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6 Lash Technician Class Lessons You Shouldn’t Underestimate

Many aspire to become lash stylists because they think it is an easy way to enter the beauty industry. Lash technician classes can provide a shorter learning curve, but there is so much more to this industry than meets the eye.

So what should a budding lash artist do? This blog post explores why you shouldn’t underestimate certain lash lessons under a lash training course. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling through a difficult learning process.

Isolation of Individual Lash Extensions

Separating individual lash extensions is one of the more challenging aspects of eyelash extension training. Why is that so?

  • Applying the wrong amount of adhesive to the natural lash makes the lash extension slide right off and will not stay on for the time required. 
  • On the other side, employing excessive adhesive could endanger lash extensions.

Therefore, balancing the right amount of lash adhesive to set the lash extensions is a must. Taking your time and patience while learning how to conduct isolation is vital because it’s a challenging and occasionally delicate process.

The Blending of Eyelash Extensions

Many students find blending eyelash extensions difficult to grasp for some reason. It may sound cliché, but remember that not all lashes are created equal, so you must consider them before achieving stunning natural lash extensions.

  • Too much variation in lash extensions’ thickness, curl, or length can make them appear unnatural and noticeable.
  • Lashes naturally grow in cycles. The blended area may appear uneven as they shed old ones and grow new ones.

Despite all these difficulties, refining your blending abilities is fundamental for creating a seamless and attractive look. Any student can become proficient in this challenging lesson with practice.

Proper Lash Curl

Learning how to curl lashes properly is another tricky part for beginner lash artists and even experienced ones. They need to clamp the lashes using an eye curler and hold it at a perfect angle to get the perfect curl. 

Take rests while curling to prevent hurting the lashes to steer clear of these situations. With a little exercise, any lash artist can flawlessly perfect the skills of curling lashes.

Trimming of Eyelash Extensions

Trimming is necessary before applying long eyelash extensions, even if you’re not used to using scissors. But here’s the catch: You have to carefully check to ensure all of the lashes are the same length and that you don’t over- or under-trim.

It could be beneficial to practice on a mannequin head or a strip of fake eyelashes. Doing so can obtain a sense of how much pressure to use and how to hold the scissors.

Lash Removal

The removal procedure is not thoroughly discussed in classic lash training, leaving students to make educated guesses on how to remove them securely.

Removal of lash extensions is a vital yet complicated process. Attempting to remove them yourself could result in damage to natural lashes. Thus, seek advice from a qualified professional if you don't feel comfortable doing so. They will be able to determine the best way to proceed based on the state of the customer’s natural lashes.

Lash Application Technique

Lash extension application is a highly intricate process that depends on some factors, including the size, shape, and thickness of the natural lash, as well as the desired look. 

This lash technique implies that there is a lot for students to learn in lash classes, like classic lashes, volume lashes, or hybrid lashes. Each technique requires its own set of skills and knowledge, so it can be quite challenging for students to master all three. Nonetheless, you can still become an expert in all areas of lash extension application with the right information and training.

Handling Struggles During an Eyelash Technician Course

tired millennial woman employee struggle with dizziness

Every journey has its ups and downs, but when you embark on the path of becoming a lash tech, there will be struggles along the way. But it’s fine! These problems will always be part of your growth.

Instead, consider this advice when staggering during eyelash classes:

Be Brave

Speak up and ask your instructor for clarification if you’re having trouble. We all start somewhere, so there is no humiliation in acknowledging that you need some assistance.

Stay Positive

Keep in mind that everyone experiences difficulty at first. As with learning anything, there will always be a learning curve. But with practice and persistence, you’ll soon master it.

Be Patient with Yourself

Rome didn't get built in a day, and neither will your lash-styling abilities. So give yourself time to learn and grow, and don’t be discouraged if things don’t come as easily as you’d hoped.

Perseverance + Determination = Eyelash Extension Certification!

At Beauty Boss Academy, we understand that earning an online lash certification is not that simple. It takes persistence and commitment to complete the coursework and be the successful lash artist you want to be. 

But we believe in you! We know that you have what it takes to be the ideal lash professional in clients’ eyes. 

Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced lash artist, you will be supported by our lash professionals during and even after you’ve completed the course! Just remember to stay focused and dedicated during lash extension class, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified lash artist!

Are you still struggling to fit into the lash industry? Then, enroll in one of our courses, join our community of lash experts, and get extensive support. 

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