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Sewing The Connections: Proper Posture, Lash Technician Success, and Volume Lash Training

The lash industry is booming and with good reason! Lash technicians can provide clients with beautiful, natural-looking results that can significantly enhance their appearance. To provide the best possible service, it's essential to have proper training. Training for lash technicians is necessary, but there’s more to it than just learning the techniques. Good posture is also an essential aspect of becoming a successful lash technician, and you’ll learn about it in lash training modules.

Let us help you sew the connections between attending a volume lash training course, learning about proper posture, and attaining success. Keep reading!

Proper Posture

Part of the module topics when getting your eyelash extension certification online will talk about self-care. Basic as it is, proper posture affects your performance as a lash technician, so here are the simple ways you can ensure your stance is correct. 

Mind your posture when sitting.

When you do lash extensions, you’ll be in a sitting position for hours, depending on the lash style you are doing. Aside from focusing on your client’s lashes, have an awareness of your posture too. Make sure that you are not slouching. Relaxing your shoulders does not only positively affect your lashing but your posture as well—you won’t have a painful back and shoulders later on. 

Know the benefits of standing upright.

Practice proper posture not only when you are doing lash extensions, but regularly in daily life! Imagine a client entering your lash bar with you slouching—it’s not a very favorable impression of your service. On the other hand, when you stand correctly, meaning having a straight back, relaxed stance, and your chin up, your confidence emanates and they’ll know that they are in good hands. Just by standing properly, you give a positive impression to the people who see you. 

Stretch often.

When you start your lash extension service, know that you are encouraged to stretch your back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Do a quick forward fold for a couple of seconds to stretch your back. Squatting will help get the blood flowing again in the lower and upper body. Neck, arm, shoulders, and leg circles are convenient ways to give these body parts a break from a controlled position. 

Pick ergonomic equipment and furniture.

When you plan how your lash bar will look, think ahead about you and your client's comfort. Aside from setting the ambiance through interior design and lighting, consider ergonomic equipment and furniture. It is best to get proper lash technician chairs with back support instead of using stools. For your clients, pick a reclining chair, so you can adjust them in an angle where both you and the customer are comfortable. 

volume lash training online

Lash Technician Success

If you have already begun doing these exercises or are still planning to do so, here are the ways that your health can affect your success. 

Part of success is ensuring that you don’t get sick so that you can keep on working towards your goals. When you keep yourself healthy by sitting and standing appropriately at work, your physical, mental, and even emotional wellness are positively affected. With the right posture, you are safe from muscle pains, bone dislocations, and headaches. 

This will also positively impact your immune system. It is because your respiratory and digestive systems work efficiently when you do not slouch—giving the lungs extra space for expansion. 

With the right posture, your mental wellness is also affected as your confidence gets a boost. The proper posture exudes confidence, and this affects your skills. Eventually, through proper marketing, your confidence in yourself and your skills will translate to more clients and success in your field. 

Volume Lash Training 

Of course, to achieve this success, you first need to be a certified lash technician, so volume lash training online and advanced volume lash training courses are a must. Aside from proper posture and self-care, here are some of the knowledge you will get from volume training classes:

  • Workplace and tools sanitation, sterilization, and safety
  • Common eye conditions
  • Client consultation
  • Lash artist health
  • Volume lash theory
  • Lash styles
  • Practical training of making fans at home
  • Lash preparation
  • Lash application
  • Aftercare
  • Fill appointments

Getting licensed is highly encouraged as it is required in some states and provinces, and it will also help with credentials discerning clients look out for. With proper training, you will also be armed with knowledge about proper techniques and wellness. 

Get Your Certification From Beauty Boss Academy

Learning to sit, stand and stretch properly may seem like minor details in your day-to-day life. But the proper posture affects a lash technician’s success in two ways: by giving a positive first impression to clients, and by staying healthy. Proper posture is vital for lash technicians who want to do their jobs excellently and end the day without any body pains. With this knowledge, have the drive to learn more in your craft as a lash technician through a lash course. You can even get Complimentary Eyelash Extension Certifications online at Beauty Boss Academy! Do what it takes to have proper posture and learn more about your craft—they are both keys to success in your lash career!

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