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Lash Studio Lighting Tips You Need to Know to Become a Certified Eyelash Technician

When working on lashes, you need adequate light to see if you're doing it right. Suppose you're new to the world of professional lash applications. You're probably wondering if any lighting device will work as long as you can see your clients well enough. 

Unfortunately, that's not how things work if you want to become a certified eyelash technician. You need to consider many things before working on your client's lashes, and one of these is the lighting setup. When you enroll in a certified eyelash technician school, you'll learn the dos and don'ts of setting up lighting for your lash studio.

While you're on a quest for a good certified eyelash technician course, here's a quick list of three effective lighting tips for lash application.

3 Lighting Tips for the Eyelash Extension Technician’s Studio

Time to light up your workstation and career, lash artist! Here are three essential tips for setting up proper lighting for your eyelash extension application studio. 

Choose Professional Lighting with a Daylight Function

We understand that natural light isn't present 24/7. You might be working in a location where the sun doesn't shine that much, or the weather is just bad on some days. In that case, look for lighting systems that have daylight functions instead.

Avoid fluorescent lights and switch to daylight bulbs if you can. They will give you a brighter view of the entire room. What makes these lights different is that they use LED instead of fluorescent light. As a result, they give off better visual clarity for nitty-gritty work like lash extensions; they enhance the colour perception and reduce eye strain.

Look for Adjustable and Portable Features

Lash studio lighting should provide flexibility. Some of your clients may be sensitive to light, so you must adjust the direction or brightness. Adjustment is also handy when taking photos of your clients. It would look great for social media, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your business further! 

What if you have a remote lash studio? It is the preferable setting in the pandemic season. However, the lighting can be an inconvenience when you're transferring from one place to another. Pick a lightweight and portable lighting system so that you can easily maneuver it when necessary. 

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The Lash Lighting Debate: An Overview

In your search for the best lash lighting, you've probably encountered these terms: ring light, makeup light, and Glamcor light. These are none other than your best lighting options. 

Keep in mind that there's no manufacturer for lash-centred lighting products. Rather, the existing ones focus on a wide range of beauty applications like makeup and tattoo applications. 

Therefore, these three lighting options are selected based on the experience of most lash experts. We've enumerated the essential points you need to know about them to help with your selection.

Ring Light: Master of Photography

You've probably seen ring lights used in several photo studios because that's what they're originally made for. Lash artists love the quality of its natural lighting capability; the colour is softer than other types but relatively brighter. In addition, it doesn't cast shadows, doesn't overheat, has adjustable angles and is more affordable than Glamcor.

However, since it's primarily made for photos, it might not be very practical for lash work. Also, depending on the size you choose, a ring light can be too heavy and huge, which isn't ideal for a lash service. 

Makeup Light: The Middle Ground

True to its name, the makeup light is primarily designed for makeup professionals. However, it still passes off as lash lighting equipment. Like Glamcor lights, this one has a gooseneck stem but it is shorter. As a result, you might not feel satisfied with the adjustments you’ll be making.

It gives off similar amounts of light as a ring light: it can be too much or too bright for a lash technician, so you might want to use it for client photo sessions instead. Some professionals also find it expensive, so consider this as another selection factor. 

Glamcor Light: Lash-Friendly Tool

The Glamcor light is specifically designed for beauty professionals, so it's the most recommended lighting for lash work. First, it has a range of five brightness levels perfect for the different stages of lash application. Second, it has a gooseneck stem for adjustment, something you won't find on a ring light. 

It's perfect for lash applications, especially for sensitive clients. You can easily adjust the brightness level to something they prefer, and the gooseneck stem makes the work more accessible. They're also great for taking selfies, although the ring light is a good competitor for that. Glamcor tends to cast more shadows than ring lights, so you'll need to keep moving it.

Light Up Your Career With Beauty Boss Academy!

Good lighting is undoubtedly one of the key factors in achieving the perfect ambiance for lashing. It helps you see your work's tiniest details with great clarity and provides the best experience for your clients. Hence, it’s an essential factor in a successful lash career.

Learn more about the fundamentals of lighting by joining certified eyelash technician classes. Beauty Boss Academy offers The Classic Course, an online lash training course where you'll learn everything you need to become an awesome lash stylist. With or without prior lash knowledge, we welcome every passionate learner out there and provide high-quality learning materials. 

Enroll now and be a part of our Facebook community! We post updates and discussions with like-minded beauty professionals so that you can stay on top of the lash industry. Join us today!

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