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What Comes Next: How to Build Your Business After Receiving Lash Extension Certification Online

Congratulations on receiving your lash extension certification online! You're eager to meet clients and start offering eyelash services, but you don't know where to begin!  Now it is time to get down to business and start marketing. What do you need to set up a salon? How can you find clients for your new business? And what is the best way to market your lash services? These are just some questions that we will answer in this blog post.

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Should You Set Up a Salon or Do Home Service?

You may be tempted to open a brick-and-mortar lash salon right after receiving your certification. If you have the resources, it's a fantastic way to start your business! However, for most new stylists, starting out as a mobile lash technician gives them the flexibility they need to get started without tying themselves down too much financially. With home service, there is no overhead beyond that of your certification course and equipment.

Setting up a Home-Based Business

If you plan to offer eyelash services at your own home, the first step is to contact your local zoning board to find out the regulations you need to meet before setting up shop. For example, most cities have limits on how many clients can visit per week, how many employees can work on-site at one time, and more. Once you have determined what regulations your city requires of home service businesses, pick a location in your home where lash clients will feel comfortable receiving their services.

Set Up Your Workspace: Where Will the Lash Table Go?

Setting up our relaxing and clean workspace is important in a home salon to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and that we have everything on hand to do a great job. For us, it is essential that our lash table can be set up in a way that allows us to work with ease while maintaining the cleanliness of our living space.

In addition to finding an ideal location for your lash station, you will also need to invest in the right equipment for your lash business. We will discuss this more in-depth towards the end of this blog post, but these are some of the basics you should have on-hand before inviting your first client over:

Starter kit

If you got your lash extension online certification from BBA's Classic Course, then you probably received the starter kit. The starter kit will come in useful even after you finish your online lash training. You have the tools you need to start your mobile lashing business, such as isolation and application tweezers, disposable cleansing wads and micro tips, debonder, adhesive, and more.

Ring light

This is the type of beauty-related equipment that you can purchase almost anywhere. You can start with a small to medium-sized ring light to see how much light you prefer when applying lashes.


Your table should be comfortable for you to work on but sturdy enough that it does not move around too much while you are working on clients. You will also want your table to have drawers or other storage options so that you can easily access all the supplies needed for lash applications.

Lash dryer

This device is used to dry lashes between each client and can also be used as a stand-alone unit for drying lashes while you work on other clients. Lash dryers come in tabletop or floor models, but we recommend the latter since they are not that much more expensive than the former and offer many more benefits.

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What Are the Best Forms of Lash Business Marketing?

Now that you have your certification and a home lash studio, it is time to start marketing! The first step towards finding clients for your new business is to post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Post pictures of before-and-after photos with the lash services you offer and tag your location in the post. This will help people who live near you find out more about the types of lash services you offer, where they can go to get them done, and how much it costs! Here are some marketing tips to ensure your home salon gets a buzz around your neighborhood.

Online marketing

Other online marketing tactics, such as blogging about your experiences with lash training courses (and any other relevant information) and posting current and past clients' reviews of your services will help you build a name for yourself in the eyelash industry. A tip is to pin your most successful work with a client so that customers associate your brand with that good work.

Hand out business cards

The next step is to create business cards that can be easily passed out when needed. These are effective tools, especially when you frequent networking opportunities, like beauty trade shows or training and refresher courses. We recommend purchasing laser-engraved business card holders (similar to this one ) so that your cards will always look professional and so that you never have to worry about misplacing them.

Network, meet people

The last step in marketing is also the one we recommend as being the most important: networking! Get out there and talk with people who work at beauty-related businesses, such as salons or spas, and offer them a free eyelash service. You’ll get more and more client referrals before you know it!

How to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Build your service list

Being great in applying various lash styles and lash volumes is the goal. However, it shouldn't be the only one. To stand out from other lash artists, you need to expand your service list by learning more eyelash skills or even extending to other facial features, such as learning brow lamination and brow shaping. You can start taking advanced volume lash training online to build your skill. The more services you can offer, the more customers with different beauty needs go to you.

Review study materials from time to time

You don't necessarily have to review your courses every month on a schedule; you just need to refresh yourself with these lessons from time to time. The great thing about online lash courses, such as those that Beauty Boss Academy offers is that you can access your previous classic volume lash training online or even take the refresher course to keep your skills refined. 

Consult experts when you feel stuck

The great feature that you can enjoy throughout your career as an esthetician or lash technician is having access to a community of eyelash professionals in Beauty Lash. You can reach out to experts or fellow lash techs who are also starting their journey whenever you have questions or feel stuck in your career.

Be the Beauty Boss You Worked Hard to Be

Being a beauty boss takes passion, hard work, and of course, setting healthy expectations. So pace yourself in building your business and trust that the hard work you put in to earn that lash extension certification online will all be worth it. Building a brand and creating a list of loyal clientele may take a while, but as the beauty industry will only increase, so will your opportunities as an eyelash technician.

If you have completed the Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy, we congratulate you for your hard work! We can't wait to continually be part of your career as a lash stylist.

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