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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before and After a Lash Training Course

Starting a new business is an incredible feeling. The possibilities leave a lot of room for joy and excitement. 

The same thrill applies to being an eyelash entrepreneur. But with it sometimes come mishaps,  especially when you only have your gut to go with and not much knowledge or experience.

We want to set you up as a lash artist prepared for success even before you start. So here are some questions you need to ask yourself before and after taking a lash course.

Before Enrolling in a Lash Training Course Online

As in most business endeavours, taking on a lash career takes serious work. You will serve various customers, and they’ll want the best possible service before becoming regulars. So it's only fair to assess yourself using the questions below before jumping in.

Do I need a license to perform a lash extension application?

The requirements to apply lash extensions vary according to your state or province. Some areas require a license while others do not. So before you Google “lash training course near me” and enroll in the first academy you see, make sure you know your local requirements. 

Can you manage your studies and growth?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a lash extension course online. Your instructors will walk you through everything about lash extensions and help you get certified and set for your dream career. 

Online courses like what Beauty Boss Academy offers are a great way to learn at your own pace. Still, you need commitment and initiative to read the manuals, practice the concepts and techniques, and seek help from your instructors or peers when needed. 

If you can stay committed to your goal, you are ready to enroll in a lash extension training course and be a bonafide beauty boss.

Before enrolling in a lash training course, be sure you’re willing to see it through


After Finishing the Certified Lash Training Course

Getting your lash certification is a milestone worth celebrating. But after all the technical bits, it's time to move on to the business side of things. 

Your skills are only a part of your success as a lash entrepreneur. So before diving in, ask yourself the following questions to ensure you're off to a worry-free start.

Do you have the capital to start?

Ensure you have enough financial resources for supplies, business registration, space rental, and other essentials. The money should be liquid. It also has to last as long as your commitment does. Do some research on how much you need, and be sure to set aside a budget for important upgrades as your business grows. 

Do you have a brand?

Professional eyelash technicians are everywhere, and branding is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. Consider how you’ll provide value to your clients and how you can make lashing your own. Also, take into account the type of clients you want to attract. Once you have your branding figured out, you’re on track to establish yourself in the beauty industry.

Have you started building a network?

If you're a social butterfly from the get-go, this would be an easy task. If not, sit down and think about who among your friends, family members, and colleagues can be your first clients just to get your name out there. 

Take it a step further by connecting with like-minded people and professionals in the beauty industry. Aspiring lash technicians who start their lash journey with Beauty Boss Academy get access to our online community of lash professionals. They’re eager to share helpful tips and be your support system even after you’ve completed the course!

Are you dedicated to advancing your lash skills?

Being a competitive lash technician demands a standard set of skills, and you will have learned them as a licensed esthetician or a certified lash artist. But the lessons don’t stop there. So are you willing to put in the extra work to upskill and be updated with the latest lash trends?

With an advanced eyelash training course, you will learn new techniques and improve your lash skills. You’ll also learn about lash bonding, eye health conditions, proper sanitation practices, client preparation, and more.

Become a Certified Lash Artist with Beauty Boss Academy

As in any venture, success for an aspiring eyelash extension professional is a slow and steady race. It requires a lot of hustle and constant self-assessment, so be sure you have what it takes to make it in the business. 

Beauty Boss Academy is here to help! We offer eyelash extension courses to help you become highly qualified as a lash artist. Start your journey to becoming a certified lash technician by joining our lash training courses now!

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