are some of the things a licensed lash tech should have for extension removal:

  • Professional eyelash extension glue remover 
  • Under-eye gel pads
  • Cotton pads
  • Lash tweezers 
  • Micro swabs 
  • Lint-free swabs
a lash artist holding tweezers for lash removal

How to Safely Remove Lash Extensions on Your Clients

Now that we’ve discussed the risks of removing lashes at home, let’s talk about how a professional safely removes a client’s eyelash extensions. Here are some of the steps a lash technician takes for safe extension removal: 

Using Under-Eye Gel Pads

Before anything else, ensure that your client is ready and comfortable. Then start the removal process by applying under-eye gel pads to protect your client's delicate skin under the eyes. The pads can also help you have a better visual of the lashes to be removed. 

Applying Lash Glue Remover

A powerful lash glue remover is the key to removing lash extensions with success. First, use a micro swab to apply the remover on the extensions. Then, after putting on the lash removal gel or cream, wait approximately three minutes before doing anything.

Removing Extensions with a Tweezer

With the help of tweezers, gently lift each lash extension to test if the glue has come off. Then, use a lint-free swab to slide each off and any remaining remover on the natural lashes. The extensions are finally removed!

Cleaning the Eye Area

Use a wet cotton swab to rinse the natural lashes. Then, dry the eyes with a soft towel and brush the lashes. You can also talk to your client about proper lash removal aftercare. 

Provide Some Advice to Clients

Clients who remove their own lash extensions without proper training and tools might be quite hard to handle. However, as a lash professional, you should educate and explain to your clients why eyelash extension removal should be performed only with the help of lash technicians like you. 

When your clients' lashes have been applied, you can discuss how to care for them so that they don't cause any damage or irritation to their natural ones. Clients should also be aware that they shouldn't pluck or mess with their extensions to avoid infection or injury. 

As a lash professional, don’t hesitate to guide your clients about proper care for their lashes. Communicating well is one way you can build good relationships with your clientele. 

Expand Your Knowledge 

Properly removing lash extensions is as important as applying them to your client. You can't be good at one skill and fail at another when both are necessary for your job. This is why you must continuously broaden your knowledge and hone your abilities as a lash artist. 

Even if you are already good at applying or removing lashes, practicing your craft and achieving mastery is still worth it. Give yourself enough time and space to learn more and polish your skills. 

Become a Great Lash Artist with BBA

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It’s never too late to maximize your education on everything about lash extensions to ensure the safety of your clients and the quality of their lashes. They will also appreciate your expertise and trust you with all their concerns.

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