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Beautifully Learning From the Community: Lash Training With Fellow Lash Students

With the world limiting face-to-face classes, many beauty schools are offering online training. At the same time, many beauty students find this convenient and cost-friendly since they do all the training at home. However, there are still many who find it lonesome to be working alone in the four corners of their practice room. Other than your family and friends who volunteer to be your live models for lash training, you may be asking yourself if there is more fun—and social—way to learn.

To curb feeling like you're alone on a deserted island of fake lashes, you need to seek a lash course that offers the convenience of learning at your own pace, while still having a great sense of community.

Should You Study Alone or With Others?

Each person has a preference on whether they learn better alone or with some company. Therefore there is no one true answer to what study style you should pursue. Here are a few pros and cons to working alone and with other lash students.

Benefits of studying lashing alone

  • You can start and stop training without waiting for others.
  • You will have less anxiety since you won't have other people to compare yourself to.
  • Less distraction during lash classes, which can make you focus more.

Disadvantages of studying lashing alone

  • It can get lonely taking certified lash training all by yourself.
  • You will have no one to ask about what may be confusing during online training (e.g., about certain theories or a better lash lifting technique).
  • You don't get a chance to learn from other people's mistakes. It's always helpful to know based on other people's experiences.

Benefits of studying lashing with peers

  • You can gain more insights by sharing new information and perspectives.
  • It feels great to have someone who’s going through the same lash training course, which builds a strong relationship even after getting the lash certification (e.g., turning into business partners).
  • Your learning pace is accelerated especially if you reach an advanced course.
  • You learn more through more experienced lash artists or even professionals who have been practicing for years.

Disadvantages of studying lashing with peers

  • If you prefer a quiet environment when practicing, you can be distracted by your fellow lash students.

In the end, it's up to your preference whether you want to learn from a community or by yourself in online lash training courses. This is why choosing a lash course that gives you both choices is the best route for everyone. For example, if you enrol in Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Eyelash Technician Training Program, you have the choice to study alone or visit VIP groups whenever you feel like you want input from other people. Our community consists of aspiring lash technicians and seasoned professionals that you can connect with even after completing the course.

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Beauty Boss Academy's Lovely Community

Our eyelash technician training program offers the convenience of learning at your own pace plus a great sense of community where you can reach out and network with other talented individuals. Through this, students are able to support each other as they face challenges with their training or have questions about theories presented in class.

The cosmetology industry has always been known for being competitive, so rise above that. Since it does take time to master skills, having peers who understand what you're going through makes all the difference in improving yourself.

BBA's community gives you real-time support from our team and the professional lash artist that you learn from! That's right, you can send your inquiries to your mentor, and they will respond to you. This is a perk you have even when you are a professional yourself. Maybe the time will come that you will be the one sharing what you know to those who are still learning the art of lashing. Continuing the cycle of building a beautiful community in the lash industry through BBA.

You don't have to feel alone while training to be a lash technician because you'll never run out of resources from people who've mastered these skills before. Additionally, you can create long-lasting relationships with individuals who share the same passion for lashing as you do. Start today!

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Join the family and get support & inspiration from other lash artists and beauty professionals, plus exclusive BBA updates and promotions!

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