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Lash Technician Course: From Hobby To Profession, Make Your Craft “Official!”

For some reason, you wake up one morning feeling hopeful and more excited than any other day because you’ve finally decided--you’ll take up an eyelash technician course! You have thought about this for some time but haven't had the courage to jump in.

It’s about time! You’ve been thinking about taking your hobby to the next level because of the encouragement from your friends and family (your models by default). 

So, let's give you a preview of what you will get in an eyelash tech course to reassure you that you are making the right decision and to get you all hyped up! Let’s begin!

A good grasp of basic and advanced lash knowledge

Get ready to be mind blown as the knowledge you’ll get from a lash training course is a deep dive into what you’ve seen from free tutorial videos online. In addition, the training center will provide you with several recorded training videos, which you need to watch before the actual live training. In both sessions, you’ll tackle these topics depending on the school you enrolled in:

  • Eye anatomy and physiology
  • Client health assessment
  • Theories on eyelash design
  • Keeping your workplace safe through proper tools and products
  • Methods and techniques for lash treatments

Lash training centers will adjust the concepts you will learn depending on whether you’ll take the beginner or advanced course. But, in a span of a few days, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to do lash extensions, lift, and tint.

Become an expert in client care and customer service 

Through a lash training course, you’ll know how to profile your customers and ask the right questions about their health, like pregnancy, taking medications, any health conditions, or allergies to certain chemicals. This information will help you perform your task with excellent results. 

Of course, Post lash treatment care is an important step you will cover with your customers, and answer any of their inquiries. 

Learn from the experienced and the best

All the courses you will have will be conducted by licensed and experienced lash experts who’ve had their training and experience. Your trainers will show you how to perform lash treatments in actuality.

Get your models ready as you need to conduct actual lash treatments on them, and prepare yourself to apply all the concepts you learned from the training. This stage is also usually when you’ll be evaluated. 

The rigorous process prepares you for the exam you might need to undertake to be a licensed lash technician. 

eyelash tech course

An “Official” Certification!

After all the training, you’ll receive a certificate. Then, you can confidently take any licensure exams you might be required to take, especially if the state or province you are in allows only licensed technicians to operate. To know, check your state or province's regulations. 

Yet, whether it is required or not in your area to be licensed, we still encourage you to do so for these three reasons:

  1. You are ready for it! Put all the knowledge and practice you had during the training to good use by taking the exam and passing!
  2. Your opportunities will be limitless. You can offer services or expand your business in different states. 
  3. You’ll instantly get your clients’ trust.

Lots of freebies and kits to get you started

What will you need in this new journey of providing professional lash services? You’ll surely need some adhesives, different kinds of tweezers, some eye patches, different types of lashes, palettes and sponges, and of course, the creams and primers. Guess what? Your training school will have you covered! You’ll get a full kit after you complete the training. 

Endless learning and opportunities

Your network of lash professionals who can provide you job opportunities and additional tips and best practices about your field will increase as they will add you to a private community of lash technicians. 

Some schools also get your credentials and post them to their directory of lash experts, where clients and business owners can access them. So don’t be surprised if you get calls offering you some gigs or a permanent position in a salon. 

Be a “Beauty Boss”

Like a butterfly reaching its final stage when it finally spreads its colorful wings and flies, you will experience pretty much the same after the training. You’ve always had the gift of making yourself and the people around you beautiful. Still, you’ll have extra confidence because of the knowledge, professional skills, and certification you've gained. 

Aside from personal growth, part of your training is marketing your services or your business and winning clients. This part is the best about lash training courses. They do not just teach you excellent skills, but they empower you to be beauty bosses and succeed. 

Take A Lash Technician Course Here At Beauty Boss Academy!

We know the feeling of waking up in the morning with all the hopes and dreams of becoming a professional lash technician, so quit looking for a “certified lash technician course near me,” and let us help you make your hopes come true by taking our courses. 

We have the Classic Course for beginners and Complementary Courses for those who want to expand their knowledge and skills. Contact us here if you have any inquiries, we’d be happy to assist you. You can also follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated with our new offers and discounts. Talk to you soon, Beauty Bosses!

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