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Eyelash Training Course: How to Set Up Your Lash Room

An eyelash training course is the best way to learn how to do eyelash extensions and build a career out of it. You can empower women by making their eyelashes look amazing, but not too soon—you'll need time, patience, and a bit of practice before you get good at this craft. Luckily, eyelash technician training courses will equip you with eyelash extension techniques and everything you need to know to get ahead in this career path.

Online training has become an effective way of teaching students and reinforcing professionals. If you select online eyelash training, you need to have a space that you can convert into your mini salon or mock-up clinic.

Are you thinking of ways to convert your space into a lash room? Keep reading and learn some tips with this article.

3 Lash Room Tips for You

Setting up your own lash room is crucial if you want to maximize all the knowledge and tips from your eyelash training course online. Hands-on application and practical training will let you understand the different theories about lash extensions.

First, you’ll need a conducive space where you can study and work at the same time. Here are the tips on how you will set up your lash room:

#1 Find a Space

If there are extra rooms in your house that you can convert into your lash room, you’re one of the lucky ones! You may select the best vacant room in the house where natural light gets through. In case you have limited options, you can convert a space in your room or any empty corner where you can set up your lash room.

It is also helpful to look up lash clinics online and get inspiration for your interiors. Think of a layout that strategically places your furniture, lash bed, and remote learning set-up for the most conducive space. For example, you may think of placing the lash bed in the center of the room or against the wall to free up extra space. Be creative!

#2 Clean and Prepare Your Future Lash Room

Now that you’ve finalized your lash room, clean it up and make it pretty with your favourite colours and design foundation. You can go for pink for a feminine ambiance or classic white to represent elegance. It's your space, so you can use any colour you like!

You should also add power extensions, aircon, exhaust fan (if needed), and lights. Good overhead lighting is a must-have, so you can clearly see the lash extension during practical application.

#3 Decorate the Lash Room

Here comes the fun! It is time to unleash your creative side and decorate your lash room for the best eyelash training course set-up! As mentioned earlier, you can place the biggest pieces like the lash bed and chair in the center or against the wall to maximize the remaining space. You’ll also need a table where you can place your laptop or any learning device during online eyelash extension training.

Do not forget to give life to your wall. You can add complementing colours or even paint on them. Aside from coating your walls with colours, hang paintings or frames that bear your favourite quotes for added motivation. If you don't want to paint your walls, you can incorporate wallpapers and stickers that add a splash of personality. 

You can also maximize your space with dividers where you can place your lash kit, towels, and other things you need. Scented candles and diffusers with aroma oils can take your lash room to a whole new level and a relaxing ambiance, so you might want to add one of them to your space.

Other Things You Need to Do

Always clean your lash room and make it a habit to disinfect all the materials before and after use. You have to bring your A-game and focus on each online training session to become a competent eyelash artist. For a continuous and uninterrupted learning experience, do not run out of supply, especially the ones in your lash kit.

If you are using wifi, it's also smart to include a wifi booster and extender for a high-speed internet connection vital during your online lash training.

Learn to Conceptualize from Beauty Boss Academy’s Courses for Lash Extensions

Before you start any lash extension courses, like the Classic Refresher eyelash technician training course, you must have a space reserved for your training as an online student. You can convert your own room into a lash room if you have limited space at home. Start conceptualizing now and apply the three tips in setting up your lash room!

Do you want to effectively sell your lashes? Read Eyelash Technician Training: How To Advertise Your Lashes With A Lash Photo Booth by Beauty Boss Academy.

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