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The Beauty Sleep Corner: Lash Tech Training Tips to Rest Easy (And Pretty!) With Lash Extensions

Do you experience days that feel so long, you couldn't bother doing anything else but get on your bed and call it a day? Surely you have had a share of them like everyone else, and that's perfectly understandable. 

However, it can become a concern when you have a "body investment" to take good care of. For instance, eyelash extensions. Suppose you've just gone through the process of pampering your lashes a few days ago. Lash extensions are a less time-consuming way to get that natural, full lash look without the hassle of multiple mascara coatings.

But what about those exhausting nights when you don't want to take your lashes off before bed? What if you're the type who moves a lot in your sleep? When you think about these, they can ruin your perfectly made lashes fast.

We understand your lash concerns, so we're providing this quick lash tech training session for you! Read some useful tips to help you get that beauty sleep even with lash extensions on.

What’s in Your Beauty Sleep Plan? 5 Fantastic Tips to Sleep Without Ruining Your Lash Extensions

How can you guarantee that you're not going to toss and turn so your lashes won't fall out? Unfortunately, there's no knowing what happens once you fall asleep. Moreover, certain factors such as drinking night coffee, lack of sleep hygiene, or anxiety can cause you to move a lot in your sleep.

Fortunately, there are effective tips you can try to keep your beauty sleep in check! You may not control how you move when you sleep, but you can use devices and proper positions to take care of your lash extensions. Here's how.

1. On Your Back, Get Set, Sleep!

The first thing you have to fix is your sleeping position. Fortunately, it's not impossible to change it, so start making a habit of sleeping on your back when you have extensions on. This will help prevent the lashes from directly making contact with other bedding elements that can ruin them.

If you feel like you can't stay still on your back for long, you can put pillows on your sides or stomach for support and help you keep the position steady all night.

2. Put on a Contoured Eye Mask

If getting used to a new sleep position takes too long, use a sleep mask as a supporting device. And when we say eye mask, it should be contoured. Why, you ask? It incorporates a curving style that doesn't directly touch and ruin your lash extensions.

As we mentioned in our Instagram post, a contoured eye mask is like a bra for the eyes. It serves as a barrier between your lashes and bedding elements. At the same time, it doesn't squeeze your eyes. Want more? A sleeping mask also helps you sleep well, and you can sell this to your clients if you're planning to build a lash career!

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3. Lashes Against Silk Fabric

Bedding material can affect the condition of your lash extensions. Cotton sheets or pillowcases, for instance, can get your lashes pulled out because of their texture. It's a soft material but not soft enough to leave your lashes unscathed. So what is the ideal fabric to use? It's none other than silk!

Silk offers many benefits for your lashes and skin. First of all, it's softer than cotton, so you can rest easy about lash pulling issues. Second, silk also prevents wrinkles and is hypoallergenic, a completely skin-friendly material that helps you get the beauty sleep you need.

4. Break Your Bad Lash Habits

Are you the type who likes to touch your face or rub your eyes? If you have lash extensions on, you have to stop doing that. Naturally, it will trigger your lash extensions to fall out, putting your investments to waste.

Perhaps something feels a little itchy, and you really can't help but rub or tug at your lashes. In that case, you can touch them lightly or use a gentle brush as a safer alternative.

5. Drop Your Oil-based Cosmetics

Clean lashes are oil-free lashes. Therefore, you should avoid using oil-based products when you have your lash extensions on. Oil and wax can cause the lashes to get dirty and the adhesive to wear out fast.

Before applying your skincare products, review the ingredients carefully. Say no to all oils, waxes, creams, and micellar water. These compounds can loosen or completely dissolve the lash glue bond.

Learn More Lash Aftercare Tips From Beauty Boss Academy

Sleeping habits and skincare routines are important things to ask during a lash consultation. In your certified lash tech training course, you'll learn about the exact questions to ask, such as the position your client normally sleeps in and many more. Knowing these will help you find the appropriate lash application for your client. For example, people who move around a lot in their sleep will benefit from shorter and thinner extensions. It will be more comfortable, long-lasting, and won't stress the short and thin corners of the natural lashes.

Do you still find this subject a little confusing? Or would you like to know more and bring your lash knowledge on a professional level? Look no further with BBA's lash tech training online! We offer comprehensive lash certification courses for beginners and pro lash technicians.
If you have to start from scratch, we recommend The Classic Course. Meanwhile, you may take the Classic Refresher Lash Certification Course to brush up on your lash skills and learn more tricks. Plus, you'll get to purchase an incredible lash tech training kit to get hands-on with your training course. Begin your beauty sleep project today!

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