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Lash Technician Training Online 101: Lash Aftercare Tips

You picture yourself making the best lash applications and sending clients off with a satisfied look on their faces after the service. For you, it's the most crucial part of being a lash artist, and you intend to focus on that aspect of the job.

However, enrolling in lash technician training online will tell you that there's more to lash applications than you think. While it's true that lash application is crucial as the core point of this career, you need to expand the thought more. Eyelash application is not only the outcome but the entire process: before, during, and after the procedure. 

Lash application doesn't end from the moment your client walks out of your studio. Rather, it's just the beginning wherein the application takes effect. You need to understand the essence of aftercare and advise your client to ensure that the investment is worth the effort.

Why Do You Need Aftercare For Lash Extensions?

Think of lash extensions this way: the application is extremely delicate and quite laborious. It can also be costly (depending on various factors). As a lash stylist, aftercare values your efforts and skills as a lash technician. 

Meanwhile, it helps your clients avoid additional costs and makes every dollar they spend worthwhile. Lash maintenance also promotes good eye health by keeping them clean and therefore avoids infection. It's for these reasons that lash aftercare is incredibly significant.

So when looking for lash tech training online, don't enroll in lash courses that exclude aftercare in their curriculum, especially if you're starting from scratch. It's a very important aspect of your lash career, so you can't skip it.  

Keep A Fabulous Lash Look With 5 Aftercare Tips!

Make those pretty lashes last. Help your clients follow these five eyelash extension aftercare tips to keep those lashes in check!

Tip #1: Don’t Touch and Keep Them Dry For 48 Hours

After getting their lashes done, tell your client not to touch them for at least the first four hours, or it might get accidentally pulled out. Since it's still newly applied, it can break easily. You need to keep them dry for 48 hours as much as possible. The glue needs more time to stick firmly on the lashes, so keep water off your eyes for a while. 

Tip #2: Avoid Waterproof and Oil-Based Cosmetic Products

Aside from water, oil also causes lashes to fall off easily. If you're using makeup, makeup removers or any other skincare product, make sure they're oil-free. Extension-safe and waterproof makeup like mascara is also a big no because it softens and breaks down the glue applied on the extensions.

Tip #3: Give Your Lashes Regular, Gentle Brushes

Brushing is important to keep the fluttery look of your lash extensions. Choose a time when your lashes need brushing the most— preferably when you wake up in the morning or after taking a shower. Use spoolies (brushes used to apply mascara) when brushing. In addition, remember to be gentle with your lashes at all times. Brushing too hard will cause them to break down.

sleeping woman with fallen eyelashes on pillow

Tip #4: Be Careful With Your Body Movements and Positions

Body movements and positions may also cause damage to your lashes. For example, if you accidentally press your face tightly on a surface or if you sleep sideways, your lash extensions will get crushed. Ensure that you're on your back whenever you lie down and be mindful of the movements you make. 

Tip #5: Wash Regularly After 48 Hours

After 48 hours of keeping them dry, it's now time to wash regularly to keep them clean and avoid the risk of eye issues. First, clean the lash extensions at least every three days using a lash extension cleaner so that it's oil-free. Then, use a soft lash cleanser brush and let the water gently run down your eyes. 

Learn More About Lash Aftercare With Beauty Boss Academy

Eyelash extensions work wonders if you can take care of them well. Naturally, time will come when you will need to get them done again. However, with proper maintenance, it can last from three to eight weeks! 

We encourage you to join the Beauty Boss Academy and enroll in a lash technician course online to learn more about lash extensions aftercare practices. Our Classic Course consists of everything an aspiring lash artist needs to know, including aftercare essentials of course! Want more? You don't need prior experience to start this course!

Meanwhile, if you're a lash artist with an established career and only want to refresh or expand your lash knowledge, you may take our Classic Refresher Course instead. You will get a lash tech certification online upon completing the course. 

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